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Sexual Carnage

"Sexual Carnage" (1990)

1. Intro
2. Psychoneurosis
3. Delirium Tremens
4. The Insatiable Pleasure of Delight
5. Seduced By Evil
6. Alcoholic Mosh
7. Obscene Symphony
8. Black Church
9. Night Pigs
10. Genital Tumor

1. Intro

The voice of luxury pronounce:
The gate for the pleasure cerimony
Is open:
Wickdness. sadism and lust the
Ecstasy is intense
And you and i, bitch,
Will fuck till the death, beyond the
Sexual Carnage

(Lyric by Pussy Ripper - Music by Sextrash)

2. Psychoneurosis

In your inner world
Deep in your brain

In your dark side
Your mind blows up
With intense impulses
Of evil aberrations
You can't support
And get away, searching
For another victim

You walk on the streets
In dead corders
You see your victim
And take her with you
You arrive in her home
And the her up to her bed
You thrash the woman
And the fades...

Now there she's faded and bleeding
You rape her and laughs of pleasure

Now she wake up and try to get up
You go crazy and thrash her again
You feel that her flash starts to chill
And see in her eyes the darkness of

(Lyric by Pussy Ripper - Music by Sextrash)

3. Delirium Tremens

Alcohol is corrosive but i can't stop
My visions are confused. i feed better
When i'm drunk
My body and mind ask for one more litre
I drink and after being totally drunk
I walk the streets, searching for pleasure
Desire, sadism and luxary, fill up my

I walk from bar to bar
Women excite me all the time
But when i touch them
They disappear, like a specter
My mind is disturbed
I don't even know if what i see is truth
or hallucination

Now i feel the alcoholic effect is over
My hand shake and i need more booze
I see men in white coming at me
They raise me from the ground and
Dress me a straige jacket

(Lyric by Pussy Ripper - Music by Sextrash)

4. The Insatiable Pleasure of Delight

Sweated bodies in a cold night
Come with me babe, just for one night
And you'll see
In the ecstasy of delight, the hardness
Of my hammer

I'll kiss you like a serpent kisses it's

And my poison will take all your body
Look inside in my eyes and you'll feel
Disire of lust

Come on babe,
To feel
My insanitable pleasure of delight

Be prepared for the ritual to the final
Flesh and sove are together
And your body burns jointed to mine in
Flames of pleasure

You beg for more
And suck my hammer ravenously
Till your mouth is full of sove

Now all the sex rules are broken
There's place just for depravity
I love to see your pussy in blood
Asking to be drowned again in my sove

(Lyric by Pussy Ripper - Music by Sextrash)

5. Seduced By Evil

Only desire and lust penetrated in my
You body and your voice had invaded
My dreams
And on deliriun of the orgasm
Only thought on you...

The honey of your delight on my
And your body pressing with mine,
Your screams of pain and volupe
I'll fuck you
Till the total climax
You give yourself to me
And your body I'll deflore
Up to your womb I'll suck
And you'll only feel
The final blow...

Seduced By Evil

My seduction for you
Is only for pleasure
I only to suck you
And make you scream
Of so much delight

And now you're in four
And ask me an anal penetration
You say incoherent words
You only want to fuck
Want to get on the orgasm...

(Lyric by Pussy Ripper - Music by Sextrash)

6. Alcoholic Mosh

Hate, pound and blood
On a night of sound attack,
The hard core dance speeds
Fuckin'all bastads,
Head massacre
Agony and alcoholic coma
You're afraid os never awake

And in your thoughts
Just lament and death scare

Permition get crazy
Your mind loose the control
Torment your head
And your body is on old aweat
You throw up blood
But you don't
Just afraid of never awake

I just went to awake!!!

Alcoholic mosh

You don't hear anymore noises
And you body is on the ground,
You never get up again,

Don't have any thoughts
And don't lament anymore
You'll never awake...

(Lyric by Pussy Ripper and D.D.Crazy - Music by Sextrash)

7. Obscene Symphony

Inside my eyes and my head
There's only place to the lust
Come on babe, to feel my hammer
And I'll leave my sing in your flesh

Close your eyes and kiss my mouth
And I'll flood your lips with my spittle
I'm gonna fuck your pussy
I'm gonna bite tour lits till they're
pulled out

Listen to this obscene symphony
And become angry till the death
Listen to this obscene symphony
And let me crowd into your back

(Lyric by Pussy Ripper and Damned Sentry - Music by Sextrash)

8. Black Church

The fate revenger what was written,
Plumed spirits up to the earth
And by all of the churchs dispersing
Entering on the bodies priests
Making the jesus christ believes
Come to be Satan's slave...

The hell buches dispersing the orgy by
The earth
And the black bible was discovered,
The slaves of antichrist revenges
Of the jesus christ slaves
And the blood drip again...

Black Church...

(Lyric by Pussy Ripper - Music by Damned Sentry "Insulter - 1986")

9. Night Pigs

The night falls and the pigs awake
The alcohol in taken and the women
Are hunted
It's started loose chats
Another litre drunk, the
Nights begins...

Vomit on the streets
On each corner, one fight
On each bar another litre...

Bitches, Where are you?!!!
We want your pussy!!!

Nigth pig's
We are the nigth pig's
Nigth pig's

The night coming to the end
And the bitches were already used
Now the gutter is our bed...

(Lyric by Krueger and Pussy Ripper - Music by Sextrash)

10. Genital Tumor

You hypocriical bitch
Just think about money
Just open up your legs
And scorn my pleasure
You pussy, teh hammer-grinder

Just spreads rotteness
But your ending
Your sweet ending is near...

you seduce me
with your stupid lies.
And your putrid vanity
It's all falsity
But i can't resist

You suck my hammer
And just see money
You open up your ass
Thinking about payment
Your cruel payment...

Now i gush inside your pussy
The suppuration of my sove
And perpetuate
My genital tumor...

Genital Tumor...

(Lyric by Krueger and Pussy Ripper - Music by Sextrash)


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