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"Bloodless" (2004)

1. He Walks With Him
2. Bloodless
3. Standing At The End Of Their Fate
4. Snake's Call
5. Of Illusions Made
6. Inside The Shell Of Lies

1. He Walks With Him

Tell ne now my poisoned angel
Who's life are you going to live now
Which sun will you choose
To warm you then winter arriwes
Will you summon them
With words weaved of gold
Or will you claim
Faith of your own
Am I not thy beloved son
Are you not their father,
Their dark in agony
Abandoned in a world
Of someone else's illusion

2. Bloodless

And I've dreamed about
Kingdom of death, about the place
Called suffering
And while he's spreading
His wings of agony
Blue as a sky and black as life itself
It carries me there where I'll dream
About place called suffering
I look now into the river
Bloody with leafs
They fell onto her and us
It looked like styx, that river,
But than I saw the thruth
While the wings of fantasy
Are closing upon me
I know that it is not a styx
Neither it is...
Bloody she were
Bloddless ther are
Cause the choosed that way
And damned are ones
Made of fire

3. Standing At The End Of Their Fate

And so it beginns
With darkness in his eyes
Day turns to night only when
She sings her silent song
Standing and waiting
For the end to beginns
She has no questions
He has no fear
With beast aproaching
With sun frozen in its glow
Should they seek for a shelter
To save them from this
Gathered storm
To search for a shelter
When words
Are spoken to treasure
Rest of them believed
In the false, the lord

4. Snake's Call

Even if i give my life would it mean dying?
Should i seek forgiveness of his
Yes i have paid my owns to darkness

So all that i could do now
Is to assure you that centuries will turn into one
So you can see what he had done to the world
Of pain he is weaved and silence he turns into lust

Hear me-be deaf to my calls
Call me-say nothing at all
Reach me in dreams of the wretched souls
Yet they are calling my son to be a liar

Live how you want just don't live of me
You may reach for the stars
And sun you would steal only if you could

Blind was i or i sit not?
Was this illusion that i've witnesed?
Or was it a snakes call
That brought him back to life

5. Of Illusions Made

And I didn't know that stories
Were told long ago, and this desert
That I'm dreaming of is so silent
With their screams above
Laughing, unknowing that
Pain is to cry
Weeping in sorrow, hate and distrust
Yes he is the one, the dreamer
The one that will come
Cold heart has he, the false one
The one that will rise
Seek night my son
For I shall teach the truth
Sear no flesh nor blood
Be their dark desires
Look the sun is about to meet
His silent shadow which he could
Never see
What does this means
Asked ones with sinfull knowledge
Of lies weaved
From the east storm is coming
No it isn't, they lie, they can not see
West is a beast
The false, the one you should fear

6. Inside The Shell Of Lies

And so now I'm going again
for a second time
your lies will crush our
already broken hearts
when beauty disappears
nothing will live no more
and we will find ourselves
Condemned to hate
and eternal lies
despised in damnation
where insanity hides
what ever we do
their voices speak truth
but there is nothing inside
to tell us what's right
Lost, when will I be able to feel
despised, humiliation will be
our savior in greed
look, see what is real
deep down inside
witness you are to
their miracle of lies


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