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Spectral Transition - Dimension Sirius

"Spectral Transition - Dimension Sirius" (2001)

1. Spectral Transition
2. Spiritual Metamorphosis
3. In Astral Plains of Trance
4. Abstract Eerie Corridors
5. Desolate Magnetic Fields
6. Into Forbidden Dimensions
7. Axis
8. Stellar Transcendence
9. Paradox Timeline
10. Dimensional Quantum
11. Majesty of the Nightsky (Emperor cover, bonus track)

1. Spectral Transition

2. Spiritual Metamorphosis

Innate strength
Mind and soul drift away
From a bygone marked in futile artefacts
On an inset path of blinding light...

We set the inheritance of new death.
Outrageously we devour the elements
And drink from the spiral essence

"None are innocent.
There are only those weak enough to believe they are.
And those strong enough to revel in the
Knowledge that they are not."
[...Jacob Strauss, Magus of the Shining Hill, London 1940]

Like black holes of enchantment...
We sombrely glitter yet consume cosmic energy
'Til you experience inorganic distress

Life as you know it has come to an end

Devoid of human flesh and blood,
The Stars are the sparkle of our eyes,
Streams of nothingness our veins, and pain...
The work of our hands.

Defy the limits of perception
Destroy the Earthly.

3. In Astral Plains of Trance

Regardless your efforts, everything changes
Time cycles yet never returns
Storms generate aeons while peace brings nothingness

War-force conception, the deity of destruction
Make humanity share the pain inflicted upon itself
Self-deluded dreamers disintegrate,
They drown in grimness, and with them, their dreams.

My roots may have driven their souls dry
But my branches had already touched the stars...
Mayhap your sterile mind and body ever get a hold of the truth
You depend on us for your existence
Time cycles yet never returns...

Hither am I
In Astral Plains of Trance
As untouchable to you as the stars above
Attempt against us, and confusion shall take over...
Aghast as you taste the claws of our wrath

4. Abstract Eerie Corridors

Abstract Nexion
Echoes of reminiscence pounding inside
Silence is screaming my name
Screaming your name
Have you ever met your Demon...?

7th Portal Connection
Transformation's wormhole unveils an alien maelstrom
Beyond reckoning
A sun spreading its rays in multiple tones
And spectres emerging from chasms of light
Overwhelming hydrogenous stellar art

Deep black gateways lead to untrodden plains
Beyond the furthest nebulae
Eerie corridors into immeasurable destinations

No regret.
No looking back.
Never question.
For life was but a poetic artifice...

5. Desolate Magnetic Fields

Magnetic tide brought the message forth
Proclaimed illusion, I sink in these galaxies

Cold landscape
Circular abstract forms orbiting a virtual collision point
Between inverse polarised entities
A searing dead light, consuming the whole
Crushing every atom of life
Never to be forgotten
This Cold, Cold landscape

Arcane transmissions from a distorted timestream
Strewn stars like magick drops spilled in the Ocean
The mistake was to wish for my eternity
We were the keepers, we arrived along with demise

Hologram-formed cells in eruption
Plasmic obsidian pouring out from limbo

Crushing every atom of life
Never to be forgotten

Infinite Desolation

6. Into Forbidden Dimensions

Myriad arcane gateways into forbidden dimensions
Are gaping open before my eyes
From afar, I watch my soul step forth
Into the searing radiance of the mirror's other side

Engulfed in cataclysmic bursts of energy
Ephemeral nightmarish shapes permeate my consciousness
Psionic ripples in the galaxy-crested sidereal waves
Violently stir the stygian bejewelled aether

Enshrouded by billowing tides of skyfire
My spiritual mantle blown by newborn solar winds
I behold new universes in ireful bloom

Once more, as has been for countless times before,
The siren call of creative energy is answered
By the unseen magickal forces
That interweave space and time

Standing and watching, I learn of their ways...

And by touch of their powers, I have seen
Simple drifting grains of cosmic dust become
Titanic effulgent orbs of fathomless majesty,
And still rise to transcend the very boundaries
Of their newfound splendorous existence...

Such magnificent power!

7. Axis

Where hierarchies were found
We met the structures veiled to life.

All the grief as stone, cold as the night.
Sharpened light, bleeding the sun
In seas revolving inorganic cycles.

Eyes wide open absorb the wave of conception
And the mouth bond to lies replicates
The horror of mankind.

Transition begins.

I drain the abyss.
Forging a dying planet
With the demons in my head.

Travelling in this admirable tunnel
Words pull the trigger in vectors
Constructing reality from a third point of view.

Behold the seeds of the universe.

8. Stellar Transcendence

Amidst the troubled sleep of a Midwinter night,
Whilst unknown horrors plagued my dreams
Of dreary temples of old,
I beheld a distant wall strewn with arcane glyphs
That spoke of a terrible invocation...

And walking up, I realised
That all factors were now in conjunction
The ever so distant time that scribe's
dreams has prophesised
Was now at hand...

What an astounding revelation
I have been bestowed!

The Horned Moon is standing high above the Earth tonight
And rends alight strange silhouettes in the pitch black ground
I kneel betwixt fragrant trees and shape-shifting shadows
And my mortal senses are permeated for one last time

I recite the conjuration of the elder stars
The ancient, arcane words sear my writhing tongue
Now I feel their power surge all about and throughout me
And seep through every pore of my thirsting soul

Secrets never known to Man reveal before my eyes

I become godlike!

And now as my mortal shells is left far below
Entwined in all -destroying serpentine horror
My immortal soul ascends towards unimaginable power
Ever so nigh the brink of mind-devouring madness...

I am the Pandimensional Liege-Lord

Clad in the very fabric of Space and Time
My crown is of galaxies, and galaxies of galaxies
Interdimensional existences are mine to create and destroy
At a instant's fraction whim

Mine is the Maw of Creation that holds tight in its grasp
The Tail of chaotic Destruction in a circle that forever lasts
The Multiverse is mine to rule!

9. Paradox Timeline

Enhanced frequencies of unknown origin
Billions of effulgent blazing shells
Lurking in the nothingness of the void

We ventured through.
I exploited the Source of Self-Art
Never avoiding the fluorescent photon belt
I reunited the Alignment of ascension

Who besides me, could be
This Soul in transience, asleep in a wreath-like womb
Aesthetically static yet so revolutionary force?

May all life respond!

I remember myself as the progress of creation
Rewrite the principle of genesis as known
Non-substantial matter hits me like wildfire
I feel the surrounding siege of the Multiverse

I became the dagger
The dagger that lead myriad worlds to compulsively bleed
Reality with me fainted... was any of this ever true?
While leaving my consciousness, I forgot what I never new,
I remembered what I never was,
I remembered what never happened...
I finally know what I had always been.

10. Dimensional Quantum

Chaos is the longest distance between two points
The further the travel, the blurrier the vision...

We envisioned development as the perfectly drawn line
Grown polarised, in the aim of equilibrium

Structured Genomes - the architecture of oniric DNA
Is but a part of the mingled essence of dimensionism
The principle of uncertainty
- A morphed perception of existence -

Random Vacuum fluctuation
A backsweep from emptiness to oneness
Zero-point energetic transcommunication

We hold the lock of Yin
And the key of Yang
Nothing is everything

- Dimensional Quantum -
Psychic surgery in spectral consciousness
Inter-dimensional particle amidst creations,
Spontaneously combusted into the explosive
Growth of a dying universe...

11. Majesty of the Nightsky (Emperor cover, bonus track)


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