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Thy Kingdom Crushed

"Thy Kingdom Crushed" (2000)

1. VHD
2. Sarin Smile
3. Coming of The Holocaust
4. World War XXX
5. Seasons of Terrorism
6. Scorched Earth Policy

1. VHD

Sword in hand, this blade awaits you
Poisoned to slash thy painted face
Justice served by disemboweling
Dead within your blackened lace
Massacres are second nature
Death Befalls the false undead
Wandering the world in search of
Infidels i shall behead

Damn you to your crypt to stay
Entombed within the walls of pain
Neverending urge to slay
Drives me each and every day
Come and face the man in black
Play the game of slash-and-hack
Nosferatu's kin partake
Vampire hunter's metal stake

Exterminate you so-called horrors
While you try to scare in vain
Don't know what you're getting into
Treading into my domain

Come to me, young Schreck
Remove your head from your neck
Underneath the sanguine moon
Impalings in full bloom
Dracula, Count Orlok
Names you'll never top
Thy'd be proud, of my work,
Ridding you from this Earth
Scream,scream,nocturnal amputees
Pray, prey, for Hell's embrace

2. Sarin Smile

Woke up just the other day, planning a colossal play
Mission meaning suicide, causing local biocide
You won't hear my point of view, so I've come up with something new
No more bombs or empty threats, this will be the greatest yet
Born within my basement lab, with the spare time that I've had
Mixing death and stirring doom, intending you for early tombs
Wait for this to be released, notice how it's hard to breathe?
That's 'cause sarin's in the air chemical extraordinaire

Pain shall hit and you won't know, 'till you feel your burning throat
Grasping for the straws of life, as your body' force resigns
Droplets kill in seconds flat, emanating lethal gas
Hear me laughing all the while, Grinning reaper, sarin smile

Hit the school or park or church, anywhere that people work
Break the bag and let it loose, let 'em feel the airborne noose
Scratchy skin and watered eyes dominate as fevers rise
Pulse collapse at rapid pace, color leaves from ashen face
Muscle tense and paralyze, internal organs slow and die
Suffocate, asphyxiate, either word describes your fate
People dropping all around, dead before they hit the ground
Killed off fast, efficiently, better than I thought it'd be

Vapor horror at its best, stopped your heart within your chest
Bloodless death for all involved, population problem solved!
Gaze upon my work and fear, chemo-terror of the year
Misfit mind that lit the fuse, cake for anyone to do
Corpses lay haphazardly, dead and gone, c'est la vie
Face up, face down in the dirt, souls off to the spirit world
Deadly way of getting fame, no one will forget my name
While you watch the tragedy, I'll go down in history

3. Coming of The Holocaust

Emergence of the war machine of the unholy death regime
Tyrants meet and make their plan
Conquer all the land they can
From the mountains to the sea
No one will again be free
Imposing law on other ones
Masterplan has just begun

Armies of Earth
Crush us like worms
What is to become of us?
Impending holocaust

Missiles falling all the time in a campaign for all to die
Rockets from the air destroy whatever peace we enjoyed
Tanks annihilate our towns soldiers come and shoot us down
Our culture is eradicated
Aggressor ways initiated

Armies of Earth
Crush us like worms
What is to become of us?
Impending holocaust

Slave to the invading horde
I say a prayer to my "lord"
If you exist and hear my plea come down and deliver me
I will now be executed to the chamber I will go
How many of us are to die?
Nobody will ever know

Armies of Earth
Crush us like worms
What is to become of us?
Impending holocaust

Powers above watch below as the atrocities take place
Death concocted from the minds who were once of human race
Hate prevails all over the Earth, now all must lay to rest
Atomic warheads rain from the sky, no civilization left

Foolish mortals burned into ash from radioactive burns
Fallen leaders who started it all got just what they deserved
As for the rest who failed to notice the coming of the holocaust
Their apathy has cost them all, their lives and futures lost...

4. World War XXX

On his throne sits the western emperor
Commands the North Atlantic Terrorist Order
The fleet of F-16's corrals the sheep in line
The great king of terror reigns from the sky

Do as we say, bow to our customs and our ways
If not, prepare for the gift of total warfare
Mars, rise, bask in the butchery before your eyes
Time for Saturnalia of gore

The world degenerates to continental death
Asia, Africa, Europe and the rest
Savage slaughter on a scale unforetold
Whirlwinds of horror suck us down the hole

Bend your knees, submit to me, I have your number now the number's
666, you human pricks, consider you as syphilis
Your war obscene amuses me, a thermonuclear STD
The die is cast, screwed in the ass, the Earth's a part of its own past
So dark, so charred, so permanently scarred
Don't be sad, war's the best sex you've ever had

5. Seasons of Terrorism

Springtime and the killing is here
The bloodshed will never disappear
Mercenaries of power and might
Kill each other on either side
Summer comes and its all the same
People slaughtered, wounded, and maimed
Sunny skies above deceive
No happiness for those who grieve

Fall's here and the leaves are red
Like the blood running from the dead
Bombs blowing up every place
Sawed-off shotgun in your face
Winter snow upon the land
Children dead by terrorist hands
The count higher than the year before
It's Spring again, let's kill some more

These are the seasons of terrorism
These are the seasons of terrorism

6. Scorched Earth Policy

Burn up the ground, torch what's all around incinerate the towns, destroy the land
All must die, smoke scorching the sky, planet's genocide, nothing must stand
Crops are razed by the fire's rage, cannot be contained, inferno unleashed
Flames of Hell start to grow and swell hear the screams and yells of those about to...

Pay the price for defying me
They'll see, I'm ruler supreme
I shall give the decree of fire this is the policy

Population dies, grass and mountains fry what's the reason why?
Insanity Evil man, country in his hands, fire's his demand
Scorch all that lives
Smoking flesh, smell the scent of death feel the heat's caress, gripping you tight
No way out, poisoned blackened clouds, gather and surround
This is how you'll...

All life is burned to black
When fire's released, no turning back
Madman, see what you've done
Your policy has turned the Earth to sun...


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