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"Promo '04" (2004 Demo)

1. Saintslayer
2. God_Mode_On
3. Shadow of the Mad Blind God
4. Man=Beast=God=Satan

1. Saintslayer

Strip their mask away
Sharpen up your blade
Forsake their fucking faith
Saintslayer is on his way

Wester fools, with swords as tools
Penetrated our domain
"False beliefs, burn the trees"
They preached and scorched the lands
No more!


Imposed themselves as saints
Killed those who wouldn't betray
Forced to the cross
The meek gathered in a flock

But the axe had a story to tell
All saints can burn in their hell


2. God_Mode_On

I am satanist, I am god
Center of the universe
Supreme being in this carnal existence
Desire in me above everything else

I am the truth, I am the way
Followed by some, following none
Among this filth I'm the Chosen one

I respect the worthy
I despise the worthless
I decide what's justice
I exist for my own existence

Right and wrong are me to choose
History, heritage for me to use
I take what I need and fuck the rest
life and nature contributes the best

I embrace the highest form of love
Saved for few deserves
I wield ferocious fire of hate
I will stand, my foes will bleed


3. Shadow of the Mad Blind God

Mask your soul with incence
Pray protection from the gods of plaque
There's no time, there's no way out
Your mind is about to end, so run, run, run

Broken sigil burns your hand
Hellish wind blows all the candles out (including the eastern one)
Marduk is asleep, he's not watchful
The Gate of Adar must be closed

Paint your walls with cattle blood
Chant ancient words of power
Burning grip of pain strikes from the walls
Fall on the floor as darkness falls

See the maggots under your skin
Footsteps of Nyarlathoteph
The pain takes your mind away
Touched by the shadow of Azathoth

Suffrage of Hell is joy compared to this
When existence does not exist
The only sense you have is for feeling pain
Living in the lifeless void in the Ancient way


4. Man=Beast=God=Satan

Man = beast = god = satan
Carnal, natural and vital
Full mortal flesh and blood
You can see, you can hear, you can feel god

Man = beast = god = satan
Forget all religious bullshit
Flesh is alive and spirit is not
You can smell, you can taste, you can fuck god

Last time I saw god
He threw up in a toilet
Stared me with his bloody eyes
Through the mirror

Last time I heard god
He yelled “FUCK YOU” out loud
To pathetic filthy junkie
Begging for money


The last time I tasted god
She had the climax of her passion
I swam in her bittersweet juices
Cunnilingus is in fashion

Last time I felt god
She was raving on the dancefloor
Thrusting her cunt against my thigh

Last time I smelled god
He ate my fist for a good reason
Not so wise to stand on my way
Instead, he bled



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