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The Divine Disharmony

"The Divine Disharmony" (2003)

1. Prologue
2. The Reflective And The Sleeper
3. A Spectre Of Dust
4. Disclosure
5. The Essence Of Desire
6. Strength Of The Static Light
7. Within A Script
8. My Will Is Wisdom
9. The Divine Disharmony
10. Epilogue

1. Prologue

Open your eyes to me
Embrace the knowledge you need
Let my wisdom guide you
Into divine harmony

2. The Reflective And The Sleeper

[GODS:] She claims to withhold wisdom, while She misleads her sleepers with a
self-inflicted truth. Yet, she is but the core of another comedy, another
character in the divine disharmony. Our next act will define the doubt in
her mind.


Float numb in the water
Wait for the end of your strength
Rest your ears beneath the surface
And focus your eyes in the grar sky

You're a shadow in a shadowland
Insensible, indistinct
Drifting with the breeze
Allowing the sleep to set in

I despise you, the sleepers, for not being me

We all have to choose
Between the reflective and the sleeper
Between too much or nothing at all

Now look at me
I've ley red light into my eyes
I have risen from the water
Opened my eyes to the mirrors

I'm a mirror in a mirrorland
Insensible, indistinct


I despise myself for not being you

3. A Spectre Of Dust

[GODS:] Harmony must be seen before disharmony can be felt. Let her feel and
form all fragments of the material world. She will seem to be a goddess,
without knowing that she is an actress.


Struck to the ground, senses are unbound
My red hands, burning into the earth
Every spect of dust radiates from me

Colour of all matter
Turns red in me
And I shine upon all life
I desecrate chaos of my mind
Seeing through a simple world
Bodies built of dust, not soul

The sleeper, the reflective, all the lost people
They are sleepwalkers in my dream
I am a goddess, I inhaled harmony
I exhale and the world gives in on me


We are all without soul

4. Disclosure

[GODS:] She believes she is embrancing infinite truth. One feeble spirit touch
and She will catch the first glimpse of disharmony.


Resting from my godly gift
Shades of formless visit my dreams
A vague voice, a grinding graze
Exposing me to myself

How can this be?
The world I perceive has to be me
Are these dimensions out of reach?

An absent-minded, anxious god
Twisting the lives in a mortal shell
Let me dissolve into the formless world


Even he almighty are intended to fall

5. The Essence Of Desire

[GODS:] It is time for her to spread her will into the shapeless dimension.
Through memory She will gain divinty, and by dreams, desires and wishes She
will rulr. Let her become the stage and the drama upon which the entire
spirit world will gaze.


I leave my body behind
And dissolve into the new stream
All life disappears for my eyes
Spirits reappear for my soul
Perception, memory and I
Reborn elements in this spirit world

And I feel the formless change
Their fragments swirl in the light of the self
In my brightness, their souls I shape
I dream, desire and wish a newborn world

Within my red divine
They imbue me for a while
Within my red divine
I imbue them for a while
I mesmorize their minds, hypnotize as I shine
Reality follows me, as I feel

Countless souls without memory
Timeless and senseless
I seek out essence for my desire
Revealing time and memory
I force their feelings in me
I reflect all, I am infinity

And I feel the formless change
Their fragments swirl in the light of the self
In my brightness, their souls I shape
I dream, desire and wish a newborn world


6. Strength Of The Static Light

[GODS:] Before knowledge is unveiled there must be awareness of the veil. And
so the strength of her static sight shall wane in the light of the why. Let
spirits overflow her stage, and She will see. She is still deprived of her
beloved harmony.


As time entered our forever
She came out of the never
The ravishing queen of perception
Her red static soul absorbed our sight
We are all lost people
We want you to unveil our will
The truth of our deprived and deranged souls
We scream

Wake us from this timeless dream
We need knowledge to measure our misery

Your presence creates chaos
We are blessed with
Harmony, disharmony
In infinity without memory
We have become aware
We have become aware of...

Your world of bright memory
Somehow you need to increase our part in eternity
The truth of our deprived and deranged souls
Who, when and why?



Bury my mind in my memory
When did I wonder?
Where is the true harmony
I need the truth an angel can give
Still I am nothing
I can't tell you anything of my deranged soul
I now see

I was never a god in your timeless dream
I need knowledge to measure your misey

7. Within A Script

[GODS:] Like all non-divine, finite beings, She is a book upon an endless
shelf. Her words are writtem ny us to be acted by her, as they are for evey
other mortal being. She will have to see that we are, and that we are what
She can never be.


Shadows of ever fulfil me
Within me they talk to me


"You are nothing but a comedy
A note in the divine symphony"


"Accepting will be your remedy"
"To continue next act of your play"
"We are within every comedy"
"We are the blue brightness you craved"


(I will not accept)
(I am more than a play)
(I am the brightness)

"We are..."

8. My Will Is Wisdom

[GODS:] We will leave her to feel nothing but memory. But still She will crave
infinity in which to create purpose for her play. That will be the last act
before her last fall.


The theatre is abandoned
Your violent script
Twisted the act
And left me with no lines

Gods, absorve my mind
"Let me in!
I sense the harmony
Let me direct the symphony!"

Am I not a chosen one?
The purpose of the play
Am I not an entity?
Illuminate me with infinity

The day that is the word
Moulds from your mind
It merges with me
And my writing hand

I am the poetry
I define the design
My will will be wisdom
Divine harmony is mine

The pathway you presented
Lead me onto this field
Everywhere, everywhen to go
Now grant me the gift you had in mind

I was but the words you breathe
Now become the air I sing
My will is wisdom


9. The Divine Disharmony

[GODS:] To be born is to be without infinity. Still She believes eternal
harmony is within her reach. That is why She shall be reborn in the world of
perishable matter. With inhuman knowledge inside a human shell. This is the
fall She has always been searching for.


Behind my closed eyes
I fear the endless sky
I cannot stand their light in this world
The gods spoke to me


We leave you to your mortal mind
Leave you on the path we defined


A soul of dust caught by the wind
Into the never
My will's confined to my human why
I am bound by memory




I sought the insight of infinity
To heal my wounded vanity
But now I roam this earth
Without will to wonder why



We leave you to your
Mortal mind
Leave the truth behind

Divine disharmony
In every comedy
The very script you speak
Lack the value you seek

Divine disharmony
Flows through all you see
Pierces all you feel
-Only gods can be gods

10. Epilogue

[GODS:] Characters search for meaning within the script. But the script is
what they seek, yet will never be able to see. She now knows, and thus She
will never again deceive.

Close your eyes to me
I hold the knowledge you seek
My wisdom can't lead you
Will is nothing to
The divine disharmony


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