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Holland Is Made Of Tofu

"Holland Is Made Of Tofu" (1999)

1. Life Is Better Unborn
2. Alchemy
3. My Fair Share Of Solitude
4. Insect Season (Instr.)
5. Essence Among The Stars
6. Under The Sun
7. Bootje Varen
8. Breed Of Burden
9. Race Me To Eden
10. In Your Cradle
11. Transcendence (Instr.)

1. Life Is Better Unborn

This sickness offers quick relief to generations
But the spawn of the new breed carries on
Economic motivations silence the cries
Of how they wished to be unborn

Blood money makes a living
Covered this country with shit
There was no other way
Slaughtered or 'contained'
Put to death, now play the victim
Crying you loved them so much
Pray and beg for compensation
Hypocrite! Fucking all you caused was pain

Ear piercing cacophony
A tragic symphony
They had rather been unborn
My sympathy
Has reached its boundary
When so many lives are torn

They starve to feed the force-fed (for our greed)
Bathe in our poison outlet (nature bleeds)
The Third World is made to crumble (at your feet)
For the bastard consumer (who'd kill for meat)

I live my life in a constant realisation
Of the damage that a lifestyle can inflict
A vegan diet can silence the cries
Of those who wish to be unborn

2. Alchemy

As my demon shell subsides
Particles of Light previously confined by night
Escort me to the other side
Where warriors of Light unite
Cleansed from this disease called life

We dive in fire
Where our dreamworlds in wisphood arise
Invade, illuminate
Transcendental, we part with demise

Impurities purged from existence
We shine from beyond
Our virtue warms your soul
The alchemy of our presence profound

As their blackened hell abides
Gleams of life provide shelter for those maimed by night
Guide them to the other side
Unspill the martyrs' wine
Crippled souls, inhale our Light!

We dance, together we feast
And turn all our dreams into gold
We chant, as spirits fulfilled,
The alchemy of mortality untold

3. My Fair Share Of Solitude

After years of evaluation time, I am one with myself
My soul was forged in flames of reality
Ambition was born

You are that which remains to make my dreams fall into place
Set to shed the skin of solitude, invite your embrace
Caress me!

Stand forth and step into the shadow that's surrounding my name
I am forsaken and I've only got my being to blame
Sweet celebration, eternal conversation

Mani, assist me in search of my loved one
Descend, my angel, my one in millions betrothed
Soul sister, in my wanders I'm calling your name
Your existence puts God's angels to shame

Corroded with misanthropy
I start to wonder if ever I will dig into a human soul to find
This lonely creature of internal beauty unsurpassed
Am I confined to solitude, till the end of time

Now shine into my life and make my dreams fall into place
I have had my fair share of solitude, I need your embrace
Caress me!

4. Insect Season (Instr.)

5. Essence Among The Stars

In our moods of confusion
There lies a truth larger than life
We could talk for hours and achieve nothing
The universe smiles and whispers along

Take me to a place beyond
Take me past human understanding
Show me the mechanism of creation, if there is one
Take me to a plane beyond
Take me through the membranes of dimensions
Show me the cycle of reincarnation, if there is one

In our hectic intrusion
We spit forth the worship of time
Entire worlds would suffer from a moment alone
The spirit fades and whispers goodbye

Trapped in a concrete existence
Identities merge in a oneness of grey
So if the world would suffer from my moments alone
I will never be sorry again

6. Under The Sun

Swallow familiar vibes, in search of identity
Roots are covered with soil, clogged up creativity
Digging up the illusion, afraid of what will be
Desperately fighting the earth, the earth of maturity

Talking shit about bands that are progressing, telling them to stay true to the flame
All they do is obey inspiration even though it could sacrifice fame

Under the sun, fate will be progression
Open the mind, follow the heart
Under the sun, others will meet stagnation
The foolish faith in what you're not confused with loyalty

A prostitute to your entourage, you stay the same
Change and accessibility are your destiny
The following of the heart is the greatest trendkill

7. Bootje Varen

8. Breed Of Burden

Children of destruction, victims of sick tradition
Ignorance fosters the ongoing march of the legion of doom

All hail to the breed of burden
Welcome to this dying earth
You are the children of stupidity
The world falls to the pathetic human race

The ever ploughing birth machine crushes all in its path
Eco-death, disease, world hunger, overpopulation is the serpent in our...

Chauvinistic ways, will you ever start to question your superiority
You're nothing more than a piece of human waste
If your God exists, he's sorry. Sorry for mankind.
The next step in your evolution is to die!

Governmental viscous thought, expansionistic minds
You control the policy to breed no more than one

The ever ploughing birth machine crushes all in its path
Eco-death, disease, world hunger, overpopulation is global destruction!

9. Race Me To Eden

Presenting yourself as a dignified saint
But when confronted with your demons
You retort in senseless biblical prose

Heaven sent, so won't vindicate your actions
You've fucking fallen from grace
Interpretation to convenience
As you humbly kneel to the lord you betray

Race me back to Eden
I bet Your Grace won't even come close
Until you extend your circle of compassion to all living things
You'll never find peace yourself

Life's treasure molten down to soothe the fangs of your greed
Your commandments of non-violence disobeyed, raped, betrayed

Heaven sent, so won't recognise the sentient
You're fucking feeding on life
Love your enemies, kill your friends
Bow down to the lord of confusion

Betrayed, raped, disobeyed

from a statement by Dr. Albert Schweitzer

10. In Your Cradle

You were my first love and you'll be my last
You are the voice of my dreamscape so vast
All of my life I'll be trapped in your spell
I am your minstrel, I will serve you well

Emersed in your cradle I bathe in serenity
You carry my heart on a leash
Free from their input I serve unconditionally
In an effort to conquer your throne

Sweet mystery
Be forever inside of me
Ever succumbing to melody

Lifting my mood to a natural high
You seem to know me much better than I
What is the place I will follow you to?
When can I call myself better than you?

11. Transcendence (Instr.)


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