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"Avenging Angel" (2005 EP)

1. Innocent Child
2. Unfortunate Child
3. Punished Child
4. Mourned Child

1. Innocent Child

As he raised his hand once again
An evil grin appeared on his face
Mommy turned her face away
Now the tables will turn

Slipping out of his grip
Grabbing a knife behind his back
Letting it enter his spine
A red veil darkened her eyes (it's time to die)

The long shiny knife
Flickered in the light
Hear it rip through flesh
“You will never hurt me again”

Looking up, her sister tries to run
Jumping up, Another knife is found
“Your life will become undone”
Another pool colours the earth

Trying to save her own life
Mommy swings around a chair
Hoping this end her daughter’s nightmare
Though sealing her own fate

Seeing what the veil caused
Smothered with his guts
Her blood and evil itself
Her stomach turns

Tears smother the earth
Mixed with their blood
She looses the knife on her way out
Along with innocence
As her naked feet hit the first mud

2. Unfortunate Child

As soon as she realises what happened,
She starts running
In the grip of panic,
Fighting her tears in vain

For the first time in her life
Only twelve years old
She met, in this way, a knife
Remembering it, she trembles cold

Stopping to take a breath
She hears a cry for help
Walking towards it, followed by death
She finds a wounded man
Seeing who came to him, he dies, there and then

Hearing a wolf-like cry, makes her run again
Not knowing where to go, she decides “east”
Her little feet can’t outrun the men
That hunt her down like a beast


After two days and nights, she decides
To hide for the terrible rites
Certainly she has to bear
If they take her to their lair

The blood still drips from her skirt
The moment she’s found
Never knew how much it hurt
To be bitten by a hound


Facing the judge, guilty as charged
Unable to supress the tears
Unable to remember the years
Of being young and innocent
Being shure, soon it’ll all end


For the LAST time in her life
Still twelve years old
She met, in another way, a knife
Gliding down, hard and cold

3. Punished Child

"Why scorn me and not love me?
Should I pity you?
Or did I do the right thing?
Why rape my soul and flesh and expect to remain unpunished?"


" For it is their life,
I shall devour them
if it were yours,
You'd wish I did. "

" For I will already be
Punished, unseen and unknown
There can't be any worse "

" Greaving for the losses of life
There will be one more death
Since this world is empty to me,
I'll move on to the next. "

4. Mourned Child


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