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"Sedition" (1989 Demo)

1. Sedition
2. Roadkill
3. My Little Brother
4. I Really Hate You

1. Sedition

Rebellious youth follow me
We'll put an end to their society
Burn every book to be read
No more jealous politicians
Hell they're all dead

We unite as one
We march the street
Blood is running
Down the street tonight
People run
They gather to fight
The police can't stop it
It's out of control
Anarchy is burning
Through every soul
It's a racial riot
And the government is obscene
Love is now hate
It's the only way to be
Robbing and stealing
It's one big mob scene
Every thing in sight
Their bruning down The White House tonight

No more law to be bent
There ain't no more government
Smash and break every rule
Can't you hear the laughter
as we burn all the schools?
I don't need you, you don't need me,
but we all hate their society
Scratch it out, burn it down,
put an end to their way of life

2. Roadkill

Let's rob a grave

Collecting skulls and bones everywhere I go
I get a thrill out of road kill but the authorities don't know
I scrape the rancid meat from all the little bones.

I'd rob a grave if I could find a way
to dig it up so fast that no one would know
Then I'd put the brain box on display
in such a morbid way.
The neighbors would whisper and think
I am a little strange
For all the skull and bones that I love to arrange

Death means nothing to me, boil it, dry it,
for all my goolish peers to see
All the dead things that I love
from a mummified dog to a smashed dove

No one seems to understand
The skulls and bones to me are simply grand
I'll collect them every day
The authorities want to lock me away

Come on

They think that I should be put away
for desecrating the dead in such an unlawful way

3. My Little Brother

My little brother the spider
He came down from his web
He said not to worry man it's all in your head
The voices you heard didn't come from their room
They came from the basement down in their tomb
Where the bones of your children lay stagnet in a box
Beneath the dolls that dance on the shelf
Shouting in disputes about grim fairy tales
Caldrons of crust that smell of burnt ash
Beside the skull pipe resined of hash
Sweet dreams are few in the house of ode

It crawls in the corners of my eyes
I turn but no one is there
The doors they close by themselves
but there is no wind
They painted the house of ode black
because it had turned to sin

Horror filled nightmares follow midnight as it creeps across the face of the clock
The rat is perched on the headboard until dawn
Arise from your sleep with the voices in your head

Reasoning the answers you were told
A grey mist was cast upon the house of ode
Where time is spent and stories are told
How they died in such a barbaric way
Giggles and screams they're all the same
Tear drops of blood as your children they bleed
Mechanical children for you to destroy
There is no passage from the house of ode
There's nothing left for you in their world
For yours is their destiny now isn't it

Now you wander the corridors of the unseen
Because you think the walls can breathe
The remains of your children you thought would never be found
You will never find sanity

4. I Really Hate You

One of these days I'm going to cut you into little pieces

Well I, I don't know why, I really hate you
I just can't stand you
They, say I'm not right
But I know, I'm going to breakout tonight
I'm going to see you dead
I'm going to peel the flesh from your body
I'm going to piss on your grave
I just want to see you dead

They, they locked me up, threw me away
Left me here to die but now that I am free
I have escaped, to peel your skin
For now your punishment will begin
I pull the edge of the razor
A little closer to your brow
So now blood will start to flow
Slowly down your chin and I know
I'm going to see you fucking dead

I, I don't know why, I really hate you
I just can't stand you they say I'm not right
But I know I'm going to kill you tonight


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