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Scent of Human Desire

"Scent of Human Desire" (2003)

1. Rain
2. Still Here
3. 1000 Eyes Show
4. More Than Simple Emotions
5. Surrounding
6. Desire
7. Virgin Street 69
8. Runaway Train
9. Scent of a Woman
10. Life 1 (Walking Through the Dawn)
11. Life 2 (Daylight)

1. Rain

I thought I loved you babe
It was just a game of my head
I have been wrong I knowÖ Iím not the one
Just you were pretending and I believed in you
Now Iíve torn the shadows from my sight

So, what could I do right now?
Once I was holding you tight in my arms
That moment lives foreverÖ

Donít you live my eyes, donít you fade away
It was not you I was kissing
I canít believe the rain will cover my life
The shadows donít darken my mind anymore
Donít wait for me
Our only chance drifted apart
The rain wipes away all the pain

I am alone, the day gets dark
But Iím alive, alive

My glance on the sea
The sunset paints shades on his face
Sea-gulls fly free
The windís blowing through his hair
For a day that slowly makes for end its course
Another sun bright will fill the sky

I donít believe the shadows darken my mind
The rain wonít cover my eyes anymore
Donít wait for me
Our only chance drifted apart
The rain wipes away all the pain

And the rain wonít cover my life anymore

2. Still Here

This song is for all you
Talking trash to what you never gonna do
You all backstabbers which for
Interest would step over anyone
Misleading people you betrayed me
All this shit must return backÖ

Now I know
I canít trust you
Try to look me in the eyes
Donít understand
Weíre not like you
Try to look into the mirror

You say you donít give a damn
Think you are smart, your success is false
Your dreams will come crashing very soon
Soon, youíll see

Now you know
You canít trust me
Donít look right into my eyes
You donít understand
Weíre not like you
Now weíll give you what you deserve

Your poison, your treason
Are you satisfied?
Despite all these we are
Still here to give you all
Your poison, your true lies
Are you satisfied?
Despite all these we are
Still here to give you all

Sometimes Iíd destroy everything
At times Iíd cry
Sometimes Iíd smash your head in
At times I donít mind

3. 1000 Eyes Show

Annie wakes up one morning
Golden downfall of hair on her chest
Sparkle her pupils
Diamonds of cheat and malice
Every night thousand eyes are slaves
I know you like it
Your puppets crawl around the luxury
I know you like it

Beauty and power are eyes of the same face
Entrapped in the mirror
Youíve chosen to play with fire
And your heart turned to ice

I remember your words
With class and grace you raped my senses
All I got is yours, all you wish is me
Love again, I will help your heart in cage
Time has come for you to love me, I know you can
Love again, donít you know your heartís in cage?
You donít think the words youíre saying
I must set you free from this thousand eyes show

Between fire and ice I live now
In this sleepless night my sweat
As holy water sanctifies the sacrifice

You come into my nightmares
Imploring me to set you free
I swear Iíll be your savior
Into these arms youíll sleep

4. More Than Simple Emotions

When your eyes shine in mine
One instant arrests the time
Let this words caress your body
A sweet embrace theyíll be

Each look and every kiss
In every touch so many sensations
Too many to be said by simple and human words

To say Iím feeling good, for sure is not enough
Theyíre more than simple emotions
I got that memory, all fade away
Then only you remain
Like a star in the dark
Shines your spell

Now babe take my hand
And dance with me for all night long
Close your eyes, come with me
In a place that we canít knowÖ

Get lost on my lips
And let me bring you far away
Get lost in my eyes
Let me bring you away

Tomorrow, wherever weíll be
This melody will make us feel nearerÖ

To say Iím feeling good, for sure is not enough
Theyíre more than simple emotions
To say it has been wonderful, for sure is not enough
Theyíre more than simple emotions

5. Surrounding

One step into the light and the other through the night
We donít care of what we are and we always wanna hide
Days are going on, then another one will come
But donít think Ďcause other problems will fill up your brain

Strange harmonies in the air, we canít anymore them hear
Strange game of rhymes, we canít see
Now takes control of my hand

