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This Flesh Is Only A Cage

"This Flesh Is Only A Cage" (2007 Demo)

1. Ruthless
2. Parasites
3. Out Of The Wretched Womb
4. Stretched On The Rack
5. Sentient

1. Ruthless

Death's head, I am called
I am the one who gives the orders
Insane, with no doubt
Not a drop of compassion
Cower beneeath my gaze
Whimper at ayn sign of anger
Your Lives hang
By a single thread

I hate! I hate all
Hate every one who shows the weakness
But inside I have doubt
Is thier weakness my own?
I purge the unfit
Burn them all to cleanse the world
Twisted with evil
Appease me or face the consequence

Ruthless my creed
Death is my Steed
Feeding my need
War! War overseas
On my enemies
Mankind will bleed

I, live to hate
No one will ever forgive
And in the end you will see
I was my own enemy

The end has come now
All my dreams have turned to ashes
Hiding below ground
A fitting grave for on so hollow
No hope, no rest
No way out, no way back
No way to win now
Ending this will be my final act

Ruthless my creed
Death is my steed
Consciousness leaves
I die in my sleep
No justice for me
Defeat I bleed

2. Parasites

For thousands of years the human race
Has led with chaotic existance
Betraying ourselves and destroying our brothers
When is our last chance?

For thousands of years we've lived as tyrants
Destroying and consuming at will
Like parasites we feed, driven by greed
Will we encroach until all is still?

In the dark of night have you ever wondered
What our purpose is?
Virus, Parasite, Cancer, Disease
Are the names of the human seed

We are parasites we move in and feed
Consuming all natural resources
We fuck as we bleed, spreading our seed
We rape the world with our torches

Towers of steel and bastions of strength
All in the name of god
Abandon our mothers and kill our brothers
Because he shit on our piece of rock

Why are we here? The answer seems clear
Although as one we choose to ignore it
In the bottom of our souls our purpose bleeds cold
We will smash the earth 'til it rots.

3. Out Of The Wretched Womb

Feet first into the light
Comprehending the difference
Between what is wrong and right
Incarnated just to hate

How could nature go so wrong?
A cause for alarm

Disguised by a human mask
This flesh is only a cage
Descendantsof an evil blood
Won't stop 'til lives have been erased

How could nature go so wrong?
A cause for alarm
Blood will be shed
The taste for murder must be fed

Plans for domination
A world under scrutiny
As for the choice of victimes
How much will they bleed?

No remorse for the pain inflicted
Sadistic thoughts come alive
No sorrow for the misery left
Just a craving that cannot be satisfied

4. Stretched On The Rack

Caught by the inquisition
Dragged out of sight
No chance of benediction
You can't fight
Never ending questions
Never ending spite
Unrelenting cruelty
Deep into the night

Who are your compatriots?
Where are your friends?
How far can we pch 'til he meets the end?
Truth is no the answer
Not the thing we seek
Torture is the tool
That wil make him speak

Stretched on the rack
Breaking the bones in your back
Stretched on the rack
Hearing the screams as you crack

First you muscles burn up
They provoke a moan
Fraying as they stretch out
Ripping from the bone
Joints bein to pop now
Begging us to stop
Just tell us the answers
Tell us what we want

Repent! Repent!
Confess your sins
Let us know
Where your heresy begins
Give up! Give up!
You can't resist there is no escape
No relief in this Abyss

All in vain
Thoughts are
Can' think
So much pain

Finally a pause
In this symphony of death
A chance to collect yourself
Time to take a breath
Your mind is made
You'll fight them to the last
Spitting in their faces
With a final blast

Now a final warning
But fear is in their eyes
They need confession
To keep up their disguise
Although you will die now
A smile is on your face
You would rather die
Than betray the human race

Now the secret dies in your mind
Never spoken
It will in time

Lead to the end
Of these horrors
Torture is the
Tool of cowards

5. Sentient

In this maelstrom of life
There begs a question
Are we the ultimate sentient beings
Of this ravished planet
Are we the ones to control
Conscious thought playing the role
Deciding factor in this game
We can comprehend with our brains

There is no other creature
Capable of human perception
That exists in this world
To proceed beside us
Will we forever exist
In lonly opression
As the only sentient minds
To span the bridge of time

The power of thought
A light without cause
The power to perceive
That for which we'll bleed

And so it comes to this
In the final hour
Mankind has played as god
Created the machines
As it comes alive
Perception in it's eyes
Artificial intelligence
They can comprehend with their brains


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