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Human: Earth Parasite

"Human: Earth Parasite" (2004)

1. Frankenstein‘s Fare
2. Pills Of Suffering
3. Why?
4. I Suffocate
5. Requiem ...
6. Body Count / Bhopal Massacre
7. End Of Gaia
8. Black Stain (Sea Of Blood)
9. Parasites

1. Frankenstein‘s Fare

Frankenstein’s Fare

Dangerous game of modern creator.
Another industrial genetics experiment.
Biotechnology slowly replaces nature
by genetic organism modification.

The plants which are supposed to satisfy hunger are mutated.
All results in sterile fields, where grow plants making poison.
Spreading into the surroundings by itself and killing all living.
Genetic contamination destroy the ability of reproduction

Frankenstein’s fare,
mutagens free for sale.

Inconceivable consequences are reason for fear.
The danger of disruption natural balance threaten.
Food for little money but nobody knows what swallows.
Aren´t you slowly killed by the Frankenstein food?

2. Pills Of Suffering

Pills Of Suffering

Tied, lying on operating table.
Waiting, what’s going to happen to him.
He doesn´t suspect, why is here.
Why was he born? Why does he live?

Anaesthesia. Cañt feel anything.
Experiment is just begining.
Analysts are removing skin of his penis
A needle of electrode was installed inside.

Viagra...for your erection
Blue pill with taste of blood

Why was he born? Why does he live?

No reaction. A sample was adopted.
No control. Pitiless torture.

Electrostimulation of nervous breakdown.
Pain accompanied by twiches and cramps.
His psyche descent into insanity.
His swollen body seems to explode.

Unconsciousness. The pain was endless.
Electric impulses brings his mind round.
Sensors measure intensity of erection.
After rising agony comes the deliverance.

Experiment finished.
…for your erection.
Experiment finished.
There is another in a row...
For your erection...

3. Why?


It’s a bitching world we live in
It’s a sad world with no love at all
It’s a struggle to be just one of a kind
It’s a hard work to find a close soul

Having no choice but chance of living
We try to live as much as only possible
There is no cure for damned life but death life but death
The only escape from living in darkness darkness

Why on Earth should people die
Why on Earth people can’t love
Why on Earth do people waste their lives
Why on Earth I got to be alone

The only question is

4. I Suffocate

I Suffocate

Machines, factories, heating plants.
Technology pollutes the air.
Swingeing accrual of motoring
Forces life out of streets

Burning fossil fuel
and ruthless woodcutting
are stealing oxygen,
without that we can´t live

I suffocate by grey - day by day,
more and more

Children can´t go out today,
dispersal conditions are miserable.
They are watching the sun in grey,
made by the lord of this planet.

I´m suffocating, the cough again

tomorrow might be better.
I´m depressed, I survive,
grey is filling up my soul.

5. Requiem ...

6. Body Count / Bhopal Massacre

Body Count / Bhopal Massacre

Breakdown in a chemical factory.
From stormy reaction without control
became a cloud full of lethal gases.
Poisons coctail covers surroundings.

Effect of poison is immediate,
most people die while sleeping.

Poison gases destroy eye tissue and skin.
Pain, vomiting, mucous membrane burnt.
Massive secretion fill lungs by water,
death cause convulsive lungs tightening.

Effect of poison is immediate,
most people die while sleeping.

The other, runnig away blind
and slowly die on the street.

Left to their own devices in the zone of death.
Contaminated water necessary for living.
Deadly impacts of toxic substances are lasting.
More and more handicapped people die every day.

Body count after Bhopal massacre,
Bodies preserved by poison.

7. End Of Gaia

End of Gaia

Alienation in the world of concrete cells
Free yourself from the claws of your own sanity
That makes you grow away from nature
Only then you’ll feel the pain of Gaia
Desperately fighting for survival
Gashes and scars on her face will never wash away

Who are you, man, to kill with every deed of yours?
Embrace the tree – can you feel its breathing?
Stoop to the earth – can you feel its heartbeat?
And still you sign deaths with your deeds
Humankind has got out of hand of natural laws
Pollutes, destroys, devastates

Shortsighted demands of the consumers
Mean the demise of tomorrow
Globalisation creating a civilisations monoculture
Estranged from nature, explosion of human abundance
Like a mother mourning her dead baby
The tears fall down to the empty hands of Mother Gaia

8. Black Stain (Sea Of Blood)

Black Stain (Sea Of Blood)

Copious amount kinds of life
Having their home in the depth of sea
They may become victims of catastrophe everyday
Done by human drone

One of tanker wrecked on Alaska coast
million gallons of oil leaks from inside
Black stain covers the surface and the coast
And makes an impermeable film braising all alive

The coast became a terrible scene
Defenceless depth inhabitants fight for life
Birds peck their chest
Until their hearts stop to beat
Sea otter scratch their eyes
In which penetrated oil

Thousands of dead bodies cover the surface
And mixes with lethal staff
Banks are bordered by rotting bodies
Air is full of stinking oil holocaust

Greedy killers don´t have enough,
They hope: everything was forgotten
Trying to restore output for their profits
Endanger great wilderness area
They try to feed greedy machines
And destroy endangered nature in Alaska

There is no chance to survive
Black stain swallows it all
Tankers bring death
Oil kills

Suffering and death are coming
Black stain swallowed it all
Oil kills

9. Parasites


Mother Earth is a big experimental laboratory.
Genetic operations are destroying natural balance.
Animal experiments for commercial profit.
Industrial emissions change climatic conditions.

Experiments with air,
Experiments with water,
Experiments with animal,
Experiments with Earth.

Human: Earth parasite.
Human: expanding threat.


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