Far away I forsee a figure who seems to be
Someone whoís waiting for a sign of mine
Suddenly, can you feel his voice that calls your name
Thereís no sound but lips are moving on

I stand into the fog, as the average of yours
But I try to make him speak, I know heís like me
As written on pieces of my mind
Falling into a deep abyss
I begin to see the words my heart wants to sing

They tell of blame, some of them
Some others about fear, strange game of lies, I deny
But theyíre the ones I deeply live

Music everywhere, words forever lasting
You and me sing together the love and the hate of life

Far away, I feel youíre far away

6. Desire

More than sweet words, a stream of emotions
Then around everything disappear
Hands are cold, tough the breath
In a moment you possess my desire

Somewhere Iíll meet your eyes again
Under the rays of the moon youíll be mine, babe

Desire, my dreams caress you
But I canít wait for laying
Together, living what seems to take a shape

More than meet the eyes
I look at my empty arms
I pretend youíre close to my heart
Suddenly I realize maybe youíre feeling the same
Yeah, such a disarmed stare never lies

In the night I need you here
In the heart of this night, it grows from my heart
ÖDeep from my heart, itís screaming

Desire, my lips are on you but I canít stand
Iím just forever chasing what seems to fade away

7. Virgin Street 69

10 oíclock now, I slam the door behind
Still my daddyís shouts fill my head
Dance my lady, spin my brain around
Towards virgin street 69

Outside people, ordinary world
Inside angels of hell dance in heaven
I get closer, I read upon the door:
ďWelcome to the place where your dreams are trueĒ

Iím going down to the vicious house
Down down down down, oasis of pleasure

If you want now just fun, nothing more
Come with us, leave the world out of your door
If you feel like in heaven youíre lost
Youíll find your heart at virgin street 69

Sensual glances, pleasant smiles
Iím tortured and inflamed again
Dance my babe, spin my brain around
The beauty-fool and the duchess
Come on my wayÖ yeah

8. Runaway Train

Blind People, money, law
Bastards slaves donít even know whyÖ
Power and despair, mind money pollution

Desires guide our actions, do what is right
So please donít give up, you got the right

We are on stage to remind you
You got your life
Live the dark into the night
And the light into your eyes

In each moment, with every breath
Never let the chance go
That could be the last one
But donít lose the hope
Itís not too late to catch your train for life

Injustice, materiality
Are not enough for my blood pollution
You always hear them say:
ďElevate yourselfĒÖ fuckÖ

I see my way tonight
Chasing the notes of an old melody
I taste the shades of my sight
I hear the call, Iím still on the run

9. Scent of a Woman

In my lonely nights
My mindís mesmerized
By this wake of scent
That I canít do, anything but to follow
I canít resistÖ

Step by step Iím sure
To feel your breath is coming near
I know youíre not only a vision
But Iím lonely and that blame is on you

Scent of woman

Faces everywhere I detect the scent again
I look around, where are you?
My dream, surround me
Iím lonely, I feel I need youÖ

Facing the fear of never finding you
I try to convince myself you are not real
But I canít do anything
But to follow the wakeÖ I want you

10. Life 1 (Walking Through the Dawn)

Shine on your face, the colors of a new life, all is clear
Invisible lines guide us as blind men down this road
In the morning caress of a dawn

11. Life 2 (Daylight)

The deep sense of action
A river of sensation, in your mind
Can you hear them screaming out
And then take you down
You stop to wonder, you feel the end is near
I canít stand this feeling, like a river flowing inside

Here I am in this ocean
Carried away by the waves
Seasons passing by, but my lifeÖ

Thereís a time and a space
A spark in the dark
There are these words in silence, babe
Carry me through the daylight
In this game of life the solutionís near
The cure for my fears
Burns in my veins and in my heart

Donít tell me what is wrong
Just let me free to walk my way
Donít stop to believe in
Iíll pay the price if Iím wrong
I choose to live my life

Here I am for what I have to live
Why donít you give me more
Here I am for what I have to live
But you canít give more

Loving you, so much I have to pay
Holding you
Itís so hard to face your heart
So much to fight, itís all life


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