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"Silence" (2005)

1. Intro
2. Silence
3. Examination of Love
4. Brainfrog
5. Shin
6. Sinthetic Symphony
7. The Eye of Horus
8. Dead Generation
9. The Red Room

1. Intro

2. Silence

Slowly my mind escapes into a sad world of fear
so dark - so cold - infernal demons coming near
my mind - so broken - figures dancing around me
it is so irritating...

reality disappears somewhere in the back of my mind
but my mind is ripped apart - is torn apart
is now a part of this confusing illusion
I'm falling into madness
getting sick getting sick getting sick getting sick!

dark colors grow, disappear in silence
visions of sex, of violence and fear
trapped inside a bloodred funeral of mind
a grotesque sacrifice to my unholy dreams

3. Examination of Love

Without you I'm nothing
a raped mind with no will to live
a hopeless individuum
with noch gifts to give
so rape my mind, rape my mind
I feel it
the slowly decaying of my brain
the painful
destroying of the veins
so rape my mind, rape my mind, rape my mind!

Without you I'm nothing
just a body with noch life inside
a dark room
where no light shines bright
darkest of the darkest nights
darkest of the darkest night
I feel it
the frozen soul so cold
the beating heart so old
a sick individual
a cut would make an end to all

A senseless fight
I love you
An erratic flight
I kill you to love

4. Brainfrog

5. Shin

Its a fragile world
minds fading away under silent rain
and silently I m crawling
hiding in the shadows
celebrating my new skin...

she was so beautiful...

As an invisible ghost
lurking in the night
I m drifting away
into the living shadows
hiding in the dark
celebrating my new skin...

I am not
what I seem to be
hiding behind
a skin which is not me

As I came for you
a tiny worm - crawling through your flesh
my dreams came true
your skin - so warm and fresh
Now I am reborn
celeberating my new skin...

I am invisible
I am a ghost not to be seen
I am the screaming voice of the night
I am dark
I am light
I am the devil awaken
I am nothing...
I am in your head
I am a disease
I am the virus in life
I am not welcome
I am the unwanted child
a ghost in the night
nothing but dirt in daylight
when human shines bright

She came to deastroy everything inside of me
Torn it to pieces and choke out all my inner self
so that the "I" cannot be
in the night that she comes home
She is the only one that makes me die
she was so beautiful - a beautiful lie
But the "I" exists and I wont let her grow inside of me
I EXIST! I EXIST! And I wont let her destroy the inside of me...
she is my sin...

6. Sinthetic Symphony

7. The Eye of Horus

Falling down asleep
in an oasis full of blooms
the ancient gods could see
an exposition of an evil mind
The awaken divinity indeed
creeped around the blooms
searching for the destiny
and finally ascend the throne

Rip out the Eyes of Horus
Until no blood drops down
Rip out the Eyes of Horus
Until we seize the crown

The new born king climbed up to the mountains
to bury the eyes into black virgin soil
and time after time the human seed
grow up to an orchid with endless soil

Deep in the Eyes of Seth
Pure stupidity or stupid purity
an irresistible resplendance
when the new king speaks:

Seth: "I am the new born child
ruler of the egyptian empire
Master of the storms, the desert, of destruction
Slaughter of Osiris
prostrate in front of me
kneel in the dust in front of me"

Servants: "Hail to the King! Hail to the King!"

Seth: "Writhe in the Dust in front of me!"

Servants: "Hail to the King! Hail to the King!"

Seth: "I am God!"

8. Dead Generation

Emotionless minds
synthetic lights leading to nowhere
the dead generation
no visions no hope no fear
lifeless bodies
machines of our reality
the dead generation
we're not supposed to be here

No light in the dark
bright shines the disdain
here in my cave of pain
it swarms of love - in vain

mass hypnosis
like blind sheeps following their leader
where is the passion
the honor - the love
in an emotional winter
where no god is watching from above
where everything is created to die
where nobody hears my desperate cry

9. The Red Room


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