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Tales of the Reaper

"Tales of the Reaper" (2004)

1. The Ceremony
2. Night of the Witch
3. Ladylust (Devil´s Whore)
4. Execution of the Priest
5. Welcome to Nightmare
6. The Gate / Metal from Hell

1. The Ceremony

The sky is black, the moon shines bright
Enter the crypt for a ritual’s night !
Take the dagger and the chalice of gold
Touch the corpse and feel it’s cold !

The Ceremony ... death and dreams !
The Ceremony ... the victim screams !
The Ceremony ... terror and fear !
The Ceremony ... the Devil is near !

The fog cover the chapel
A ghostly cloud of darkness
The final hour has come
Bring the lady for the ceremony

Around the altar at midnight ...
13 candles, a witching fire
Open the old book to read
The Ancient Omen !

In the name of Satan !!!!!!
We drink the blood from her womb
In the name of Satan !!!!!!
We drink the blood from her lips


2. Night of the Witch

We look deep inside the void of the woods
To witness the secrets that lurk ...
We gleams the witch dancing around the fire
Thirsty for blood, death and desire

Open the gates of hell !
The witch cast the spell
Night of sabbath and sodomy
Mysteries and Witchery !!!


Earth & Water, Air & Fire
We’ re bewitched by her witching desire
She burn in lust, her heat we feel
In this darksome night we drink the brew


Enter the circle of dusk ...
And taste the magic of burning lust
She feast around the flames ...
Screaming the blasphemous names
She rides the winds of death ...
And pierce the victim’s flesh
Her breasts are frozen and cold ...
C’mon witch ! give us poison and blood !!!

Night Of The Black Witch !!!

3. Ladylust (Devil´s Whore)

She was born to live in sodomy
Princess of pleasure and luxury
A slut dressed in gold ...
Ready to drink my poisoned blood

She has come to cast her spell
And have sex in the flames of hell
She’s the world’s wildest lady
Her tongue is just like a blade

The Sodomizer claim his desire ...
“ C’mon girl, your body will be mine !”
Metal lady, in lust and rapture
Take me now to fuck endlessy

Queen of night, enemy of light
She licks my hammer in delight
Woman, Whore and Slut ...
Every night screaming for lust !

“C’ mon bitch ! open wide your bleedin’ legs
To Taste the power of my Devil’s axe !
Now, lay down on my bed, tonight is the night
The Sodomizer will take away your last sigh !!!”

4. Execution of the Priest

The Reaper enter the sacred church
A lesson the priest must learn
C’mon sinner, to pay for your lies
The Axeman will take your life !

The Reaper ... face to face
There’s no way to escape from his hate
The razor ... sharpened to reap
Die betrayer ! it’s time to bleed ... to bleed !

It’s Time, it’s time, it’s time ...
... to execute the priest !!!

Hang high, hang high the priest
Make him suffer and fuckin’ bleed
Cut off his head, take off his breath
There’s no chance just a rippin’ death !

C’mon bastard to feel the knife
Scream out ! beg for your life
We Take the torches in this evil night
The Sinner ablaze ... what a splendid sight !

The holy father ... tied pain
Taste the wrath of Satan’s revenge
Face ... the Reaper’s blade
In blood was written the priest fate ... fate !

5. Welcome to Nightmare

The Devil Speaks ...
Don’t be afraid to ener the mist
It’s time for a horror trip !
Inside your mind a voice to scare
Shadows and fear ... Welcome to Nightmare !!!

Through the freezing fog
Comes a howling storm
Haunting winds in my sleep
My eyes ... they bleed !

The fire hurricane ...
Burning everywhere
The Devil screams ...
“ I am your nightmare !”

Enter the sea and taste a evil dream !!!

On his throne down below
The Devil proclaim my deathrow
I’m prisioner into the ship
In panic my tears drips !

Into cold waters of blood
Among cursed treasures of gold
A voice stay scaring my dream
In my nightmare i hear the scream !

Repeat 2nd and 3nd verses and chorus.

6. The Gate / Metal from Hell

Metal ...
We’re the warriors of the Hell cult
We’re ready to shed the innocent blood!

Fire in the eyes, in leather we ride
For the glory of metal ... we rise !

Legions of thunder’s night
Hail and Kill! Stand up and fight !

Speed for Satan, the steel we sharp
Iron fists are prepared for attack !

The flames of hell takes the hall
The holy churches of christ ... we burn ‘em all!

Black & Heavy, fast & Loud
Merciless mayhem to rip the ground !

Spikes & bullets, chains & Leather
The Executioner’s song pounding forever !

Sodomizer show their spell...
We’re going to play the Metal from Hell !

Metal From Hell !!!!!!


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