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De Profundis

"De Profundis" (1990 Demo)

1. De Profundis
2. Light of Knowledge
3. World of Terror
4. Visions (Of Your Death)
5. Blindfold
6. Emotion Machine

1. De Profundis

2. Light of Knowledge

Light Of Knowledge

The slow and morbid incantations
As the death rattle of the beast
Product a cold and unreal sensation
As if this vision couldn't exist

Torchs illuminated the depths
The circle of the stirred up masses
Just let catching sight of death
What seemed to will the terrifying faces


Then begun the macabre dance
All around the inverted cross
When the master imposed the silence
To crush the priest on the cross


The light of knowledge
A kingdom in your brain

The holy man tried to pray
To exorcise his painful fate
His god couldn't hear anyway
Impotent in front of the hate

The saint recieved the evil mark
A firebrand set on his head
So that his soul rest in the dark
For his voyage among the dead



Satisfied glamour of the assembly
Mixed with the painful cry
Admit the right of the apostasy
Wishing all believers to die


3. World of Terror


The Earth became blood-red
Some shadows cried and crept
Then colours disappeared
Listen the cry of fear

Loss of identity
Loss of humanity
Faceless men, rotten men
The silence frightened then


A world of terror
A lifeless world
A world of terror
A loneless world

Men dragged and raped women
Mothers ate their children
Easy to kill a man
Because now they had learnt
The might excelled the right
No more mean for this fight
Human stupidity
Nuclear insanity


They shaped a new order
A world reserved to fighters
They couldn't change the fate
Cause it was too late


4. Visions (Of Your Death)


Give me your hand
And come with me
Here, the pain never end
With me, you'll be happy

You think you're really asleep You feel a bloody hand on your shoulder
The terror of death comes over
The world where you go is deep
Seven doors are rising from the ground
The twisted shadows behind you

Pushes you toward a roaring sound
And the scyth goes through you

Now you know
You're go to die
The death shows
You it's your last cry

You are laying in your bed
Your wonder what happened
Was it a nightmare or was it a dream
Your life is possessed by him
You see man around your coffin
A rose fall on your empty heart

And then, you try to scream
But your soul has lived your heart

You are alone in the night
The lights are turned off
And all isn't right
Cause you're afraid of your death

5. Blindfold

The walls are green, the room is cold
He's going round in a circle
He's walking without reflecting
He is crawling without fighting
He is waiting for their coming
but he will not tell anything
He is away, ready to scream
The torture will never crush him


So you split
You hit
Your head against the wall
So you crush
You thrash
Your head against the wall

He's dropping huddled in a corner
He's frail, he's feel, he remembers
He sees his wife, he sees his friends
He's crying his head in his hands
He can't see the falling night
But he feels it, they'll come tonight
In his cause, he'll have to suffer
Fighters need him to break order


He's fool, he wanna scream
Hysteria's closing him
He sees their sadist grin
He hears their oily sneer

Revolution's coming, he can't see it
But he will win, he believes in it
He would like to fight with them
He would like to conduct them
They've killed his will, his mind has gone
They own a man but haven't won

The man is dead and the view stay
It borns again, day after day


6. Emotion Machine


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