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Travelling in Ancient Times

"Travelling in Ancient Times" (1996)

1. October Journey
2. Autumn Departure
3. Riding The Icewinds
4. December At The Fullmoon
5. In Battle With Angels
6. Leaving The Mortals
7. Devastating Heaven
8. Portals Of Might

1. October Journey

On my pale horse I began the journey
through landscapes far beyond
I rode through vast forest
far away from the sun

I took a final glimse at the darklands,
these domains of mine
I marched through the opening
with tremendous pride

Riding to battle the christian lands
Riding to battle,
to tear apart the damned

Reaching the first of the villages
So weak they are in mind
I turned their fate in one day
with my bare hands

Riding to battle the christian lands
Riding to battle,
to tear apart the damned

2. Autumn Departure

As the leaves fell I wandered forth
with naked trees surrounding me
I now began to reach the highlands
where frost had it's spheres

Time had come to leave a last greeting,
Azagh my friend, your work has been done,
it's time to travel far beyond
And my pale horse died with the smile of a warlock

Autumn slowly departured as I
climbed the frostbitten mountaintops
I felt my wrath become stronger,
for each day they lost their hope

Finally I was there,
at the highest point of them all
I could see all of the wastlands
while watching autumn fall

As the autumn departured,
the lambs of christ heared the last command
As autumn departured
they felt my blood on their hands

3. Riding The Icewinds

At the highest point I stood,
awaiting winters disciples
By the time of the fullmoon
I met the wind

Like a coat it swep over me,
the northern wind
It took me where no man had been,
to the lands of christian sin

Over icy lands we rode
I saw the seeds we had sown
Through bloodred skies we marched
Leaving our mark

I truly rode the infernal forces,
now one of them was mine
One of four secured
the rest I'll rule in time

A travel in ancient times,
I rode the icewinds

4. December At The Fullmoon

I kept travelling forth as the season changed
Queen december brought crystals of ice
I was soon to reach crist domains
And commanded my shadows to rise

My lust for christian blood grew stronger
A hunger for blood and pain
Compassion I felt no longer
A deadly weapon in the winter rain

A beauty of darkest art
December at fullmoon
A beauty born of sinful hearts
December at fullmoon

In distance I watched them dance
And truly this was their last one
I moved closer at my first chance
And the angels stopped their song

A beauty of splendid art
December at fullmoon
A beauty born of sinful hearts
December at fullmoon

5. In Battle With Angels

My sword was lifted,
as the first one came
so delightful - so splendid to rape
I cut her wide open,
tore her heart
My eyes they glimpsed,
this was blackened art

Riding forth, killing God
I'm in battle with angels
Riding forth, killing God
I shall never surrender

With my spear I killed the second
and father God mourned as hell
I watched him through
the black diamond
These pestilent disciples
never had a chance

The last one came forth
but she truly was a fallen one
She came to join my dark horde
the bride of mine she was to become

6. Leaving The Mortals

Time had come to leave the mortal world
The only way to reach far beyond
My last word on earth were heared
I killed myself before the sun

I entered the realm of cosmos
as the five points stood high
I woke up in a timeless dimension
where good and evil were the sides

I found my armies in dimension hatred
For ages they had waited
and now was their time

Leaving the mortals,
to track down and kill Christ
Leaving the mortals,
to seek my hate beyond the skies

Our march began as my words were spoken:
This will be the last day of Christ
And there was a massive roar,
from my army of might

7. Devastating Heaven

I entered the halls of heaven
I arised for a hunger for god's flesh
Blood to flow, pour it all arround me
Blasphemy destroy it all

Powers of evil
Birthday of darkness
Powers of evil
Dark is the path

Die! I crushed his skull with a hammer
I laughed high, this weak man was no god
I destroyed it all I devastated heaven
God he cried godness was no more

Mesmerized by the path of evil
Entered the halls of heaven

8. Portals Of Might

I've got my scars, my marks of time
Now i've found it, the key of mine
I've travelled far I had to die
Now I own it, this land of mine

I've travelled long to reach this
this imaginary sight
I've lost all worths to be here
at the portals of might

I've seen all there's to see
all there's to hear
Now I'm free

I've been all there's to be
so dark it seems
dead I will be

I watch the dawn, the last of sight
this is truely the darkest night
Release my wrath for one last time
Destroy all living, final work of mine


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