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"Recrucify" (2005 Demo)

1. Higher Art of Bleeding
2. Sell Your Messiah
3. Unleashed
4. Recrucify

1. Higher Art of Bleeding

Tonight you will get what you wish
Your will done, your need fulfilled
Through a masochistic perversion
Your soul united with your god

You've tried helping the weak
You've tried enlightening the sightless
You've tried repenting your sins
You've tried loving your enemies

Maybe letting the sinister blood out
Will leave your soul cleansed and pure
Maybe your commitment to him will be seen
And the gates to eternal life opened

Or maybe you'll just hang cold and pale
On the cross you had yourself nailed on
Through the higher art of bleeding
The god inside your head dies with you

And So You Bleed

Still he's too far away from you
Still you remain untouched by divine grace
Still your souls keeps crying for more
Still you need to get closer to your lord

But you haven't tried suffering
But you haven't tried physical remorse
But you haven't tried following your messiah
But you haven't tried dying for your sins

2. Sell Your Messiah

First coin for sick selfishness
Two more for hypocrisy
Three for inhuman weakness
Four pieces of silver for impotence

One coin for cruel abuse
Two more for the lack of reason
Three for the religious wars
Brainwashed children will get you four more


Sell your messiah
Claim prize for Jesus Christ
30 coins of silver for to see
Pallid incompetence hanging in a tree

Sell your messiah
You know what he's worth
A coin of silver for each
Billion souls tortured by his light

First coin for giving false hope
Second one for betrayal
Third for undeserved guilt
Fourth one for defileing the pleasures of life

Fifth coin for brutal crusades
Sixth one for destroying the ancient cultures
Seventh for lying that one must love all
Eighth simply 'cause church of lies must fall


Sell your messiah
Remove the mental plaque
Make your own way the highest one
Rise above the sheep

Sell your messiah
Last two coins of silver spent
One for the nails, one for the cross
To give him proper, pleasant end

3. Unleashed

A built-in device of destruction
Installed in the instincts of every living being
Once activated by the heat of adrenalin
It drives the flesh forward until something dies

All natural tools in automatic use
Teeth go for throat, claws tear flesh
Knee smashes skull, blade pierces lung
Reason replaced by primal rage


Impossible to extinguish

No pain
No fear
It's a moment of survival

Charge forward
Until the blood stops running

The beast unleashed

Sudden threat of instant death
All methods of interaction failed
In a second life becomes simple
End resistance or be erased

The only meaning of life is to end another
Flashing moment of violence
Unites the combatants before death arrives
Rules are clear to all

At all cost
Regain conciousness
Wipe the blood off your eyes
Your roar is heard throughout the skies
You're the one who's breathing

Next time it'll all be easier
Twice as atrocious and rabid you'll roar
The souls of the ones you ripped apart
Cry out their anger through your fists


4. Recrucify

Shroud of Tourin
DNA of Christ
Genetic regeneration
Begins the path to


Man keeps eating
From the the tree of wisdom
Keeps taking his scientific steps
Towards godhood


He already controls death
Can kill millions in seconds
Hes learned to sustain life
Now hell become the creator

Shroud of Tourin
DNA of the sick nazarene
Genetic regeneration
The son of god walks the earth again


Shroud of Tourin
DNA of the plaque of weakness
Infected bleeding lamb
Mankind crying



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