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Lost Dreams

"Lost Dreams" (2004 Demo)

1. Twilight (intro)
2. Golden Flowers
3. Mina's Lullaby
4. Spirits of Stars

1. Twilight (intro)

2. Golden Flowers

Like a pirate ride the sea with my ship
full of ghosts of old and sage men
destroyed by a lie.

I hear the calling from deep inside the woods
and the silence is like a beautiful and malignant
scream that daze my senses and my emotion.
The dark ride through the valley of blood is
finished and I hope the night embrace me like
a sweet woman with strange eyes.

I can?t feel the pain because the pain is me
I can?t see the sun because I blow it.

Rit- The golden flowers grow in my hand
my blood is their vital lymph
I feel the scream of angel
that fall again and again
in search of the dark purity
finding the white filth.

The eyes that see only lie and pain are now like
a weapon and I?m ready for this war against the
enemy that lives inside me, no more wish
and desire only disturbed visions
on my inner dreams.

3. Mina's Lullaby

The day has gone without we could stop him
the petals close on the flower
the light fades away into the moment
of the lost breath of day
night?s obscurity surrounds
the distant souls far from this world
fear and death to which we are tide up.

Rit- Sleep love, sleep forever
the night protect your soul
embrace the deep obscurity
Sleep my darling, sleep forever

The obscurity takes gets hold of our souls
containing us in a icy embrace
in the depth of the void of the lady who holds
our fate in her hands
dream my love dark on you
and feel the sweet redemption
for the ones who are in her loop.

4. Spirits of Stars


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