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At the Dawn of War

"At the Dawn of War" (2005)

1. From Out of the Mist we came Forth
2. Call to Arms
3. Mortal Serenity
4. On the Eve of Battle
5. Besieged
6. The Spoils of Treason
7. Thunder of War
8. Black Raven Death
9. Desertion
10. Under a Moonlit Sky
11. Cries of the Haunted (Bonus Track)

1. From Out of the Mist we came Forth

-Instrumental Intro-

2. Call to Arms

And now we've gathered
for the battles that lie ahead.
Rumours of war have
reached the borders of our lands.
From the northern lands
our army of the falcon hailed.
We pledged our sword
to our noble King,
to whom our banner we raised
He has amassed a great force
of such vastness
the world has not seen in all times
for a great threat
has come to us,
the black armies of the lord of death.
As we hailed our old brethren
from the western shores,
the eastern horse riders arrived.
But we saw no sign
of our southern kin,
we wondered
if they already died.
All captains have joined
the King in his pavilion
to discuss the war at hand.
The light of early dawn
already broke the night,
when our captain informed us
we were going south.
„Last night a falcon arrived
with a message from the southern army.
It seems their retreat
has been cut off,
they now stand with their
backs against the wall.
If we do not act quickly,
they soon will be defeated,
we must hurry, before it's too late.
If not for them, we would long be dead,
now it's time to
repay our ancestor's debts.“
If only half of the rumours were true,
that would mean we would
be sent to a slaughter.
Although we don't fear death,
we don't want to die in vain.
„We'll face a great host
of enemy soldiers,
but don't despair, my noble men,
for we don't go to war alone.
Our King has a great army
coming from the east,
we'll meet them along the way.“
We've heard of such an army,
but we thought it was
just a phantom story
told by crazed old men
who lost their wits.
But if it's true,
then the victory would be ours
for the taking.
Now we just wonder,
what are we still doing here?

3. Mortal Serenity

The horde of destruction
came riding on the storm
and left my serenity slowly to rot.
This once so bright future
now frozen in pain,
a deep dark sadness solemnly rose.
Paralyzed crawling in
this struggle unseen,
I felt down, exhausted,
and entered a dream.
I awoke and gazed through
the mist and the rain,
a gloomy cold landscape,
the new dwelling for me.
Forgotten dwelling in
this struggle unseen,
a breathless whisper from
out of a dark path in mind.
A veil of cold laughter
now covers this pain,
the black storms returned
and I freely go in.
With this vision of pain,
now I march on to war.
Reality sharpened
and willing to fight.
New strength burns in me,
decided to go.
My fist clenches cold steel,
as we hailed our liege.
Hail! Hail!
Voiceless screaming – sleepless dreaming,
tearless crying – breathless sighing.
“And there in a distance,
in the forest bare and cold, “
the pale beauty strays
to find me nevermore.

4. On the Eve of Battle

Silently we marched through forests and marshes
Our arrows waiting on our bows
My men, grim and prepared for the fight
A pale army of soldiers
Yes, we're marching to war

To war

Advance to war, banners high, towards our destiny
Advance to war, towards our destiny

With past battles on our minds
We wander towards the battlefields
The glorious battlefield

And then we reached the treeline of the enchanted forest
And there on heather fields a great battle was at hand
Standing and gazing at the frontline of the battle
A furious warcry filled the sky

Advance to war, banners high, towards our destiny
Advance to war, towards our destiny

And although many have fallen and many will fall in this ancient battle
Our captain blew on the horn and roared out loud,
"At the tips of our swords, they will only find death!"


5. Besieged

We are besieged by our enemies,
their armies have gathered around us;
a great host of horses,
chariots and men.
We can’t live through
such a vast number.
Will we fall to the
might of our enemies?
We are outnumbered and outclassed.
If we surrender
they might show us mercy.
“And live at the cost of everything? “
No. Surrender is not an option.
Have you not taken heed
to the promises of old?
Have you already forgotten what was told?
Raise your head and look on the mountains.
Those with us are far more
than those against us.
Our King has sent
his best to our aid
so we will not fall to
the might of our enemy.
Don’t you see the
vast army of fiery horses and chariots?
I pray your eyes
will be opened,
so your despair will flee.”

6. The Spoils of Treason

We had grown tired
of this endless war.
We thought it was time to leave
and to govern ourselves.
Fearing punishment for our betrayal,
we asked our old enemies
to defend our cities.
They kept the King’s
forces at bay,
but it had cost us
all we ever had.
After they had consumed
most of our stock,
they forced our children to serve
as their soldiers in the war,
from which we only
tried to escape.
“We saw the smoke rising “
from beyond the forest’s canopy
The sight made our
hearts fill with sorrow.
So many lives wasted,
in spite of our warnings.
Could we have done more
to keep them from leaving?”
On our search for independence
we lost all the freedom
we once had.
We are now little more than slaves
in our own country,
cheated into a life of misery.
“We saw the smoke rising “
from beyond the forest’s canopy
The sight made our
hearts fill with sorrow.
So many lives wasted,
in spite of our warnings.
Could we have done more
to keep them from leaving?”

