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Ashes From The Woods Of Gammel Skog

"Ashes From The Woods Of Gammel Skog" (2005 Demo)

1. Beginning of the conquest
2. Buried Amalech
3. Curse Upon The Land
4. Kadaverik Tenebras
5. The Shadow Of peace Flies Upon Gammel Skog
6. War Plague
7. Ruins Of Gammal Skog

1. Beginning of the conquest

Cross the river
Take the city
Cross the river
Blow the wall and enter .
Turn arround the city
During 6 days
Seven sacrificators with seven trumpets
Before the arch walks
When the trumpet ring
The warriors scream the wall falls
Here begin the conquest
Accurse the town
Conquer the land
The wall has fallen
Here begin the war
Put your faith in the God of Abraham
Accurse the town
Conquer the land
The war is complete
Burn , burn
Evil town ,burn with your idols !

2. Buried Amalech

As they die
In the valley
As we fight against them
Fire surround us
They can't go ahead
As they bleed
In the valley
As their defeat shines
As their blood cover the grass
We rejoice because we're winning the war.

Sustain the arms of the prophet
Because as long as his arms are risen
we win the fight .

we're conquerors
As their body bleeds
They flee
We follow them in their town
As their land burns
they watch their defeat
As we win
As they lost
As they die.

3. Curse Upon The Land

Cursed generation
Victims of your fathers's crimes
Victims of the wrath
because of the death of the prophets
That the ancients of your tribe has murdered
Your children are lost
There's no more point of reference for them
in this world
And you refuse to believe
And you blaspheme as to bring a harder wrath
on the next generation that come
Curse upon the land
Your hate against Jesus Christ because of the crimes of religion doesn't make sens
because Christ taught to love , but he never taught how to kill
But you refuse to believe in love
And you blaspheme against God
As to bring a harder wrath upon your land
Burning temples
Murder of innocent believers
The wrath of the Almighty shall come upon the land
Until you repent
Until you understand
That God is not responsible of the crimes of man
And that the responsible is the Leviathan.

4. Kadaverik Tenebras

Blessed be the Everlasting Father
Who gives me strength to fight
And who makes me victorious
Blessed be the Everlasting Creator
Who let us hear the heavenly melodies
of the wind as we walk in the fjord.
The snow shines under the sun
The pure white light from the ground rise and meet
my eyes
The shadows of the trees cover the bodies
Blessed be the Creator of earth and sky
Father , Son , Spirit

5. The Shadow Of peace Flies Upon Gammel Skog

The rivers produce diamons
And all the people is properous
The wind breathe in the land
And we praise the Lord almighty
The creator
the God of Abraham , Isaac and Jacob
"We're a blessed generation"
Times of peace
No blod flood in the fjord
Times of peace
You , Almighty God have set us free
You shown your strenght
and You have given us peace
Times of Peace

6. War Plague

Suddenly they came out from the woods
We didn't thought they could find us so easiely
We went, running ,
To take our weapons
" War is back in the land"
It seemed that it had never stop
"Hide the women and the children
Today the skog will bleed again
Nothing will prevail against us
Because we are the army of God"
So much blood
So many dead
We were in peace
But their minds was full of violence
War was back in the land
And it seemed that for them it had never stop
We have no right to choose our belief
According to them
So much blood again
As we won the fight.
They flee , as they lost
And I saw those dead bodies
"So much blod in the skog"
As I dry my tears
Thinkin about how many children are now without dad
We were in peace but they attacked
Sorry child , you've lost your dad .

7. Ruins Of Gammal Skog

Because of the permanent wars
Gammel skog is set on fire
Because of the permanent tragedy
We have to move to another land
When are you gonna understand
The we do not wrestle against flesh and blod
And that our ennemy is not our fellow ?
I smell ashes
I see the trees turn to dust
"let us mark to a better place"
And let us work for peace
Even if the carnage seems to last
One day it will end
Hope follow life
Ashes of Gammel Skog
Rememberance of wars
Do we really had
To see so many heads be cut ?
As the night fall
We stand by the river
Waiting for another
day to start .


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