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Duistere Nacht van de Ziel

"Duistere Nacht van de Ziel" (2000 Demo)

1. Het veen
2. Duistere nacht van de ziel
3. Haunted
4. Spit fire on my wizard
5. Empathy
6. Postmortem

1. Het veen

December schildert koud & onverbiddelijk als glas
Een staalblauwe hemel boven 't ijzige moeras
Berijpte stengels huiveren, het riet verbijt de kou
Koning Winter heerst met ijzeren klauw

Het Veen leeft, het Veen leeft,
Onder het ijs siddert & beeft het Veen
Gistend & broeiend in ijzige kooi
Een sluimerend monster dat wacht op de dooi.

2. Duistere nacht van de ziel

The third clash of Eden, overwhelmed by the screaming of fading stars,
Represent the corn of our love fading away.
Ticking clocks of the unconsciousness...
Requiems of mortals burn gathered...

Mijn ziel scheen op te stijgen uit de smeltkroes,
Het zwarte stadium,
De duistere nacht van de ziel.

Streams of wisdom divine my logical thinking, break my strength of life, and make me desire the underworlds.
The knife makes me realise I am, but for how long?
Was it not my flesh and mind who wanted this mutilation?
Was it not I who wanted to die?

Cat slashing eyes open your gates to me, for is it not I who serve thee?
Ecstasies of pain come over me.
Ecstasies of lust reign, but are no longer heard
Ecstasies of the mind, prepare me for this living dream

Illusions of a goddess make me weak, suck dry my bleeding wounds...
My desire for you makes me weak.
In my quest for perfect and true love, I am struck down, beaten and crushed.

I must heal my scarves; go on in a netherworld... alone!!
Can I leave this night tonight?

3. Haunted

Your skin, as silk it feels
Like a dream your eyes shine... an eternal spring
Unfold for inferiors to see.
I name you under our stars... HAUNTED

Silently twitching your arms entwine the chosen...
Is it I? Or am I merely an illusion?
In battle I will stand for your heart, for you.
I beg thee... never let it be touched by another.

Haunted by shadows and memories of you,
I long for your words as sweet violins caressing my ears.
The sight of your body, no divine creature even stands beside you.
No woman comes close.

Fire; please light up the flame in her heart once more
Make her realise I am on my knees
Make her glow with love for me
Make her mine to have again

4. Spit fire on my wizard

I experienced the beating of lonely rain dropps, gliding swiftly over Titans, and trolls.
Yet, they are as a grinning duality slain.

Storms and cosmic misfits clashed in obedience through a stomach so pure and cruel, cold chants rise from their chasms of such grandeur, they seem to serve as their voices.

I have seen battles in a dragon's spine, end in silence and mist.
No organic molecule standing proud. No cry filling it's halls, only winds touching my ears and face.
I felt darkness so grotesque, even my body was nothing more, but a sintel,
searching for relievement and the warmth of a womb bathing in majestic winterlight.

Spinning around in a majestic vortex, I now am trapped by grimm frost turning untill I am spit out. Chewn, and digested by pale red maggots.

Squirming juices kiss my wounds and lick my erectal lightfast scarves, for they heal my millenium aging.

Disassemble me, otherwhise I'll assemble myself in even greater proportions and my wrath shall be mercyless.
Undo me for I am to be undone in your hands.
Curse me for my curse on you shall have no meaningfull regret.

5. Empathy

I enter the stellar threshold with twilight smouldering my eyes.
For a thousand years Iíve strolled these inter- planetariums life-beating wraths.
Trampled by the witches-hammer a process of slow decay started.
The blood in my veins has started to moulder.

As I go on in this netherworld, Iím bound to search for my soul- companion.
The wings of the angels spread and the eye of the oracle bathes in an indescribable natal verve.

But as the earth quivers and slowly crumbles into an everlasting serenade of fiery deities, will we try to save us?
For which divine signals shall our love be forced to achieve?
Even now this misery of sweltering waves devours our last sparkle of aspiration.

The unappealing taste of empathy

6. Postmortem


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