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An Elixir For Existence

"An Elixir For Existence" (2004)

1. Lithium And A Lover
2. Voices Within
3. A Mental Symphony
4. Euphoria
5. In My Darkest Hours
6. Save Me From Myself
7. The Fall Within
8. Star-Crossed
9. Seven Sirens And A Silver Tear

1. Lithium And A Lover

When all my demons set their sails
and my mind is riding the last train
Down a one-way track to the final station
Destination Devastation

A thousand demons at my door
screaming at my crumbling walls
My riverís bleeding, my fields are burning
My world has stopped turning

I will be your lithium
and Iíll be your lover

Give me something for my mind
something for the pain inside
A remedy, a cure for life
An elixir for this manica of mine

Give me what Iím deep in need of
a sanctuary beyond this cruel world
A peerless cure-all to recover
Like lithium and a lover...

2. Voices Within

Darkness drapes my weary eyes
drape the void that grows inside
And I canít take this veil away
I canít find the strength
I tried to shield my scenery
tried to set my mind free
This life has brought me to my knees
Devastation unleashed

Whispers...calling on the wind
Like voices calling from deep within
Shivers...all down your spine
Iím the void that rides your aching mind

Nightfall seems to come my way
and it seems as if to stay
A shadow haunts me from the past
Will it forever last?
A voice is calling in the wind
yon the horizons, and from within
I deem the thought, shall I abide
these ghastly wispers inside?

Whispers...called you on the wind
Like voices called you from deep within
Wither...wane adown the line
Iím the void that rode your aching mind...

3. A Mental Symphony

Sleep in the fire, in thorns and decay
Dreams and desires they have all been a waste
Iím getting closer, so close to awake
So close to what lifeís been, yet still so far away

Dancing through days...
where the pain ascend in a thousand ways
Dancing through nights...
where the darkness strikes me from inside
Dancing through life...
where its strife enshrines all my desires
Dancing through death...
a dance with the devil and a flirt with the dead

Leaving the fire, abandon the flames
Lost in denial, all your lifeís been in vain
Life growing colder, itís closing in on you
I know youíre going down, but thereís no more I can do

Calm me down to the sound of my insanity
Voices screaming, astral dreaming
A mental symphony...

4. Euphoria

I feel the magic rushing in
I feel the heavenworks ascend like a sun within
All my travail is on the wane
A lucid bliss sets in, and the world sails away

Iím cold seed
Iím your sweetest leaf
Iíll ease your mind
Iíll set you free

My queen come rise in me
Hallucination or a dream ascendancy?
I cry come bring me on a high
Weíll watch the angels fly, then weíll ride the crimson sky

Hear you screaming out in hours of living hell
And the void inside youíve carried it so well
Seems like living now gets harder every day
Seems like you donít care for life the same way

Winds of euphoria and lucid needs
A call, a desire deep inside of me
A hope yon all loss and broken dreams
An ephemeral walk in elysian fields

A new dawn is rising within me
I ride the ninth cloud in the seventh dream
A haven yon life and itís cruelty
If life will pass me by, then so be it...

5. In My Darkest Hours

In my darkest of hours
I yearn for the light my life devours
Winterís at hand
In search of a key, a door, an end

Hear my voice, donít quail inside the void
nor fear the sound of winter winds around

In my darkest of nights
I yearn for the dawn to bring me alive
How to ascend?
while you hold the key that shield my end
Hear my voice, itís calling on the dawn

Ascend to fall, but never to withdraw
Winter nights...I hold them inside
I stand to fall, giving in on life as a whole
Winds of time...wonít mend my sombre mind
I canít deny that Iím on a closing way down

Morning star...shining from afar
your radiance diminish every day now
Evening star...youíve lost your stalwart
Your skies endark
like my mind, my soul and my heart

Come take my hand
and lead me on towards the end
The darkness in me
devours the strength I craved for all these years

These feelings I have never shown remain unknown
I really donít know if Iím that strong...

These secrets I have held inside through all my life
I guess Iíll shield them till I die...

6. Save Me From Myself

Save me now
before my world falls
Save me now
from myself
before the dawn

Save me now
Iím at the reaperís door
Canít you see
you hold the key
to set my mind free...

7. The Fall Within

One moment I froze in life
I tried to grasp the time
That moment seized to be
revealed my destiny

Once you were a shining star
Iíve watched you from the fields afar
The brightest of them all
descend to face its fall

How can I sleep?
when I donít know whether I live or dream
And how can I weep?
when I donít know if the pain I feel is real
I stand upon the fall

Iím giving in on all
I watch the sunís decline
for one last closing time
The sundown share my thoughts of you

The winter moon bewail you too
You still remain to me
a pending mystery
Voices are calling beyond the dawn
where life and dream seems as one
Moments and aeons pass before your eyes
while you stand frozen in life
Years all have passed now, since you gave in
on the world of living
Awaiting your strength there, upon the fall
to put an end to it all...

8. Star-Crossed

A wanderer in time
comes strolling through my mind
It seems she lost her way
It seems she led astray
The sun sets in her eyes
A lunar moon arise
Her life all seems in vain
A mystery...arcane

Summerís on the wane
My life it seems so frail
Descend again to the sombre fields of pain
Winterís on a rise
Iíve held itís cold inside through all my life
like a star-crossed winter child

A waning silvereye
A starless winter sky
No scent of morning dew
Her tears all frozen through
This wanderer comes my way
All aeons seems as days
A sea so deep and wild
A star-crossed winter child

Dusk creeping upon us
The dawn...neír to appear
The nightfall weeps along thus
itís the darkness that we fear
Fall for me lost angel
Iíll fall for thee as well
To the world weíre only strangers
like a winterís chill in hell...

9. Seven Sirens And A Silver Tear


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