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"Desolation" (2000)

1. Falling
2. Lady Of Shadows
3. Heavenly Inferno
4. Sweet Sister Torment
5. Desolation
6. Frost
7. Forlorn
8. Nihilist
9. Monochroma
10. 1339 (Bonus Track)
11. Second Me (Bonus Track)

1. Falling

All I ever gained throughout this life
was to deserve to return.
And we are all immortal until
we die.
So if I keep on falling
Will it keep me from hitting the ground?
Are you dead or just out of sight,
when you are not here?
So many ways to be gone,
how can I possibly separate them?
The only thing which differs them,
is me.
And so I fell
There was no ground to hit
I don't have a bottom.
I don't even have anything
to hit so hard it would
smash me into pieces
Hit me back into place
-or just anywhere-
So if i keep on falling,
will it keep me from hitting the ground?
And if i keep on dying,
will death keep her distance?

2. Lady Of Shadows

A lonely existence free from light.
I sense the coldness in the night.
Fluidless tears down my chin.
I feel enchanted by her skin.
Lady of shadows in me.
Lady of shadows in me.
How i fear your wicked cry,
as life escapes;
within a word.
I see you try,
that magic thing;
on your voyage.
To float forever in an infinite world.
Fated to fail at the end of the fall.
Eschew the narrowness of life,
like a vacant heart.
The hymnic noise,
of your breath.
Like a feather,
you fall while i stand.
I watch.
A solemn look in your eyes;
as you fall.
Lady of shadows in me.
Lady of shadows in me.
I am her world of deceit.
Lady of shadows in me.

3. Heavenly Inferno

I smile,
you cry.
I laugh,
you close your eyes in pain.
I am your weapon.
You are the open wound.
I seemed to wither.
You saw me vanish.
Leave the inner sanctum.
But darkness survived.
It is yourself you've lost.
With only you to blame.
Your halo is forever broken.
Like the value of your name.
Once i was a mortal.
Now i'm nothing.
Immortality is preserved,
for those with a life.
Blinded for a lifetime.
Then unfolded through the next.
For their innocence and shamefulness,
runs dignity not deep.
She sticks her thorns right at him.
How can i belive in you,
when you belive in lies?
He licks at every precious moment.
Of his last majestic time.
Only one prophecy away.
Before the rose bloom out.
Just for you.
As for goodness it's a lie.
Just a cloak for my disguise.
The last spark i promised,
was a life without you.

4. Sweet Sister Torment

The earthbound spirits arrive.
A Touch Of Callousness strikes my body.
I am losing myself, imprisoned mind.
Deserted thoughts of life in vain.
A spirit speaks to me of love.
I am crying, and there are no tears.
Distant sounds of elemental earth.
Flickering light from a bonfire.
A million needles penetrating skin.
I am drifting away, floating away, fading away.
A spirit speaks to me of hate.
I am bleeding, and there is no blood.
Emptiness surrounding a light in the forest.
The birds will cry no more.
So tired, so cold, and so alone.
Come, come take me away.
A spirit speaks to me of life.
I am dying, and there is no death.
Remembering morning white raindrops.
The sun, the moon and the stars.
The purple haze beneath her eyes.
Enlightens my soul, my existence.
My sweet sister torment speaks to me.
My sweet sister torment.
The dreams I dream, gone forever.
Dance the shadow, walk the night.
I am a walker in the waste.
And i feel nothing anymore.

5. Desolation

6. Frost

I should feel purified but there is nothing here.
Like I've been cut up with a razor bladeand found there's no blood in my body.
Only if it dies it will survive so will I.
How long have we been sleeping?
I step outside the realm of time : in the air a distant ecco of a voice -mine- have I just been here?
To whom did I talk?
Where did I go?

7. Forlorn

Fit for nights beauty,
but dreadnought in the day.
Flower in outfit of devil claws.
Forfeit for damage not done.
As forlorn and lost in labyrinth,
where life once existed.
Last minuet to which we danced,
brought closer to nether.
With words that he spoke;
to lure one into the nest.
The forever pith towards him.
Father darkness, mother light!
Whilst you not roam and spread?
Embrace and soothe,
the souls that have fled.
Sweet as the bitter.
Calm as the storm.
Good as the fiendish.
Are the days when we mourn.

8. Nihilist

We're not lovers. We do not love
-least of all eachother-
We meet. Talk. And then we leave again.
You know - they want me - to die.
So I can be reborn. To die! And kill.
We're not exclusive - we do not believe in monogamy - or anything-
We smile. False smiles.
These little substitutes for unification.
How can they agree with me when I believe in nothing?
And they hate.
They claim they cannot love while their eyes get burnscarred by desire.

(Excerpt from "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" Originally written by Paul Simon, performed inspiringly by Sidsel Endresen and Bugge Wesseltoft. Rewritten by Jenny)

9. Monochroma

These days black stands for me
not as a colour
but as a penetrating darkness
Thickening as I stare into it.
The darkness is your
We are nothing but
spirals leading into
eachothers hearts-
I no longer know
which one is mine.
As I walk deeper into
this darkness of yours
I feel its
tranquil whispers
painting me in my
one beloved colour
The colour that is you
-your skin, your embrace-
Closes my eyes, leaves me cold
But the light left me blindfolded
and I never felt warm.
We are mere spirals,
unknowingly we lock
ourselves in them
by walking through.
One day you'll realize
that you can't get further
Look backwards, and see-
there's nothing there.
There never was a past.
I'll close your eyes
my breath will leave you cold
I'm the end of the spiral
the one who locks you in
As I walk deeper into
this darkness of yours
I feel your sadness,
a gentle gust of wind
painting me in my
one beloved colour
The colour that is you
-your skin, your embrace-
How this sadness is my
being the one thing I adore
How can one live with that?
These days black doesn't stand
for me simply as one colour-
but as an inevitable hole
in which I crawl
deeper and deeper.

10. 1339 (Bonus Track)

11. Second Me (Bonus Track)


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