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"Sitra" (2001 Demo)

1. You, I
2. ... Nevermore
3. The End Of M.E.
4. Blood Suckers' Empire
5. Of Future For My Past
6. Is "Us" Dead?

1. You, I

You think you know it all,
but you are so small
You think only of yourself,
but can't you see it's only half.

You contradict yourself,
trying to manipulate,
Then say i'm a paranoid,
and go out to celebrate.

You speak of the same thing,
which seem so distinct,
from what i recall-
an action of instinct.

We're looking at the same things,
yet I see a different vision.
Which one of us was dreaming,
well, can you tell the reason?

I'm feeling so deceived.
Paranoia? Who's to say?
I'm drowning in myself.
Flood Alert. So run away!

I have this incredible urge,
Streaming inside my veins.
Twisting, turning, making a surge,
can't know if it's good or pain.
Entering another phase,
seeking ways inside this mase,
on the corridor to insanity,
no option but to praise.

You pick the easy way,
at least you follow the same track.
Telling me to go away,
so you can preserve your tact.

You are running from your own mistakes,
and blame it all on me,
yet your plan is not complete,
I know there's nothing wrong with me.

I cannot believe my eyes,
this glowing ink - the letter.
These words turned upside-down,
the world which I know better.

2. ... Nevermore

they hands were open
embraced my soul
so crodilaising
now propersies truth
last pringle survived
lasted for ever
if doesnt i fail?
is deadth really worthwhile?

i worship thee
my life exiance
do not
forget me

3. The End Of M.E.

Separated blood from blood,
I'm so alone, please help me, god!
An end of an era,
cannot have you near.
Thy hands are closed again,
no mercier for my pain

Never again,
of pools of grief.
Never-ending story,
has come to an end.
No one's fault,
but both or loss.

Seeing thee in the others' hands,
will probably tear me.
Mourniful days are yet to come,
my tragedy, and no mercy...

This is farewell,
in agony I dwell,
and though I wish you well.

4. Blood Suckers' Empire

Arise From The Dark,
just like the sun,
and then return.
Tonight you're mine,
and then you're born.

Reveal my poisoned fangs,
and see thy beauty hangs,
just right in front of my face.
I start the magic rase.

Desperate touch pleading,
and then deceiving.
Faken horrors laugh,
on your behalf.

Thy shalt do your best,
but behold,
you cannot make empires out of vampires.

5. Of Future For My Past

Evolved to a given theory,
Iím troubled within myself.
Interred by ideas,
Dictated by my governs.
Determined edges, unchanging limits,
And no migrants...
Though the visions seduce,
...The walls, they are so firm
They cannot see me, blissful.
They cannot see this far.
Occupied by worries,
Of future for my past.
Maybe it is all too much,
Docking all at once.
Maybe this is all too heavy.
Could be that I missed my chance?
Seek the liberation,
The power to think for yourself:
The end of all misery!
And when you reach the shores of bliss,
You see the things you always missed.
You wish the end will never rise,
see the world that slowly dies.

6. Is "Us" Dead?

A cessation of the golden epoch,
the turn to an ominous page.
Sorrow floods all over,
vivacity is seen no longer.

Two souls,
connected and depend on one's call,
been diverged and start rotting alone.
She mourns,
and he groans ,
"We tried it all",
and each person turns heads to his own... side.

"I loved and I cared...
...and I've been cheated a lot"
she says and the tears swamped her face and dissolved.
"I need her, I want her...
...but still, I can't stand her,
and I can't say this fault can be solved"

She surrenders to her doubts -
she returns to his house,
another sentence is said,
and the door is re-shut.

He goes back to his place,
and start thinking of her.
She returns to her hide,
and believe it's not fare.
Time still goes by,
tears drop down from their hearts,
tears of madness and love,
flow through the wounded heart's cuts.

They both only see black,
but the meaning is white,
the one thing they agreed on,
is that they're doing it right.
Optimistic as can be,
they're turning the page,
not knowing their place,
they are sure that they're caged.

The curtain closes down
on the fantasy they always owned.

The dream is collapsing,
his pulse slowing down.
"Why couldn't we do
what should have been done?
Is "us" dead?"
Agony's rising,
the grief starts despair,
the thing she needs most
is someone to care... for her.


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