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Subjugate The Chaos

"Subjugate The Chaos" (1995 Demo)

1. Subjugate The Chaos
2. ...And I
3. Words of Anxiety
4. The Death
5. Irresulutions
6. Wrong Person
7. Meaning
8. Dark Circle

1. Subjugate The Chaos

2. ...And I

...and I feel
Coolness surrounds me
The blood freezes
The set face
Hearing someone crying
Hearing someone laughing
Seeing someone leaving
Seeing someone fainting
...all my sorrows
Suddenly disappear
Frames from my life
The judgment day
I saw my death
In one of my dreams
I'm not really sure
If I want to take part in this

I feel dampness on my back
Sand on my face
Rancour in my heart

...and I feel
I'm seized with fear
Will I wake up
I don't want to be here

3. Words of Anxiety

Terror invades my place
The wild sight is all i see
Stinking breath pollutes the air
This whole shit makes me sick
Did i deserve
To be humiliated

Entangled words flying free
Trying to disturb my sleep
Something's gonna happen in here
But why is the happening to me?

4. The Death

Gazing intently at your sad face
That you annihilate body
Scatter the body
Enrich the wind with dust

When they water themselves
With an incense
You promise to leave
Float through the church
In the streak of incense's smoke

They think you don't exist
You do
You do
Because it would be impossible
To be dead
For scientist
You are enigma as the life is
For physicist
Transformation of the matter
For believer
The entrance to the other existence
For us suffering
The liberation

5. Irresulutions

Who are you?
You think you're important-
You're only nothing
Your inner self is being killed
Perfect lies
Deceitful ideologies
Smiling faces
Run away from this
Corrupt gods
Sarcastic sly dogs are
Dominating, distorting,
Bringing shame
Hate and dejection ruining
Feeling as if you were within a can
Locked up, surrounded,
You lie, wanna cry
Ruffled ends of conscience
Rotting in your head
Allow no sensible thinking

Who are they?
Perhaps they are better-
They're only nothing
Fuck, you're free! you rule man
You must not wait
Till put out your fervour
Lost ambition
You'll suffocate
Don't think you're not
Don't give up man
Don't go through this shit
Be the great, not to defeat
Fuck'em all...

6. Wrong Person

principled person
Was the one I met
Problems didn't exist
Everything was white or black
Realize you've found the wrong person
Upon whom you dote
It is a pity your ears don't want to hear
These voices
Don't waste your youth
Because of wrong person
Narrow-minded approach to your life
Will make you suffer
Do you really wanna live
Being not yourself?

Basic instinct prevails over your mind
Makes the reality goes out of sight
High-principled person
Can be seen in the past
How easy is
To damage the soul using a flesh

Don't waste your life
Because of wrong person
It is time you opened your eyes
Started thinking
Do you really wanna live
beIng not yourself?

Because of wrong person
It is time you opened your eyes
Started thinking
Do you really wanna live
being not yourself?

7. Meaning

They say
Find the meaning
Of your life
Being wasted
They say
They know better
Experienced people
This morass
As like as two peas
Taste the real life
At least ones
You will see
It won't be last time

They forbid
Unknown things
Things they've never seen
They forbid
They had in their dreams
Enjoy your life
Open up your soul
You never know
If the chance returns

8. Dark Circle

The black wings he slanted
Described the black circle
Came down as a black butterfly
Slightly closed my eyes
With shadow dream and silence
He was revolving over me long
Then he burnt down
Then he knocked me off
Into darkness
He ordered to sing and burn
As a blind star
As a red lightning
Icy gale, warm blood


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