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Diabolic Phenomenon

"Diabolic Phenomenon" (2003 EP)

1. Darker Than The Darkness
2. Furious Beat Of The Black Hearts
3. Legacy Of Death
4. Human Medium Of Evil
5. Bros Of Inferno

1. Darker Than The Darkness

We were so obsessed by the patience of sculptures
Their dark sights fixed us with the evil eye
Trying to receive a part of atonement´s might
Gloomy beating of these stoned heart

Red sun overslept them in suicidal dawn
If these voiceless witness could tell you a lie
Morning acid flares burn the angel´s wings
Human funeral lights follow this mass burial

Now we´re standing and staring the sun
Last remains of heat disappeared in the dusk
Our hands were frozen in red colored ice
Destiny escaped before comes the darkest night

Sick past of lifes must die tonight
Child was born as the virgin dusk
By the moonlight it becomes eternal night
Darker as the Darkness has ever been dark

Moonlight shadows were inscribed on immortal walls
If these silent stones could tell you the prayer
About reanimation of the purest dark source
Close your eyes you´ll never need... in the night

Asymmetry of dreams sleeps in memories
Raped desires in embrace of darkness
Abused and helpless, alone in own fear
Will be your mind that cannot find its face

2. Furious Beat Of The Black Hearts

From abyss´ bottom they rose
In deep woods somewhere in the North
With the natural desire to kill
Running towards to the aim

Crimson flames in the eyes
Faces woven with stigmas
Instead of veins live snakes
Sulphur as the parfume

Boots sewn from skins of fallens
In the right hand grips the sword
And left one crushes the stone
Breathing out the cinder

Standing at deep wood´s border
The fear´s becomming your brother
The life is changing to horror tale
With bright blaze in the sky
You perceive mighty thunder
Its intensity rules the night
Hearing the rhytm that will change a time
Furious beat of the black hearts

It´s too late to philosophize
Curiosity´s been stronger
But curiosity´s paid by a life
The only and last strike
You´re in left hand the stone instead...

You´ve died at deep wood´s border
The fear disappeared in nothingness
Horror´s changing to the life
There are no stars in the sky
You perceive mighty thunder
Its intensity rules the night
Hearing the rhytm that will change a time:
Furious beat of the black hearts

3. Legacy Of Death

Listening to Demons of deep forest
During hours before the dawn
In dying rays of a waning Moon
Squeezing through the chaos of dark thoughts
In a dark depths of my mind

Embraced with a cold, devoured by dark night
Spured by voice that really sounds
From ugly entrails of Darkness

Walking to the abyss of a monstrous dark
To the abyss of inhospitable emptiness

My spectral substation is going
In eternally distant horizons
Through the death´s spiral to transgalactic hollow
In undelved maelstrom of the Universe
Where unknown horror lives
I´m getting in a chaos of hybrid lights
Rays meeting in angled level

Phosphorescing in a haze
Which through I see thousands years known faces

White and stiffen, corroded by decay
Their vision open madness of my pagan soul
I absorb a wise of recognition
Horrid testimony of a monstrous past

Endowed with witching light of fiery darkness´ heart
I accept Legacy Of Death and awake forward
To another point of the dominion

4. Human Medium Of Evil

Tell me how great should be this eternal masterpiece
So long from the ancient arise of enslaved existence
Deeper in the abyss of time, deeper in the depth of past
profligate creation, wicked child of darkness

Divine bastard must be nursed by the rain of human hatred
This inflicted offspring needs to form our hybrid history
And tries to hold earth´s destiny tightly in his fist
When Everything inside these children´s is the glass spirit

Germs of Rage in the cage grows up with the age
And Year by the year spreads his coarse disease
No evil enough and more is what he looking for
To reduce the sad pain... Burning in his veins

There cannot be life without lunatic minds
Tired Sun squints the eyes when the childhood is gone
Impenetrable clouds now covers the earthly sky
Darkness falls for the fear of upcomming night

Human... beings of the souless fate
Medium... open the apocalyptic gate
Human... pain feeds hunger of the deads
Medium... through the bleeding´s elements
Of Evil

Solitary supreme heart will be almost gorged
Massive sickness becomes just a chronic suffering
Along with lonliness they crawl for tommorow
While holly madness began to be very impatient!

Anticipation of death, sadistic phenomenom
He irritated in revenge these human joys
Men turned to beasts with the dazed reason
Animal instincts slowly decays in confusion

Only escalated violence can born his power
Almost whole eternity among the incurables
Salvation is now approaching from the earth
Wildest storms of hatred were launched for rebirth

Now it seems to will be the last divine masterpiece
So long ´till the evil can breathe in human seeds
Deeper facing the time, in the far of dying future
Blind existence as the human mediums of evil

5. Bros Of Inferno

By the wine drunk honest liars
Just zero ego owners
Simply Neuter characters
Still lookin´ for teens

Now it´s time for an award
Yeah, we´re the judgements!
Look forward to hot whiles
Goddes of fire´s gonna glorify
Her mighty vital mission

Now the truth spells desire
Watching Jesus´ slaves in Hellfire
Hey man, don´t laugh at me!
This is our Blasphemy!
Tones of flames play the requiem
The end of life - for all the same!
If their bodies burn so we blow
Into the fire before we bow!

Holding burning crucifix
Hopeful on deliverance
Now the bros finally laugh
Monsters of Jesus die

Slowly forget kingdom-come
Resurrection will be warm
You´ll never forget our names
Those to be written on your graves


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