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Dreaming Underneath Destruction

"Dreaming Underneath Destruction" (2005 EP)

1. Dreaming Underneath Destruction
2. My Suicide
3. The Villain`s Demise
4. Guillotine
5. Summer`s End

1. Dreaming Underneath Destruction

politics, politics, fucked up politics
powerless state that'll never taste freedom
gunfire,gunshots, ruthless hostilities
ruins of a kingdom that never had a king

dreaming, dreaming, screamless dreaming
dead men screaming, underneath destruction
vile, low, loathsome, filthy human beings
playing down fate like a dirty old coin

dreaming in destruction
wishing for destruction
living for destruction
dying by the flames

remedy, remedy, malice has no remedy
absolute insanity in a rotten faith
cruel like a virus spreading in a dead corpse
waiting for a lifespark to destroy the earth

terrorists, terrorists all a bunch of terrorists
killing for enjoyement terminating lives
pathetic, pitiful once we were powerful
now differentiated, into scrawny tribes

2. My Suicide

you cant command me to crawl, you're not supirior
you cant dictate my deeds, my life is mine

I may be under your mercy, but that wont last
I'm gonna be taking my own life, I'll have a blast

I live for freedom that sense of bliss
A chill thats running right down my spine
pleading your mercy, I'd rather die
burn in a hell, hear myself cry

blood runs cold, through my elbows
I cry out, bruy me home
screaming out through an endless night
my dead self now is mine.
I'm breaking free from your rule, I'm flying out
your cage of tyranny is torn apart
my soul will leave that dome to a different land
this knife is a sign of free will, within my hands

to your fire i surrender
let my soul march to the flames
hell is waiting, ever lasting
my chosen path, i'm well aware

forever there at the end of existence
praying on its burning tiles
seeing torture in my image
living back my suicide...

3. The Villain`s Demise

animal raised, child of hatered
born to paint us red and black
inferior creature, left its dungeon
turned our shores a river of stains
the bells deny you in their churches
the claimed wisemen bowing down
the slaugters hang their armours
on the wall, until they fall

may the hell end your existence
may the sun melt down your steel
may your fat-chinned blackened army
put below their guns and kneel

you fed us torture, left us dying
now it's time, we'll pay you back
we'll kill you slow, we'll burn your dead corpse
we'll tear your soul in the afterland
the bells deny you in their churches
none shall save your wretched soul
the land you left is tearing...
like a wall but now you fall

rust in peace like a lasting shred of human disgrace
never shall be born a slaughter to fill the void
thats in your place.

4. Guillotine

were they frightened by your laughter
did they see your fearless stand
were they trembling when your valor
turned their vision a blazing hell
did they draw their utmost power
just to block your valiant gaze
did their hearts endure in torment
when you faced your end in pride
did they build an enormous guillotine
just to chop your head at sight
dont they know that your appearance
will command their souls to crawl
cowards are they, wont they quaver
will their eyes get sleep at night
will they live to a day where justice
wont get stamped on by their feet
there you walk in sturdy footsteps
waiting their commands to fade
not a word, you stood there smiling
'till the slaughter hit the blade
standing up on a crimson sunrise
daring warriors we shall be
soaking blood we'll keep on fighting
die until our soul are free

5. Summer`s End

roads filled with utter loyality to the civilized rapist
ending lives for bloodstains, savaging human creatures
where denied claims cant salvage justice
envisioning the grey horizon beneath struggling dawn
lining up for the weekend's rituals
their breath reaks of filth
like raw sewage full of slime
chanting out their poisoned thoughts
evening sun glows like an ember
discarded lives faking smiles
tearing away the peace of existence
till they darken like slaves
eyes full of ilness
cant see through shadows
where light blinds prophets
and holy bastards sin
we arise from the lower
layers of swirling hell
clearing the way with fire
for others to win the land
for the ones to be chosen we grant the power
leaving us to drain, waiting for summer's end
giving them what we spent years to posses and die for
bringing them back to life to blow out the last flame.....


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