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Promo 1999

"Promo 1999" (1999 Demo)

1. Goddess of Light
2. Last Scion of Winter
3. The Return (Timberwolf Pt. II)
4. The Sufferer
5. Tragedy Star
6. Nemesis - my Childe
7. In solitude divine *
8. The Severance *
9. Swallow the Sun *

1. Goddess of Light

At night she heard my call
That was born somewhere inside
Where only loneliness had dwelt before

She made the stars surrender
With her enticing eyes

She made the moon surrender
With her succulent smile

I dig for the star beneath her skin
Dive into her magnetic flesh
Let her sun devour my thirst
Let her taste my devotion

Caressed by the Goddess of Light
I let her star be my guide
Caressed by the Goddess of Light
I'm blessed, as the Night is my bride

Salvation ! Let me drown in our sanctuary
Inside my mind

Please let me not wake up
And lose her to a rising reason
Leave me not alone in here
Vexed by the fading taste of absolution

Salvation ! Let us spend a century
Inside my mind

Enfolding me with her twin-sun gaze
Misery is sighed away
I must be in Heaven now

She made...

I dig for the star beneath her skin
Dive into her luminous flesh
Let my tongue explore her beauty
Enter her angelic yearning

Caressed by the Goddess of Light
I lost her star with the night
Caressed by the Goddess of Light
Alas! she died as a dream might

This nocturnal feeling
I was staked with to the core
So easily swept away
So easily wept away...

2. Last Scion of Winter

Skies frozen, consanguine
Oh, there I want to be again

This faceless horde of breathers
Is all I may discern
Heat is streaming inside
In me to burn
All of me to burn

Through monoliths I wander
In my voice the frail essence of frost unfolds
Come, feel the soothing cold
Cast forth by the Last Scion of Winter

Sullen scenes, a play to wound me
I beg for the end of heat
Hiding in your midst,
I beg for a soulful winter breeze

Still I reign with hidden sword
- The one who sings with the crow
Still I am the Winter Lord
Who weeps with the melting snow

Fire flies, ravaged by my ire
Winter skies no longer seek for me ?

Ennui eternity
Ashen memories of strife
Heat this feeling inside,
In me to burn
All of me to burn

I refeel as I remember
The pain of a thousand blades
The battle on the scales...
Did our castle fall asunder?

Sullen scenes, a play to wound me
I beg eternity to leave me

My tears freeze despite all hell
Sharpened icicles
Tear through my hollow shell
Cause sanity slowly kills

Father, the absence of Winter feeds
My Thorns of Memories

3. The Return (Timberwolf Pt. II)

Fires fed by our forests
Forged our will to return
We're your hidden, restless past
Under bloody dust and ashes

Heed the new-born motion
Soil-shaking lashes
The day is dawning
On which the Timberwolf will return

And His sons will rise
To wreak demise
Avenge extinction
Crush the columns of an evil nation
Let it all fall down
Into the turbulence of grief
They brought upon us

The cries of the Shattered
Reverberate from soil and trees:
"Avenge us!"
The time has come
His shade consumes the stars
He has returned:

"You've begun it all before
Reap now the fruits of gore
A promise,
A curse
From the lips of the last of our kind,
With which you were born

Fall you shall
Into the very fire
That took all we had and were

I know we avenge blood with blood
But don't trust in sanity
Your fathers have broken with our hopes
We're beyond rue

You put dead flowers on your graves
While standing on ours...
Finally, justice is done!"

And with His words the flames awake
And all you have made
Shall now be erased

Nature you betrayed
But it cannot be tamed
We're the weed that breaks the scythe

Forgotten words,
Amusing tale from the past?
We make your memories burn again
With the Timberwolf's Return

The End has come
Mankind is done

The sky cleaves
The oceans are burning
The soil devours
The last traces of Mankind
Earth's finally free...

And now all is quiet
The flame has died
To a soft glow
A sullen crowd went laden with grief
Felt His tears fall down
After 6000 moons still warm
And so they left this world

4. The Sufferer

All tears are mine to cry
My grief to stellify

The sorrows of mankind
I bear inside
In woe confined
Soothed by the Night

All pain is mine
Agony divine
My grinding tears will never end
Only the Night might feel
My singular sentiment
My wounds will never mend
Will never heal

Make me end
I live to suffer
Within the Sun
In Hell
In shards

Lead me to Mercy
Into the voids
A final peace
To cease

I kept naught but one wish
I hid inside
To leave anguish
Dissolve into Night

All pain...

