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Painted With Utter Desolation

"Painted With Utter Desolation" (2004)

1. Painted With Utter Desolation
2. Misery Inferno
3. Mastery Through Slaughter
4. In Dire Hopes
5. Long Live Vindication
6. Worldwide Antipathy
7. A Further Reflection
8. The Verge Of Collapse
9. Coalition for the Grievous
10. Paramount Belief Structure

1. Painted With Utter Desolation

2. Misery Inferno

Time passes with no relent
With no passive emotions or blissful intent
Decaying passions rust alongside stone
Bending the light that shines alone

In the hour before we spill
Our honor for a time against our will
The pleasures we felt a minute less
With every bone churning to contest

Let the wings of the praised be touched
So some beauty passes on
This iron pierces the skin
Of That which covers us all

The vitality of this struggle
Cannot be put to rest
My Ambitions are kept forever
Not even death will take them, never

Crawling up the brimstone walls
Painted with utter desolation
My legs give out but I will never stop
My strength holds up even when I rot

The desire to exterminate
Fulfills every light and every say
Of how long it will imprison me
Ravaging to end all my days

The stones I see
Bleed as I bleed
The utterly black seed
Is what I need

I hear the scratching as I sleep
Deafening cries but I dwell too deep
Indulging in wielding my steel
So when the end came I couldn't feel

3. Mastery Through Slaughter

Branded with the sign of the last child
Wearing the flesh of fallen angels
Only candidate to end the worlds faith
Dedication to evoke the lower gates
Vengeance leaks ahead
Like the spiders prey at the end of it's web
On the brink of total chaos
Architecture of the apocalypse

End existence
Good and just
Now worship dust
Tranquility to madness
Lord of the flies
Now substitutes the light

Humanity already signed on the dotted line
With the blood from the one called gods son
Temptation damned creation all to ruins
Paradise of suffering in the beginning

4. In Dire Hopes

5. Long Live Vindication

The falling snow burns black
Flowers bloom only to blossom maggots
Fire falls on the endless waves
Volcanoes erupt as our planet caves in Death comes quick, hell will come quicker
Salvation is blown away by the wind
Forgiveness is buried next to the sun
As we are all judged by the stars

The worlds promised lands contaminated
Polluted and raped mother nature dies
What will we have left besides death
What will we have left besides darkness

Not a soul can seek shelter
Doomed to inherit the acts of the vanquished
Soon enough we will get what we deserve
There is no escaping what is already done

Tears of blood run down my cheek
Cry out with the force of a thousand cries
Dig my nails into my bloody scalp
The hair I rip out is the last of my sanity

We are in death and beyond
As the sword rushes to our throats
Death proves only another level to conquer
As these words are cast in stone we proudly die

6. Worldwide Antipathy

Reality is almost unbearable
When disgust floods our feeble minds
Searching for reason
To hold humanity in the highest regard
My faith falls short

There is nothing that could convince me
Of any good in this failed race
so don't pray for anyone, just
Place your wishes with the murdered and
then drown your hopes and dreams alongside our demise

Our paradise reeks of devastation
My initiative seeks victims
Inundated with impurity
Covered In sacrifice

This species, you and I deserve to die
For corruption and the misleading of the holocaust
This race was never meant to exist
It was only a delay
Before the masses executed the renowned priesthood

Created for an instrument of torture
Every rule that is sworn by is polluted future
These lines that separate inadequate forces
Everyday are trampled by our coal black horses

7. A Further Reflection

8. The Verge Of Collapse

9. Coalition for the Grievous

Blind and pointing to what I see
Every second changes the colors of the leaves
That wither and fall as I breath
Mending together the righteous with the fiends

Blacken my worship to existing in force
Running beside the animal that will liven the source
Dancing in the bed I will lie in forever
Thrusting in the detriment of this final measure

No birth will come from the womb
Before I see it grace me and disappear
Tranquil Breath forms heaving gasps
Lying on the cement wishing to be passed

We continue to dig so passionately
Licking the dirt from under our nails
Love is absorbing every pain with nothing to gain
Savoring empty Hearts and extracting from severed veins

Embrace every loss
Every passing and what it costs
Mute the voices that swallow your beliefs
In an elegy that cheats the birds out of the trees

10. Paramount Belief Structure


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