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Demo 2005

"Demo 2005" (2005 Demo)

1. Shimmering
2. Silence is Alive
3. Bright Pestilence

1. Shimmering

I was lost for long
Strayed in ominous darkness
Until the lifeless dust of death
Shimmered the hidden light
Illuminated unseen spheres of mind
Beget me back my will to kill

.. and i killed my self

.. killed to will

I watch the flesh cremate
In the flame of alteration

There's no faith, no moral, no meaning
Only means to kill and will
If i ever feel the darkness
Besiege me ... again
I call forth the shimmering hidden light

.. so that i could kill again

2. Silence is Alive

Eyes closed lying e/motionless
Still ..
Reflections in darkness
Unseen forms whirling
Through my being
Destroying ..

Invoke the cure
Which kills that which infects
And the insects within
Collapse like a cavern caving in

[To dust .. blown to oblivion by gashing winds]

Perfect vision in the light
of a burning cadaver
Shadows are alive and so is silence

Roam among the walking dead
The sun shall rise, yet only few will see

Roam ..

3. Bright Pestilence

Night is bright .. Pestilence

Dry vapour rising from the ashen soil
To cast the mantic shapes upon perception
The procession of the most lucid dreams
Vitrified eyes engorge the visions

To fall in sleep
And to awake in dream

Throbbing abscesses taint the flesh
Sallow skin ripping into burbling gashes
And ascending blood chants in etheric tones

The night is bright
Guided by the luminous lightless
Beyond the spheres of wake and dream
Quiscent in the blessing of Bright Pestilence


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