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Crown Of Creation

"Crown Of Creation" (2001 Demo)

1. The Hermit
2. Daydream
3. Virtu@lity
4. Judgement Day
5. Last Day of Eden
6. Wages of Fear
7. 3:42 of Pain
8. Vampire
9. Dark Memories

1. The Hermit

Days of sorrow, nights of fear
Imprisoned in a dead man`s life
Sea is drowned in deepest grey
Solitude his only friend
His life had been an idle road
Filled with his memories
Wondering what he could amend

Desire for some, sadness to him
A life without meaning
To wait forever like his skin
Determination is redeem him

He pondered `bout is every day
Doubts behind his eyes
His mind filled with questions
His near death being tolled
Consternation, resignation
Crawled into his thoughts'
At one point he just broke is up
Willing to redeem his soul

He chose to escape
Turned his back on fear and hate
He stepped out of the dark
Into a brighter world

2. Daydream

All the time, I lost my thoughts
Reality, so far away
Niceful pictures in my head
I`m alone where I want to

A holy place, the sun shines through
Lovely people and the sky is blue
There is no bad thing I want to stay
Please don`t wake, leave me be

Dreaming the whole day
I am lost in a daydream

I have my visions, from the prefect world
A world without cruelty, a safety place
But when I`m awaiking, I see the truth
But I think to myself, don`t give a shit on this

3. Virtu@lity

You celebrate the perfect world
With shiny eyes and trendy curled
You see the advetising words
To fall asleep, before life hurts

Is this the truth
Think about is
Are you awake
Or just dreaming

Your mind is filled with fairy ideas
But there`s a reason for secret fears
If Virtuality comes here to stay
Your real life must fade away

The solution may be
To believe in your friends
Cause the world we`re living in
Will always save appearances

4. Judgement Day

Someody is a murderer, somebody is a thief
Kill the other man and destroy their own land
Rape little children, respect only themselfs
So much mad visions and cruelty over all

God send a man, to open our eyes
He saw that we are wrong and now we pay the price
He speak to us, appeal to ue, open your minds
Don`t you hear the following words, we bring you down, you die

In the name of the father and son
The holy spirit the end has begun

Pray, pray it`s the judgement day

We ignore important words, we live a wastefull life
The prophecy begins, it`s the end of mankind
The seventh sign end and mother earth will fall
The sky is turning black and the water blooy red

5. Last Day of Eden

Every day in the news we can see our world bleeding
Rainforests are burning, the smoke`s rising up to the sky
Oil-filled time bombs are drifting over the oceans
It`s just a matter of time till they crash again

When will we realise that we`ve got just one earth
It`s time to remind how much our lives are worth

Hundrets of years of industry have waste our planet
We`ve got the technology to send a man to the moon
To stop the pollution is only a troublesome question
Everyone`s reaching for cash, only profit counts

Now we must learn again to hear the nature call
Maybe it`s not to late to save us all

The last day of Eden - The end of our world has begun
The last day of Eden - We`ve burned down our paradise
The last day of Eden - No one knows when the last day will come
The last day of Eden - Are we all doomed to die?

We call us intelligent, the crown of creation
We`re the first species in space which can kill itself
To wait could be deadly, so let`s start to save our planet
Or mother earth will take revenge someday

We cannot leave our children just this wasted earth
A chance to live is what they`re deserve

The last day of Eden - The end of our world`s on the run
The last day of Eden - They`ve burned down our paradise
The last day of Eden - The last day has already begun
The last day of Eden - Are we all doomed to die?

6. Wages of Fear

Dusty village, dusty lives
Seems there`s no way out of here
But one day assignment`s there
Cease our fire, have no fear
Men are chosen, trucks are loaded
Time to start the fatefull race
Nitro will put us to the test
Maybe blow us and our trace

Rolling on, futile line
Got to get on
Obstacles, in the way
Still we`re moving on

Half-hour distance, average speed
Rocky road is straight ahead
Wooden brige, oily surface
Marks are `bout to be set
Lost two friends on the track
What will happened to our lives
Haste and greed, akward moves
Will cut us down to size

Danger is on the way
Lives are talking different roads
Our path are dommed
Death`s the wage of fear

Lost two friends on the track
What will happened to our lives
Haste and greed, akward moves
Will cut us down to size
Journey`s end, I`m alone
Well-lire`s ceased, lucky news
Homeward bound, full of joy
But I`ll have to pay my dues

7. 3:42 of Pain

8. Vampire

Centuries passed by
I`m living in my own nightmare
No matter how hard I`ve tried
I`m a creature of the night
Destined to live in darkness
Sun - is brings me pain
Hiding in forgotten realms
Seems I`m living just in vain

I am a creature of the night
A creature of the night
Be carefull I am standing behind you
I am a creature of the night

Staring `round the chamber
Empty walls in sight
I can`t suppress my thirst for blood
Revealing the beast inside
Searching for salvation
Humanity fades away
The hunger grows I want to know
How to stand the pain

Superior to mortals
Their blood I drink as vine
Their pain just make me stronger
All guilt I leave behind
I bath my face in starlight
Immortal, proud and free
I follow the path into the night
Bound for eternity

9. Dark Memories

There was a time, I won`t think off again
Years ago my mind was confused
Whispering voices told me to stop
But this urge was stronger than my mind

Fault`s I`ve had, mistakes I`ve made
I want to turn back the time
To make these things undone

These are my dark memories - leave me alone

Many lives have been destroyed, for no reason
Brainlessly I walk the road to ruin
Children cry, their parents are killed
But I feel no shame, emotionless

But after all I know what I`ve done
AS my handcuffs draw me back to life
There is no way out of this madness
I am guilty and I will repent


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