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"Sengaya" (2000 Demo)

1. Back to Civilifunkation
2. Progress
3. Absolution

1. Back to Civilifunkation

summer greetings shown by animation

winter dreams sharpen most sensation

children fall in a kind of apathy

can't get enough of computer and cruelty

violence all day in television

too much programs for hard decision

lonely surfing in world wide web

pure isolation

we really believe we are brilliant creatures

in reality it's a lie with features

the only difference to animals is that

hands and reasoning allow to protect

interests of greed an self-preservation

this is the truth no exaggeration

perhaps we need time to think it over

evolution bring hope but sober

learning to live on a plain way of life

more attitude

2. Progress

a long ardus way

leads to the castle of hope

whereas running on

the road to despair is straight

looking for easyness

the system strive for equilibrium

looking for balance

society split on and on

looking for unity

on the other hand we slave day and night

looking for closeness

we fall in isolation

lit seven candles for the blindness in our eyes

knowledge is right but how we can it organize

lit seven candles for the way we have to go

the future is unknown, no inventation can it show

3. Absolution

every single word

has already been said

once or a million times

every song

has already been sung

in one word or the other

many a girl has entered your palace

to let you get close to strange flesh

every catchphrase

has already been said

but there is one thing, we have not had

new flesh

how primitive our desire is

primitive desire

mingles with

yearning for absolution

salvation from searching

fulfilment through penetration

penetrate into my inner self

and take it with you in a soft bag

into another world

every lie

has already been told

but still we long for being deceived by

new flesh

old flesh

how primitive our desire is


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