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"Kozmos" (2000 EP)

1. Mourning Star
2. Kozmos
3. Easter Island
4. Missing Hope
5. Industrial Command

1. Mourning Star

ďDeath from the sky,Ē madman cried
From the stars saber falls

Pay for the greed we display
On the earth, end of days

As we cower clutching lives
Searing brightness lights the night
With a single strike weíre punished holy man decrees
With a mourning star weíre punished, gods we must appease

Toil, sweat and die pious lives
We absolve to above

Hate our reward, deathlike sign
On our knees we must pray


Place sacrifice on the stone
Baring chest saber falls

Words, only words holy man
You emit horrified


Itís rising, the Mourning Star
Blinding scythe, the Mourning Star

2. Kozmos

Reigning in the vaulted void
Atom smasher
This prison is infinite

Brothers Fear and Terror roam
Shaking heavens
A throne you now float before

And now the spiral bows
Before the Kozmos
Six pointed Vortex screams

Burning worlds are crushed by Kozmos
Creation solely in its grip
Pushing pathetic worries
Great Ursa at your throat will rip
And yet you stare
And yet you stare

Breathless, gasping see your gods
By the thousands
Now in a flash theyíre gone


3. Easter Island

4. Missing Hope

Soulmates, dreams and happiness
Lie beyond sunsets out of reach
Far beyond
Far beyond

Iím burning Iím ready to take on the world
My lifeís just been building to wolves now Iím hurled

But chances that once seemed abundant and free
Are grabbed up by they less deserving than me

My confidence still strong I will stay on top
But when will this paradox finally stop haunting me?

Iíve dreamt distant lands in my mind that Iíll go
Iíve dreamt her at my side a warmth never known

This overcast mindset is wishing for light
To part from the skies in my sadness, my plight

My hands they bleed harder, itís taking its toll
Now after years of the pain Iíve begun missing hope

Falling sun
Onward son, I travel
Falling sun
Onward son, I travel


5. Industrial Command

Acid fortress
Smoke stacks belching death
Output, progress
Holding our last breath

What kills our nextborn
Machines of titans
Breathing, in command

Rampant decay
Fueled by grinding gears
Ignorance lives
Shortening our years


Clouded ceiling
Holds the damned to earth
Dreams and visions
Carry us beyond



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