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"Dimlight" (2004 Demo)

1. Last Vision of a Dying World
2. Crusade
3. Book of Sorrow
4. Black Light of My Sun

1. Last Vision of a Dying World

During the deepest sleep
I freeze to that castle
That seems to be
So cold and dark
The moon above me
Pale and lying on mist
With a pagan smile
And tortured holes
His pagan smile is a blaze
His tortured holes are death
Look that bleeding shadow that come
It is you in a chained gown
The ground I walk on
Is an allucination
I'm walking on
Pure human flesh
Forest his hair
And cracks his mouth
That devilish creature
Is the tongue of satan
The tragedy is served from my eyes to your feet
By the black wind called slavery
A ironical pulse come from my heart
I'm not death but the plague is near
Staring at the gates of that castle I now can
See the gloomy side of my dream
Glowing corpses at my back
And nothing in front of me
Man will exist no longer
After the flight of the greenish raven
The dark woman will create
The perfect winged child
frozen successor of the fallen human race
Dominated by the Soul of the Crow
Deep inside thou will hear my lies
White girls dancing around the fire
See them crying stabbing themselves

2. Crusade

3. Book of Sorrow

Alone between the cold walls of the room
Anguished thoughts piercing the soul
Excerpts of never lived life
Eternal scars
The claws of existence
Run after me
without rest
Alone in endless
Alone life's conclusion
The only way outů
Unreachable shelter
Write this book of sorrow
With the eternal sadness ink
The only comrade, white pages of that book
Pages to stain with the black ink of existence
The only support, the only close comrade
Smiling faces, false gaze
They grab hate's hand, veiled hate
Hidden in the shadows
The last choked breath
Complete the book of sorrow
Leave the page of tears
Close forever the pain book

4. Black Light of My Sun

Only Black see my eyes
Dark is the way in my journey
Memories of past life
Remains the last bitter sorrow
To depart this life
I'm lost in a world
More lost than me
I see the real light
That obscure everything
Bearer of evil, of cold and death
I heard the real screams
And feel the fear of living there
Depressed are the thoughts
They don't look over the fingers
Lost in time is my mind
Forever hopeless my heart
Black is the ground of discord
As it always has been and forever will be
Lost in time is my mind
forever hopeless my heart
black is my sun
eternal the eclipse
the Dimlight kills the morning
immortal sin within
trying to climb the mirrors
of one thousand years
skin coats to build my shell
destroyed by the waves
the light is fading hung down
by a hundred voices
slim drill to explore my brain
pierced and insane
slowed down by the way
of the pleasure i cannot see.


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