7. Thunder of War

A thunder of war roared through the sky,
as the armies ran towards each other.
Bone-breaking blows
of warhammers,
shields crushed, steel broke,
flesh torn apart.
Gut-ripping strokes
of foul swords fell,
impaled by spears, blood spitting dying.
Pierced by arrows
on the blood drenched fields,
the penetrating stench of death.
More enemy forces leapt
out of the hills,
overwhelming our flanks.
But then our captain
rose the banner and screamed:
“You’ll fight to the end,
don’t fear no defeat!”
And now new strength was found,
the turn in the fight.
As a falcon shrieked and
pierced the sky above,
into amazement the enemy fell.
Our flanks reformed and
we fiercely charged again.
Yes, once again a furious
warcry filled the sky,
the glorious falcon, our victory is near.
With our capatin
in the frontline,
holding the banner of the falcon up high.
And so we charged on to fight…
With the swing of the blunt battle axe
and the reaping halberds.
The terrifying screams of our enemies,
now brutally
slaughtered at will.
In the frenzy,
fair young men
left with
shattered faces
and strong heroes’ arms
left dismembered.
That was the price of our victory.

8. Black Raven Death

A falcon was sent into
the air by his master,
to begin his hunt for food.
With firm beats of his wings he ascended
into the sky to begin his search.
There his eyes spotted far below him
a black figure
stirring in the depths.
Circling high up in the sky,
the falcon awaited the
best moment to strike.
With great speed the
falcon dove upon his prey,
his wings folded to reduce
the drag of the winds.
The prey didn’t notice
the threat from above,
when all of a sudden his sight went black.
Sharp talons piercing the flesh,
death came swiftly.
There was no way to escape.
The slain bird was heavier
then he expected.
The falcon couldn’t maintain his altitude.
He felt reluctant to let go of his prey,
but the threat of sharp rocks was at hand.
Then a southern wind went through the air…
Drifting on the warm current,
carried by the wind,
the falcon quickly climbed again.
He shot through the sky over the forest,
when he heard his master’s call.
In return the falcon gave a shriek
as an answer to his name.
His master wondered what
the falcon was carrying,
the large black shadow
he firmly held.
The black raven is dead.
He has killed himself a black raven
An unusual prey for a falcon,
but still
the black raven is dead.

9. Desertion

Loyalty, a fading
memory of the past.
The spies of our enemy
are within our ranks.
Sowing dissension, inciting revolt
their poison spreads like a plague.
Blinded to the deception of our enemy,
they deny his existence.
All houses are rising against each other,
the unity of the early days is gone.
The unity of our
glory days is gone.
Only a few loyal
remaining at our side,
too few to conquer,
but enough to pose a threat.
Forever loyal to our cause
we fight until the bitter end.
In the wake of our steadfast spirits
the hearts of
many men are rekindled.
As we charge on the
boundaries of our existence,
new armies are
mustered to our cause.

10. Under a Moonlit Sky

A gentle wind, that rustles the leaves, is whispering in my ear.
A bright moon gazes at me through the forest's canopy, lighting my path.

Wandering through the forest, I marvel at it's beauty
All shades of moss, covering the grounds on which I softly tread
Sometimes I sense a wild animal staring in wonder at my appearance
And silently I watch them, wondering if they are aware of what's coming to them

But a strange unnatural noise in the distance startles the animal, and I see it speeding off. I softly weep, for I know that the days of comforting silence are gone.

Under a moonlit sky, I wander through the forest, marvelling at it's beauty, the serenity, the natural silence

The sky is red with the burning fire of the trees
It makes me weep
I see some heavily mutilated animals, running towards me in panic
I am shocked at the selfishness of the men who thought of this destruction
Of the earth on which I was born and raised

Under a moonlit sky, I wander through the forest, a deathly silence around the scorched ghostlike trees

Even for the creatures of the wild, there is no escape from the wars which scorch the earth
Defeat will mean the final death of us all

11. Cries of the Haunted (Bonus Track)

Why hast thou forsaken me?
Why hast thou turned away thy face
From me thy servant in distress
Oh Lord bent me thine ear!
All night long I drown in my tears
My bones are vexed,
my heart is sore and vexed
Water rises to my lips
My throat is sore, I cannot speak
Lord I beg thee to free me of this grief
Which still haunts my soul,
and makes my heart grow cold
I am merely all skin over bone
My flesh is too weak
to resist the temptations
Which the evil layeth upon my path
I fear I yield to this heavy burden
What has become of the son, who loved me
for so many years and
now calls me into doubt
He who has worshipped me for so long
Now lives under the spell of the wicked
That brings his soul
only further in Darkness
Away from love and closer to hatred
Don't you know that I'll always love you?
Return to me and I'll take care of you
I'll bring peace in your mind
and rest in your troubled heart
I will treat you as my son
I'll make you a warrior of the Light"
Nightly creatures still haunt my soul
Crawling against the walls
of my broken heart
screaming inhuman blasphemous words
Exalting the hordes of demon lords
Where are you God?!?!
"Here, waiting for you my son."
I will always love you Lord
Even in times of terrible Darkness
Nothing can stop me from worshipping you
Even if it means the end of my earthly life


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