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Live in Odessa

"Live in Odessa" (2007 Demo)

1. Intro
2. Unrequited Love to Reverie
3. Monochromes Philosophy
4. Marche Funebre

1. Intro

2. Unrequited Love to Reverie

SOMNOLENT «Unrequited love for reverie»

Gazing on fabulous paintings,
Glancing with shadows of past,

I don't want to hear
The hymns of the fallen tears,
I don't want to trust in
Cruel deceitful dreams...

I don't want to see
Dance of the black swans,
I'm weakened by the tragedy
Of unvoiced words


I want to look into your eyes
Full of temptation.
I want to look into your mind
Full of severity.

My love...

Be my Ofelia...
Be my tragedy...
Make my tears fall
In the love agony...


I feel the abyss of your eyes.
I hate the dream you have remind me.
I've lost the silence of my thoughts.
I'm proclaiming an ode of despair.

Leave me... In my blood...
Leave me... In my tears...
Take my bleeding heart.
Listen to its silence...

Don't ruin me, my ghost.
You've brought me grief, my mirage.
I'll kill the world for you,
Closing my eyes tightly...

My pray is lost in heaven.
You stole hateness, my God.
I'm lying on earth, like autumn leave
I'm rotting with you, my Devil...

Look at the ravaged heart of mine,
Listen to its silent symphony,
Touch to the coldness of its wounds,
Dance with the ghost of buried love...

Slow resurrection of my body,
Like the punishment for my soul.
I hear you laughing loudly,
My dream, my hateness, my illusion...

I want to die again,
to loose the art of love,
but I live and I love...

3. Monochromes Philosophy

SOMNOLENT «Monochromes Philosophy»

Closed eyes... Opened eyes...
Is any difference &
I open my eyes - I see
Obscurity of thoughts,
Cruelty of hearts,
Platitude of art.
I close my eyes - And see

Closed... Open...
Night... Day...
They are
Creating eternity

I am afraid
To open my eyes.
I am afraid to leave
My dreamplace
Of night illusions,
But the morning light
Cherishes my eaves.
And I see reality...

I am afraid
To close my eyes.
I am afraid
To see nightmares.
But nightingale is
Singing last lullaby
And I am dreaming.

Closed eyes... Opened eyes...
Is any difference.
I close my eyes and see
The play of mysterious colors,
The songs of phantom birds,
The enigma of ancient prophets.
But someone can see only

May be better to close my eyes forever
May be better to see eternal dream
May be better to fly up high
May be better to portray my world in dark colors.

And everything exists in the pitch darkness
Of free thoughts...

4. Marche Funebre


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