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"Metamorphosis" (2002)

1. Eos (Intro)
2. Way Of Ecstacy
3. Wake Up
4. Metamorphosis (Instrumental)
5. Behind The Myths
6. Vengeance
7. World Of Illusion

1. Eos (Intro)

2. Way Of Ecstacy

there is plenty of knowledge

we strive for acknowledgement

desire for more and more

is this not really true

you have to find your own way

I think I do not need to say

somebody find in gladly love

other in crime or drugs

my vision of hope

has turned into my consciousness

where society to go

easy way of ecstacy

my vision of peace

has turned into my memories

norms and values decay

we go the way of ecstacy

we have to do some rethinking

global trade seems to dominate

brainstorm in celebration

no human rights

3. Wake Up

Wake up

a new day has begun

although the suns's not really rising


morning dew surrounds all flowers

the fog fills air with cloudy, heavy veil

Promise for all times

a life together and for each other

live as in a nice dream world

called Utopia

rising confidence

a theatre of hidden feelings

like a chosen involuntary princess

without say

first of views elsewhere

the interst in the other one is lost

now the fairy tale ends slowly

time to open eyes

promise over promises

if we govern change everything

we will set the crucial accents

decides you for us

take a clearly stand

select your personal opinions

give us your unique voice

you will not repent it

beatiful eyewash

we are sold as a stupid people

as we wouldn't had faintest idea

without words

this repeating facts are pure masturbation

holding me on a distance for some time

but they leavyng me cold empty again

my direction keeps me to the ground

4. Metamorphosis (Instrumental)

5. Behind The Myths

behind the myth, behind the mists

the other world there still resists

beyond the real, beyond the known

beyond our time and space

those who see, who blame away

the misty veil may find the way

to the places, to the gates

that sway between the worlds

be slow, be quiet and listen well

to what the spirits want to tell

what you see and what you get

this treasure should be savely kept

stand like rock, like fire glow

fly with the rivers flow

around the world and to your heart

and back into the world

walk through the mists, walk through the gates

the misty veil may find the way

to the places, to the gates

the sway between the worlds

face your lies and face your fears

pass your own valley of tears

free the shadows, fight the claws

that bind your hands and choke your throat

6. Vengeance

today the sky is falling down

a strike into the heart of town

no indication, there's no choice

here spoke the darkest voice

so come the night, walk through the place

destruction you can see in light

shadows in smoke and fog

whining sounds a dog

walk through remains, walk through the place

take a breath and see your face

thousand victims buried there

danger from the air

law of ages, lost in time

new dimension, negate the shrine

stream of power, flow through bad veins

there's no force greater than bravery to change

endless misery spread out

some children try to find their house

the visibility is bad

next of kin are sad

joy or sorrow, win or loose

can we deny or have to choose

good or bad, what say this words

blind action is absurd

vengeance here and vengeance there

this game will played but is it fair

the atmosphere, clear night sky

air to breath, no cause to die

live your life, find your way

try to hear and try to stay

7. World Of Illusion

how many times I heard your voice

and thought the words are true

how many moments I looked in your face

and thought the look is sincere

my trust in you had made it real

you had stole a peace from me

my faith in you turn out to be

as a disastrious trap for me

do you believe that I wish from you

wish that you treat me like a fool

if I could grab that what I feel

I would crush it in my hands

to be thoughtless in my mind

that this anguish ever ends

I hear my voice quite clean and plain

with no receiving sense

I see my face so pure and sharp

without recognizing myself

Though you bring darkness in my live

and notice senseless misery

in spite of this I'm on your side

though you bring spirits on my world

a world of illusion that I know

in spite of this I'm on your side

this weakness let my sense confuse

if I could take this what you believe

I would grab it with my hands

to retain it and to destroy

that this cruelty ever ends


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