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In Solitude Engraved

"In Solitude Engraved" (2001)

1. Quad Non Fieri Potest (Intro)
2. Search For Salvation
3. In The Shadows Of Misery
4. Shattered Dreams
5. Veritas Ater
6. A Desperate Cry For Eternal Darkness
7. In Solitude Engraved
8. Suicidal Depression
9. Requiem Eternatum

1. Quad Non Fieri Potest (Intro)

No lyrics.

2. Search For Salvation

I'm standing in the moonlight
In the snowy fields of loneliness
Embraced by cold winds
The sky is dark, as dark as my soul

I look at the sky, I see a falling star
A smile appears on my face
Now that falling star is gone
just like my smile

Back in misery
Back in pain
Walking through the snow
Abandoned by everyone

My mind is poisoned by fear and hate
Left me in anger and despair
Trying to hide my tears inside
But they’re still come, still come, anyway

I'm so blind. I've got to stop those illusions
for hope and joy, and see the reality
(A life filled with sadness)
I've got to search for salvation
A search for death!

3. In The Shadows Of Misery

Summoning the voices of the eternal suffering
Take my breath and may my pain never die
The urge to die that's tormenting my soul
Tear my flesh oh eternal one

Join my faith to be lost forever
Cry my child cause shadows will hunt you
Drink my misery and mourn eternal
Bittered by reality frozen by fear

Crucify the saints and hear their sickening screams
Hear they suffer in the name of humanity
Centuries of lies has been spoken in vain
Free the mind of their miserable shadows

Nocturnal kingdoms that where built in his name
May we call upon the beings of the almighty Hades
Ancient gods will rise to free the Christian slaves
Their belief will be slained upon the cosmic wall

Shadows of misery will conquer our souls
Be reborn in a world free of humanity
Nothing left to be ruined by our hands
Poisoned by statement that has brought us our free will
We have brought judgement upon ourselves
We must forfill in the shadows of misery

4. Shattered Dreams

Chained and bonded
Covered in the Dark
My black heart arissen
Tear enemies apart

Eyes full of grief
Destroy christian hopes
This Holy war has ended
Hang them with ropes

Bizarre illusions
Cosmic souls in vain
Their fate long forlorn
Let them suffer in pain

No Martyr, No Saviour
Curse he and his bane
Sacrifice the lamb
Again and again

Mourning in Hell
Hear Eternal Screams
My Infinite Realm
In these Shattered Dreams

Blow the Horns of Darkness
Let the armies come forth
I am commander
Of unholy Hordes

Witness the end approaching
Hear the trumpets call
Maddening your thoughts
Death comes to you all

5. Veritas Ater

When fear is created by pain
Then your life is covered in dark shrouds
Feel the despair, sorrow and rage
For fill the signs that were written in blood

Broken by my sins, I am dying for my freedom
Left alone, in this world of disillusions
Dressed to mourn in name of divine insanity
Scarred by your voice, my tears will never die

Enslaved by the lights of darkness
I created my own cursed world
I am the keeper of lost souls
In despair I shall burn

When fear is created by pain,
Then your life is covered in dark shrouds
Feel the despair, sorrow and rage
For fill the signs that was written in blood

Banned for my thoughts, by the hand of insanity
Chained for life, preparing for eternity
Kissed by flames, damned forever
Touched by your breath, sleep..

I will never

6. A Desperate Cry For Eternal Darkness

Let me die, because
Beyond death is nothing
There is only darkness and cold
But why isn't there another solution

I don't know what to do
What has gone wrong?
My eyes are filled with tears
Totally depressed by everything

I lay down
I close my eyes
All I see is total darkness

Voices, calling my name
They are calling me from far away
They are calling for me
Death is near, I hope it will come soon

7. In Solitude Engraved

I have seen the loss of your soul
Buried deep inside my heart where grief has her throne
And when the silence whispers I drown in your tears

Let me see the darkness rise once again for eternity
So shall it be the blood returns and create the demise of heaven

He who wanders through the night
He who let worlds burn
He who carves my soul
The angel that lets us die

Bless me with your innocence my child
See that the end slowly nears
The solitude that symbolises the sadness I see
Freedom is just a dream

Lonelyness, that runs my life
Lets me see the cold of light
Hate for fills the pain inside

Carry my agony through the night
I remain in the books of past
The only place that they won’ t see
Light will slowly fade away

In solitude It shall be engraved

8. Suicidal Depression

Bittered, sad
Filled with emotions
I'm wandering along the path
Alone, thinking

I'm light in my head
In my mind it's so dark
What shall I do?

I look up
The sky is filled with stars
Everything seems so peaceful

Why did it have to be me?
I can't answer this question
I'm so filled with depressions

My emotions take control
I can't bear it any more
Only one word is circling
Inside my mind


9. Requiem Eternatum

Born in the shadows of my past
Wandering in the absence of light
Fading like the flame in your eyes
Suffering like a child without a soul

As if I never lived before
Created between the chaos of life
The source of my existence gone
Believing in eternal rest

Carry my soul into oblivion
Burry my grief in your hate
Swallow my fear and let it burn
Taste the pain inside my mind

These are the signs to end our world
These are lies that have been told
This is the source that kept us dead
Eternal rest

They will fade, they will die
Just like hope to ease my pain

It will end, it shall perish
Like a sunset that never was ment to be born

The curse that follows me into the night
That drains the life inside
That poisons my view on light
That hunts my soul forever

Continuing the quest for my freedom
The truth behind the lies
The reason of my existence
The meaning of my fear

The loss of my soul
The sorrow that burns
The silence that screams
The solitude never ends

Reqiuem Eternatum


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