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Visions from Forgotten Land

"Visions from Forgotten Land" (2000)

1. Black Desert Sand
2. Wasteland Mountains
3. From The White Towers
4. Walls Of Doubt
5. On The Wings Of Time
6. Heavens Light
7. Scourges Voice
8. To Reach Immortality

1. Black Desert Sand

Motherland you will see
In this place i shall naver be
But it seems to me that colours
Ain't the same they used to be
Silence that i hear
in this kingdom fo sand i'll live
But desert is a place made just for you and me

As the daylight fades away
It seems that light just want to stay
But wounded sun needs its rest
Below the darkness to find its nes

As the win whispers me the secrets
And makes its figures in the sand
I'm standing here watching this beauty
Made from the black desert sand

2. Wasteland Mountains

Nature has awoke from its sleep
As I'm standing like witness no sand can I see
But it grows in me
Like serpent of yours I will be
Mountains in wasteland I'll reach
They remind on dunes I once saw
Silence I am following now
In eternal forests I'm king

In wasteland forests hear his cry
Bellow his garden he sleeps and dreams
Songs of ocean wakes him up
And with a new day old search beginns

Help me to find my way
Take me out of here
Somewhere where I can see
Visions of life I seek

Let the stars be your guide
And let the wind be your friend
With ancient wisdom of time
Your search will find the end

3. From The White Towers

From Gradachac's white towers
Hawks are singing their sad poems
Young mistress of Housein captain
Died in dark summer night

Dragons of this dark land
Mountains legends will tell
Wisdom of past we should learn
Or our world in ashes will turn

4. Walls Of Doubt

Locked inside the silent world
Beyond the sounds to hear no word
Seeing things to them unknown
Through the life with dreams destroyed

There is nothing inside that should be fulfilled

Are they clowns for us to see
They are wictims of our philosophy

Walls of doubt, silence and fear
Subscounciousness thoughts they will never hear
Inside these lies there will never be
Tolerance our justice will beat

No one outside will care for them
To laugh or cry that choice is left
Happyness they can not reach
False truth they must preach

5. On The Wings Of Time

Stars are shining bright
On this winter night
Through the wind i see
That distant lights

Trees are showing me the way
Mountains coverd with snow
Like lost and never found
Doors from the other side

Centuries that are left behind
Am i here just to remind
Ghousts of these forgotten halles
Like shadows they will fall

There is no clock to show me the time
Lights are fading away together with my life

Through this dark haze i can't see nothing
I must go back to hide my rage

Stars are dying now on this cloudless sky
On my path i will be lost in time

6. Heavens Light

Fly into the sky knowing that time has come
To reach the heaven's light
Pain will never be the same
Love is here to stay below this veil of hate
Lies will die inside our eyes
But hate will live inside our minds

As I'm looking throug the windows of light
I though I may never see
But again those dreams had crossed my mind
And I felt that time is near

Holly world you will see
Light will die but not in me
Summoning these words I speak
Heavenly I will feel

Look and see this light will be
Our saviour in greed

Hear this voice that speaks from deep inside of you
Evil lurks behind these words and will take you right to the dust

7. Scourges Voice

8. To Reach Immortality


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