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"Autumnal Elegy" (2003 Demo)

1. Farewell
2. The Pilgrim Song
3. Dark Moor
4. Ebon Fire

1. Farewell

Though the tears have long since dried
The feeling is still the same.
Farewell to you...
I know not where you are,
Nor do I know if I will see you,
All I have are the memories.
My tears have dried, but don't think I've forgotten,
For often my mind will drift back to you,
To think what you would do.

In Loving Memory of James Attwell.

2. The Pilgrim Song

Souless pilgrim, a bringer of pain
At one with the dark clouds and heavy rain
Severed flesh and broken bones
The blow that falls is the blow that attones
This pilgrim, his memory a book
An ageless warrior mankind mistook

With the cold blood and crashing swords
Each life-void body in empty dischord
The pilgrim of despair, alone on the hill
Eyes wide open, poised like a cat for the kill

Blasphemy, desecration
A complete and utter desolate vision

Into the void and burn in Abaddon
Forever tortured, chastised, beaten, roped
And slain

Our pilgrim, his grin gleams in the fading light
Here long before us,
And here once we're gone
The pilgrim from beyond the grave

3. Dark Moor

On a lone dark moor, the sun dies
Its fading light kisses the heather
And its dying beams blind my eyes.

The cold beat of my cold heart.
the only audible sound
the harsh wind blows, my hand shields
the icy blast of the windâs wrath
the moor lies silent as I stroll
grey furred masses hopping with no aim

As my clothing is caught, and theft attempted, by the wind, my voice echoes through the moor.
What hidden secrets does it contain?

4. Ebon Fire

Portrait of tainted youth, scarred by an endless flow of ebon fire. On seas of lingering darkness he swims... his eyes speak of fruitless victory.


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