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See My Solution

"See My Solution" (2001 Demo)

1. Another Episode
2. Megryara
3. Sole 1.4.1.
4. No God Even Spoke

1. Another Episode

I can't see the lies, heading in front of me
Pushing me aside, rising waters sinking hope
Breath on, choke on, your own despair
Raging on innerself, mind often clear
People learn, people tell
Just take my body to the gates of hell

Bring on the jokes on your enemy
Seeking a life through this agony
Be a slave, be a man, beat the sun -- be forever young

Lives can be found, even things unnatural
When you have given all, the final stage is more than less
Imagination of disgrace
Has filled my eyes with faking ideas
What the hell with internal pain
Will I ever get out of this game?

My mind is priceless, dead for a sec
I laugh about everything, my honesty is back
But now it's time to leave behind
All our dreams we've just couldn't find

2. Megryara

Great ideas in silence
But no one to share it with
Possible rage of silence
Inside of a human kid

Fear, caught in your eyes
Rage, burned all alive

Only a reason to live
When hate has been forced to give
Ideas that frighten us all
Just waiting for a moment to fall
Life's too short to be
Pissed off all the time for free
Just roaming in your mind
For things you'll never find

Hate's just a voice deep inside
Which never gives away your pride
Just pulling from the strengths you've got
Worshipping yourself as God
Chaos is only once above
When the angels come to save
Our daylight again
In only yesterday

I can't see your eyes from up here …
I can't see a life from op here…

Crying minds are seeking a life
A thousand times to leave
Behind what you have lost
For now and never…

3. Sole 1.4.1.

Losing grip on myself
Thoughts have made one soul
I cannot oversee the lights in front of me
Tears have made a path between you and me

Can't approach this one
I'm scared for a wrong view
Some things are hard to make in words I believe
These strains between you and me have made us so strong

AGAIN - I will raise my thoughts
AGAIN - I will be a man
AGAIN - I will drink your blood
AGAIN - will be again

Dreams have gone today
Heaven has come to earth
But I can't find a way to our Gods
Gods have never lived, just died all-alone

I believe in this seh, gets stronger every day
Until the day I die and will be born, again

Losing grip on myself
Thoughts have made one soul
Dreams have gone today
Heaven shall burn tonight

Again, will be again

4. No God Even Spoke

I'm walking on this path of roses
My mask of glory falls, can you see my eyes?
All the eyes pretend they won't see
The changes I have made

Outside my body a battle is raging
I can't choose a side.

Purify the sins of me inside
Illusions rule my life, can you see my eyes?
Fighting I died and no God even spoke
Where the hell's your God?

Hate has become the more of lies again
You are lost in yourself

I can't see your love against my life
You are lost in yourself
The line is drawn, the window of betrayal
Has come to save our lives


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