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"Synchronized" (2002)

1. Firebird 350
2. Last Of The V8 Interceptors
3. Next Exit To Vertigo
4. Part Of The Machine
5. Synchronized
6. Invasion Of The Micronauts
7. Kill Queens Go Disco
8. Ultraglide
9. AFX...Thrown For A Loop
10. Set Phasers To Stun
11. The Time Machine

1. Firebird 350

Drive on to meet the sun
The things you do , to get it done
No time to see it through
A place for me, a place for you

One chance to get it right
Will it fly, will it fall?
Golden child of fuel and fire
Turn the key, take me higher

2. Last Of The V8 Interceptors

Show me the gasoline and come fuel the fire
Lost everything except my dreams
Take it all apart now, see what it is
You'll find a face that can't forgive

Never forget the past it's too much to bear
Unlock the interceptor mind
I'll find the one who haunts me, I know his name
Someone must die to play this game

Is it all so black and white?
Faces turn I know I'm right
Nitrous burning in my mind
No escaping what I'll find

3. Next Exit To Vertigo

Wait and see what it's all about
Never fear was it really in doubt
Watch the tears from the garden flow
Poison rivers into flowers they grow

Mirror shines in a world of hate
See the reflection and you know it's too late
Am I a fool to believe in man?
Take tomorrow I just do what I can.

Is it true that the things they say
Never make a difference anyway?
Angry words set to fuel the fire
Loves affliction feeding endless desire

Say come on is it really time
Give back the world cause you know it ain't mine
I'd like to see what the
Daylight brings tomorrow

I used to think that I'd be all right
What's in the cards?
Hey you know I just might
Only you can see the things I see yeah

You're racing on to the light itself
Hang your heart upon a shelf
Give to me the things
You'd like to know

You see it all gets in your mind
Close your eyes and you
Know what you'll find
Could it be there's something past the dark glow?
Oh you'll know.

4. Part Of The Machine

If it ends where it all begins
Then there's nothing out of time

One machine turning everything
Till the emptiness unwinds

Moving parts falling into place
Will it ever be that way?

5. Synchronized

Part of the machine
Comes to wake me from my dreams
Even though the sun is bright and clear
Engines start to whine
See the fire in my mind
Burn the past and lead me on my way

Living the lies
Can you see through my disguise?
Turn your head and look the other way
All I need is this
Live it all for what it is
Time will take it all out in the end

Now my world is turning
And it seems I'm synchronized
Will it ever be this way again?
Too much too soon
Always too late

Visit the past
Cause the future never lasts
Close your eyes to see what came before
Picturing this
Turning back to what I missed
Maybe I can get another chance

6. Invasion Of The Micronauts

I like to see what the lights can hide
You like to take it slow
You wanna dream every dream but
You just can't let it go

You like to hide in tomorrow's light
I like to live today
I wanna see everything but
I just can't find a way

The song keeps getting faster
Now you're gone
It's all I need today

You always say that the setting sun
Will be there every day
I wouldn't give up the night
Cause I know I'll be okay

I never feel like its just a game
You say I've lost my mind
I couldn't lose anything
Cause there's so much left to find

Even though the sun is in my eyes yeah
I can see the darkness through the lies

Even though the words are never said yeah
Someone tells me I'm the one who's dead

Am I dreaming?
What comes after?
Changing all the things that matter
Places, faces, I hear laughter
Faster, faster, is it faster?

7. Kill Queens Go Disco

Kill queens on a desert sky
In a death car powered by
Nothing like you've ever seen
See the dust on the driver's side
Four speed and the power glide
Close your eyes and now they're gone

Set fast in the city lights
See the flames of the disco nights
If you ain't there you're gonna lose
Drop shift and a double clutch
Miss a gear but it won't mean much
You'll see the evil in their eyes

Always searching, never finding
The engine fires okay
Kill queens on a two lane highway
There's never time to stay

Headlights on the center line
Top speed and they're doin' fine
Its just the way its gotta be
Sit back and enjoy the ride
Shift straight into overdrive
Driving on into the sun

8. Ultraglide

Been down this road too many times
Worst of all it seems I still
Can't find the way
A perfect smile, a restless gaze
Everything it seems reminds me of those days

What's locked away will never come apart
Like the memories that
Echo in my heart
Another place, another time
Now yesterday becomes the thing I left behind

Ask the questions and you'll see
Who you are and what you'll be
Cause I don't know the answers
Dare to dream and you will find
All the things that free your mind
But you don't know me
And now I've lost my way

This time the voices seem so far away
A quiet moment where
The words could never say
The endless miles, a special place
Where all the secrets find a way to hide their face

When is it time to say the last goodbye?
So hard to find with all the laughter
That we've shared
Another night, a brighter sky
I wish you all the love that this world can't deny

9. AFX...Thrown For A Loop

No one can say its all a waste of time
Turn back the clock and watch the worlds align
Did you forget the things that brought you here?
The inner child the one who knows no fear

This time the toys have all been packed away
Who wants to go when everything says stay
Can you find the things you feel inside?
Just close the door to see a brand new ride

Imitating slowly fading life
So much older something just ain't right

Now every day seems like the one before
So much to see and there's no time
Memories wrap themselves around my heart
Am I mistaken, am I wrong

Seems like every time I close my eyes
The pictures fade they come and go
Set everything aside there's nothing more
Come hide the keys and lock the door

10. Set Phasers To Stun

Its in the way that you
Lay it down
Not everything's gonna
Turn you around
You like to dream but you
Fear the time
When nothing else ever
Fits the rhyme

You look away when its
Time to see
Losing the place where you
Think you'll be
You say its clear but its
All a haze
Can't find your way through the
Endless maze

In the time it takes to see
The future's pre-decided
If you stop to read the signs
The light is always blinding

You won't believe that its
There to find
Too many pieces
Escape your mind
Do what it takes till its
Just what it seems
Inside today's confusion
You'll find your dreams

11. The Time Machine

If nothing changes then it stays the same
The perfect answer for an endless game
Turn the pages see the things you choose
You say you're laughing when you always lose
Time and again its just the same old scene
Look ahead to see what might have been

You say I knew you when it seemed all right
So when did something come and steal the light
It's never easy but then who's to blame
Turn around I might recall your name
You feel the echo of rejected prayers
And now the world looks back with angry stares

Come see the distant stars collide
Set the time machine to hide
Everything you've seen
Look through kaleidoscope in time
Its all there so are you blind
Can you see the world from where you are?

Don't try and tell me there's a time for change
When all you ever do is rearrange
Nothing plastic ever passed for real
And no one's ever gonna watch you heal
The new sensation it's an easy ride
So who can blame you for the tears you hide


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