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"Pray" (1995)

1. The Unseen
2. Denial
3. Pray
4. All Life Lost
5. Freedom Denied
6. Closeminded Failure
7. Depression
8. Bleeding Unborn
9. One at a Time
10. Eyes See Red

1. The Unseen

The ghost of god
Sucking the breath from my lungs
I fear, I dream
I convulse in pain the unseen

Not yet reborn
Still separated
Breathless I lay

Thought has left my mind
Death has been refined
Lungs have ceased to breath
Dead Iím forced to be

Tension and fear
Grips me through my punishment
I fall condemned
Forced into uncertainty

Memory fades
Life is sucked away
Torturing pain
Collapsed my chest remains

Down on my knees
I pray to be relieved
Choking on blood
Eyes rolled back Iím dead

2. Denial

Mind explodes, pressure you canít take
Everybody goes by, closer to point break
Everywhere you look
Everyone turns on you
On the verge of ending
All existence made of hate

Embellished insight
In the light of frenzied life
Distant inner fear resides
Rising up through denial


My altered state

Binding sense
More complex

Thoughts obsessed
False pretense
Perplexing stress

Torn apart

3. Pray

New found evidence
Apparent disbelief
Brothers in faith
Without a God
Purity now corrupt
Messiah laid to rest

Dead in the public eye
Dispell the faith of human kind

Tear the heart of being
The light everlasting

Faith is proven failure
Annihilate the savior
Deviate the maker
The world is cast aside


Wisdom falls to science
And burns in his defiance

Faith is proven failure
Annihilate the savior
Deviate the maker
The world is cast aside


4. All Life Lost

Pain inside you canít release
Try and try but wonít succeed
Inner virus eats away
Lifeís a struggle you die a slave
Motionless you lie in pain
For yourself wishing death
Now these days you waste away
Pray to God you deteriorate

Youíve seen the end closer and closer
Too late, but now you comprehend
You have lived a lie, hating youself
To late for you to realize
The pain youíve cause
To those around you

On your kness beg for forgiveness
Now you plead with no hope at all
Body destroyed worthless you are to yourself
All of life is lost now you repent
Internally mind still intact
The misery eats you away inside

5. Freedom Denied

Mind so gone
The existence of your thought are dead
Individualism is a lie
Forced acceptance of a false sense of price
Misguided heads
Open minds have fallen dead
Blinding lights
Freedom died
Obscured views
Plants the seed inside the youth
Rejected being
Spawn recedes Ė denied esteem
Victim to the machine
Blame I realize
Freedom has died
Upset by pride
Freedom denied
Disassembles feelings
Turn to face hypocrisy
Torn beings
Left to swell, suffer beneath
The remains
Our society so lost
To machines

6. Closeminded Failure

Censored waves distort my ears
Limiting the general population
Gripping the mind molding the view
Experimental machinery
Offspring deatil closeminded failure
Sibling mind rot intensify
Regulated tax invaded not created
To serve the man

Take away my dignity
Supress me in society
Aggravate my intellect
Suffocate my self respect
Iím drowning in your fucking politics

Confiscate my right to say
Repercussions limiting
Expressions is now forced between
Opression and lack of dignity

Dishonesty corrupts the truth
Morality poisons the roots
American life dissolves
For liberty and justice for all

Labelling all forms of life
America is catagorized
People are left behind
Nothing to visualize

Desolation reigns inside of
What was once my brain
Labelling expression keeps
The population lame
Forced behind a limit freedom
Slowly drifts away
Life it seems with everything
Was meant to be free
You disgrace yourself
Beyond a reasonable doubt
How can you call yourself
A breathing human being
You turn my words around
And bend the truth beyond
You feel you can control me

7. Depression

Anger and suffering
Repressed self asteem
Swallowed in shame
Honor taken away

Preconceived stability
Justified on your kness

Twisted mindlessly
Perception ripped and torn
Breathless I suffocate
Beg to be unborn

Preconceived stability
Justified on your kness

Stagnate emotions drowns
Bleeding hearts decay
Numbness destroys my nerves
Feelings wiped away

Fear now bred with lunacy
Faceless Iím left inhumane
No control identity
Depression swells my state of being

8. Bleeding Unborn

Iím left collapsed and torn
Lifeís honesty is gone
Infected minds
Infected cry
The lies remain lies
Iím bleeding unborn
Bleed before my first breath
Cut out extinct
Preconceived end
Twisted now dead
Iím ripped apart
The bleeding unborn
Born premature
Violated body torn
Dissected worm
Bleeding unborn
Death surgery
Iím denied to be
Conscious left to scar
I no longer bleed

9. One at a Time

Hateís expand with fear genocide
Rape the land of life
Nations fall behind the wall
The second coming of christ

Confiscate the meaning of life
Desolation bleeding my eyes
Symphaty has weakened your mind
Deafened by the wind

Bright lights remove your sight
Politicians have lost
The clud expands to take your breath
Suck it right from your lungs

Global warfare hate
One a man at a time
Violence takes its place
The earth will turn into hell

Confiscate the meaning of life
Desolation bleeding my eyes
Symphaty has weakened your mind
Deafened by the wind

Reality betrays the law
Volation of pride
Contaminate my deepest thoughts
Extend the truth with lies

Emptiness swells inside
The continent divides
Obliterate the populace
Send them back to God

10. Eyes See Red

Once called you a friend
Now I call you a liar
My fuckin eyes see red
Hate swells inside

Regret youíve come ahead
Your loss my gain
There is strength in pain
I wish you were never born
Die you worthless fuck
I turn my back to you
While you sweell in idiocy

Concern no longer a friend
Mistrust agonizing end
Your shit outa luck
Bust you in the suck


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