Only the Night knows what I feel...
My wounds will never heal...

All pain...

5. Tragedy Star

Drawn into your sweet corona
Velvet blister
Faint taste of thorns
Cynosure for the eyes of Job

Within brilliance
At least a dream with you

Solar caress
Almost remembered

Luscious distress
Steal me unhindered

Don't let me drown
In your arms
Tragedy Star

In your touch
Torment and bliss
Are mating

And dreadful is the morning
Heavy on all we have missed
Now that all things bright shall falter
And worldliness will triumph
Over these precious moments
Silences in which we put our trust
Dusk has been our sanctuary
And thus shall us betray

In love
Somewhere is grief

6. Nemesis - my Childe

I have lost
All I loved
I can no longer elude
My guilt

I have lost
All I was
I cannot ask for clemency
No more
No more

How did it come to this?
How could I yaw from the path of lore,
From my quest of fair intent
To step into this tremendous misery?
Craving to bring light to mankind
I brought fire to a world of straw
In my blindness I built a pyre
As a cradle for my loved ones
And set it aflame

Obscure twilight
Eradicate this demonic sight
Let it all be false
A creation of my mind
And not of my hands
Yet, solid he does stand
My son of clay
My childe and yet my Nemesis

I dared the impossible
I played god
I unchained my doom
In adoration I let loose
My own harbinger of woes
Doom of my own design

My interior you share, mysterious heir,
And my very eyes - they bear mere malice for me

And now you've found me,
Or have I found you?
We share the same pain now, the same pain
You lost everything I never had

Most despised creature,
Conclude your vengeance
And bestow the silence
To stop these cries inside,
These tears of loss and rue
Let this broken heart of mine
Come to rest

So this shall be the end for us
Allied in doom alone

I am your son
I am your doom

Thus we leave guilt and grief behind
In these funereal heights
Surrender our bodies to the wind
To be carried far away
From our pain

I dared the impossible
I played god
I unchained my doom
In a final embrace
A moment without hate

7. In solitude divine *

I fear forever
The Nothingness in the Mirror of my Eye
The Loneliness inside

In my Solitude divine
I have nothing to hope for
Forever unextant
A cruel destiny's Sacrifice

Abandoned, refused
In flawless Silence petrified, denied
My only Light resides inside
Somewhere, to deep to delight

My lonely Prison
Too far from Hope unbeknownst
The last Thing living in my Universe

When you cast me into the Arms of Despair
When you cleansed me of every Grain of Bliss
Why did you spare this Part of me that feels my Martyrdom,
That is making me grieve?

In my Solitude I dissolve
To this Pain, the Bane of Gods
I surrender,
A silent Sacrifice

8. The Severance *

Though my Soul doth sleep I dare to stray
Through fleshless Paths of Dreamscape-Clay
Let my Passions lead the Way
To distant Memories of Wae

>From the Yonderworld I lick your Sleep
In your Dreams substantiate
Our Bond through Death is not unmade
Share your Sheets, my Darling sweet

In your Shades I remain
With you again
And ever on
Forever drawn
Into your Light
Into your Mind
Into your Soul
Myself to find

I'm the Umbra forged into your Light
To feed from your Life

This other Side of me I fear
Hate what is left of me
Your Lifeforce is but a blinding Lure
Will I ever feel you again?

My Hand sinks into your skin
Alike the fog's Embrace
Alike the wind's Caress
My Touch unfelt
Your Innocence unbroken
Your Beauty unscarred
Unlike mine

Still I sail on fleshless Skies
Unexistence my Disguise
Reborn to bleak Dolour
Just a Sketch of what I were

A Tear in my transmissive Eyes
All Tears I am
Unbeheld by those most precious Eyes
But still I am,
A flicker in the Corner of your Eyes
Soon to fade
Like another Lullaby
Soon to fade
>From every Memory

I cannot leave
I don't believe in the other Side
I fear there's no
Divine embracing Light
What holds me here
Is this Addiction to our life

Please come with me
Spend some of your holy Light
I cannot wait I fear
Till Death do us unite

I cannot endure
This Plight anymore
Blinded by Grief
Your Lifeline I cleave
You writhe in your Sleep
Your heart drops its beat
You abandon your Breath
My Love has brought Death

Oh God I have strangled your Life
To reunite

This other Side of me I fear
Hate what is left of me
Your empty shell falls through my spectral Hands
Will I ever feel you again?

9. Swallow the Sun *


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