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The Decline Portrait (Promo)

"The Decline Portrait (Promo)" (2004 EP)

1. Resurgent Star
2. End Of Rebellion
3. In Silence I Observe
4. Of Ignorance And Irony
5. Raw, Dark, Pure (Bonus Track)

1. Resurgent Star

Resurgent star, you rise with every second fade away
in each voice that's drowning in (the) noise (of this world)
unheard by the father, unheard by the son

prisoners of flesh they are
harvesting the grapes of indulgence
they're lost, a dissonant reflection
oh will it ever end?

If I could save the world, I wouldn't
I'd rather watch its carcass rust
that throne of lonelyness they sat me on will be their grave

Your gloomy halo, your crown of horns
burn brighter than the light neath thorns,
cause no one's there to make things change
yeah no one's there who cares

Don't their eyes see the revolting horizon?
welcome to reality
being their saviour forever never
was me to be

Resurgent star, I leave the world to your defiling hands
may you shine for them for a while
Resurgent star, it's you they chose
so why don't you light them the way?

To hell...

Resurgent star

2. End Of Rebellion

Empty eyes reflect the giving up - the end of rebellion
A pale morbid shine is what is left of a once sworn strength
Robot fascination for order plans every single step you make
Huge smokestacks, built of any self that existed, smoke ashes of your pride

The urge to live is dead
The true formula of death
Without showing a sense your world is a mistake

An ache drags but is not felt
As nothing is felt anymore

Random has no meaning here
Structure is god
"Structured chaos" says the headline in the grey sky that slowly blurres in the dust of this, your world

You think you think but it's just empty thoughts
A head full of ideals of another
In this world of whores
you live the life of someone else

A tone in a dissonant symphony is what we are
A wheel in a machine that doesn't do what we want it to
But who needs to care who sees our insignificance
The fool cries while the seers tears already dried

The belief in a false freedom
Is upon the tied up
The cage is set around you see it or not
And the more golden it is the more narrow it becomes

Are you in one of them?

The belief in a false freedom
Is upon the tied up
the head full of ideals of another
But who needs to care who sees our insignificance
The fool cries while the seers tears already dried

3. In Silence I Observe

Roaming through obliviously worlds
On roads paved with dead seconds I walk
An ephemeral path that began in the dark
Strange way on which I found myself

Childrens' laughter to my right
Unknown to grief

Just one in billions but nevertheless alone
Grey, optimized, pitiable tools
Created once - but revised now
Machines unable to perform resistance

Childrens' laughter to be left
Unknown to grief
First loud then choked
As dictating hands grab

I wonder why they can't see eachother
I scream aloud but I'm not heard
The picture fades in the distance anyhow
Like the reminiscence of an empty paradise they just disappear

Old and exhausted - abandoned and forgotten
One more consumed by a suicidal system
Thrown away, just like a broken toy
Just one in billions

Was that really me?

4. Of Ignorance And Irony

Do you feel that certain emptiness
The lack of a sense in the masterplan
The uncertainty that lurks behind every corner of your life
What a merciless feeling it is

Cold as ice
Feeding the big crack in you
Yeah humans demise
Bringing down the world

The belief in an image can heal the surface
A bait for the masses to calm them down
Those too simple to see the deeper gaps might be satisfied
The rest will find comfort in the fact of having been martyrs of an unlightened age
...and face imbecile reactions

It is human's ignorance and his obstinate efforts to survey it
That conjure up imminent hell
Enjoy the pure irony in being creator of your most feared place
And mock your idiocy, your hysteria, your influence

See the selfappointed elite
Nothing but a parasite that found its place among gregarious animals

The absolute absence of intelligence
Bold enough to grab for the small piece of might that fell into human hands

Listen carefully to their words
Try to fit in your form
And claim your share
Ascend in position - descend in my eyes
The virus of progress infected earth

But will it ever bring progress in its true meaning?

Inhale the scorn
And pray this bitter creed
Unleash the beast upon this scenery bleak

Release the sworn
It must be down somewhere
In the heart of every broken man and woman

5. Raw, Dark, Pure (Bonus Track)


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