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The Torment

"The Torment" (1990)

1. Tormented Forever
2. The Charmer
3. Forbidden Desires
4. I Of The Needle
5. Expletive Deleted
6. Dr. Hatchet
7. Locked Up In Chains
8. Acoustic Interlude
9. Katie
10. Epilogue

1. Tormented Forever

Cruelty and violence, inspiration from the depths
Mans inhumanity, tormented till death
Hope, lost worlds injustice donít be deceived
One day one will pay, justice all will see

Day, night, tormented forever

One day, satan will be thrown into the lake
A lake not of water but a burning sulphur lake
Day, night, forever and ever with the false prophet and beast
Never ending agony, the pain will never cease.

Day, night, tormented forever

Listen to me now for this concerns you
If you do not accept Christ, will you be thrown in too?
If your name is not found in the book of life
There will never ever be an ending to your strife

Day, night, tormented forever
Day, night, tormented forever

The lake of fire is the second death
No one can return
In Jesus there is an escape
Now is the time to surrender
Turning away from unrighteousness
Giving all to Christ
You will not only find joy in this life
But in the life to come

2. The Charmer

Hold my hand, Iíll take you to forbidden lands
Behold your queen
Speak these words, intoxicating all who hear
A mind naïve.

Enter the trance, desires and dreams
That will enhance
Caressed by skill
Beyond the door, what lies there
You must explore,
Melting your will

Blinded eyes, heed his lies
Visions of lust
Safe at first, now youíre crushed
Crumbling to dust

Now I return to my distraught shell
The masque of falseness has taunted me well
The charmer is laughing, has left me to die
Deceived with power, Iíve followed the lie

In the last days there shall not be found
One of you standing upon holy ground
The witch will burn, the charmer flee
For Jesus, the Lord of all purity

Hold His hand, Heíll lead you to the promised land
Behold the throne
Sing His praises, surrender to the Son he raised
The journey home.

3. Forbidden Desires

Welcome to the tainted eden
See adam eat the fruit forbidden

Garden burning, crimson passions
The mesmerizing song of sirens

Temptations thorn piercing unsoiled flesh
Desire gives birth to death

Fall of man (2x)

Welcome to the fallen paradise
See Adam craves, her words entice

Gather round the beckoning vine
The serpent whispers seductions rhyme

Temptations thorn piercing unsoiled flesh
Desire gives birth to death

Fall of man (2x)

Fall of man (4x)

4. I Of The Needle

Huddled in a corner, unseen by a world so fast
There lies a trampled figure, with eyes of smokey glass
Searching for a future, distorted by the past
Shattered in an instant by a shot too good to last

Pushing, pulling, pressures crushing
Running harder to get away
Time nears reaping deathís doors greeting
Slipping further to dismay

Delirium rules an innocent life, a diet of tears and dope
The strangling grip of a punctured fain, a life of faded hope
Looking to the needle now, looking to the rope
The light flickers weakening, unable now to cope


Oh lord, I am a burnt up offering
High on desolation
My God too long have I been shadowed by my fears
Your love is way beyond all
Human comprehension
I pray that youíll kill the pain
And wipe away the tears

5. Expletive Deleted

Their tongues speak of Christ
Then filth is spat upon the ground
Obscenity flavored Christianity
The new alternative sound

The cancer gets accepted and spreads even more
Turn with me to Ephesians 5, 3 and 4
One way to see some darkness deleted
Concentrate on getting
The expletives deleted

Their tongues speak of Christ
Then tales of immorality
All those immoral, impure and greedy
Will pay the penalty



6. Dr. Hatchet

Dr hatchet dressed to kill
A womanís right a twisted will
How much for the slaughter of a baby child
Aborted victim of a world defiled
Hanging from the gallows in a hospital room
Claiming the life in a medical tomb

Dr. Hatchet dressed in white
How can you sleep at night?
Lives youíve taken and thrown away
Youíll have to give account on judgment day

A woman sits waiting in a chair
Soon to be shackled inside the snare
Inside this room spotless and clean
The victimís blood is never seen
Youíre unborn taken, ripped in two
The one so helpless relying on you


But Dr. Hatchet, youíre only a man
You are part of a larger plan
Prepared by evil in darkness below
Youíve been deceived, too blind to know
The slaughter can stop, donít let it go on
There is forgiveness in the rising son


7. Locked Up In Chains

Itís so cold in here
Iím lonely and tired
But I cannot sleep
Thereís death in the air
Thereís pain in my head
Would I be better off dead?

Locked up in chains, sentenced to die
Nobody presents to hear my cry
Locked up in chains, sentenced to die
Nobody present to hear my cry

Prisoner for Christ, my only crime
Is preaching His word, so truth can be heard
Iíve been locked inside, they say Iím insane
Beaten me, starved me
Left me in pain


Arrested and chained, taken away
Away from my home from the
People who love me
Iíve been locked inside, they say Iím insane
Beaten me, starved me
Left me in pain


Sometimes I lose hope
But I know I can find strength
In my Saviour who died
He suffered and bled
I know Heís waiting for me
If I die, I know Heís waiting for me
Pray for me!

8. Acoustic Interlude

9. Katie

Born into a world of hate
Cast out, by the hands of vanity
Body, twisted. A wall of pain
Jesus, save me from this dying humanity (2x)

(Her) existence a gift bestowed by the nail pierced hands
(The) struggles never ending. Haunting her every breath
(Her) witness a rose in a cold and desolate land
(Her) faith so strong, defying death

A hurting blemished infancy wrought with afflictions scars
(Her) strength, tower divine. (A) comfort to never cease
(Her) love a river of hope, pulling down the prison bars
(The) fear a distant voice, taken by the prince of peace

Now is the time, my lord does call
To walk with Him throughout eternity
The Son of God has given all
Releasing me from the grip of my infirmity

The heavens are opening wide
My Saviour, stands at my side
My form is tortured no more
His Blood, My Body, Restored

10. Epilogue

Iím lost in the halls of death
Beloved Father rescue me
Nevermore will I fight for breath
Please Lord, give me the key


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