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Softly Whispering Mountains to Gravel

"Softly Whispering Mountains to Gravel" (2002 EP)

1. To Have and to Hold
2. Fragile
3. Innocence...In a Sense
4. Colder Still

1. To Have and to Hold

Shards of broken mirror on the floor
crunching under my naked feet
guess I didn't like what I saw
guess I wanted to be sure at last.

Just to have and to hold
just one more time
Oh how far left to go
before I've gone too far to return?

Tear up the script for yesteryear
my home feels like a hotel room
precious things so many misplaced
clutching at straws no matter how short.

The path is overgrown
my problems now my own
some things are just unspeakable.

2. Fragile

I'm still here despite myself and all I've done
just haven't found anywhere else to go.
In my room the walls are closing in on me
or so it seems if I stare long enough.

I wanna walk away
I don't know what to believe anymore.

How does it feel how does it feel
to know I know now?
To find out that you're only human after all?
I'd fight the world single handed if I had to
but when I'm with you I'm so very fragile.

And sometimes my suffering makes me want to laugh
it's the way that I threw away the key.
Then again where's the beauty in breaking up?
Where's the sense in drinking wine in smoking ruins?

3. Innocence...In a Sense

I close my eyes
and the dreams' already forming
like a faithful friend on my side
always there and just beyond my reach.
Endless conversations that I've had with
no one but myself
lighting candles in the pouring rain
all I ask for is some peace of mind.

On reflection a thousand things all gone wrong
cling to every word we ever said
just to find a place for everything.
She's the fuel to these flames
that char me every day
I cannot let my life be ruled by fears and lies
when all I have now all I have now is myself.

Innocence depends on yourself
it's the way that you choose it to be
innocence depends on yourself
you can keep it from fading
you can keep it from fading away.

4. Colder Still


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