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Suicide is Art

"Suicide is Art" (2007 Demo)

1. Tecrit (Intro)
2. XYY
3. I am the Harbringer of Death
4. Anxiety

1. Tecrit (Intro)

2. XYY


Come clean of this paranoia of hope, consuming the time..
Iím the harbinger of death..
I reached to put out your worthless life..

The massacre of the natural looks
This was the anatomy of a pain
Laugh, at the dungeons that rotten my flesh..
Love me, by the meanest of tortures..

The pleasure built on human skin
Meet the sociopath deep inside me
Get ready for my sins, my faith ripping dagger
Shall be hindered, murdered, before it grows
Enslaving agony of time
The tears between the laughters of pleasures created with consumed breathes
It exagerrates my unsatisfied, unsuppressed desires
Hopeless beggings are silenced by the revenge of bloody stabs
Orgasm fantasies on top of dead buddies
I cannot be stopped
I am the nightmare in the mind
I am the harbinger of death

3. I am the Harbringer of Death

.......I am the harbinger of death...........

Bloody wind of depression is calling
sweeping absences in my inside
torturer touch of every new day...

died on your lips with a sick smile
The wet soulís misty windows,
unaware all your fucking sins,
created flames cuting the dark by its dull knife
And surrounded world
who can give my blood up,
who can give my flame up,
who can give my hate up..

there is no other sense that is more enterprising and sharp than pain

watch my soul's suicide while its rising
or glance of being whacked, being ceased
as if its a pain of autumn abandoned by winter
speed death up for my happiness
speed death up, which is within pitiful life
exclaim me that you can deny me
wellcome to the bleeding rain of misery, my love..

4. Anxiety

forget it with respect..
I see my body is dying
in every sunrise as time comes to an end
the thin line between the death and breath
feeling of belonging...
the only reason for the whole bleeding
pay heed to the madness in your imagination..

discover the murderous myst of life
discover the caustic limits of life
bruise the pain inside besieging life for the last time
embrace the death...but don't talk to it
fearful anxiety instigative of suicide

insanity inside still of illusions
doubt in light, scaring irony
this badness is a divine present
don't talk to it , never talk to it ....


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