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The Plight

"The Plight" (1993 EP)

1. Tightrope Ballet
2. Sixteen Gardens of Plight

1. Tightrope Ballet

Dreams are dancing
To death with me
Trying to reach
The beat of the heart
Its rhythm of
Questions and doubt
Forsaking the strength
Of the pace

We'll never come back
To this peripheral existence
Groaning, murmuring, flickering,

Me and my river...
We dance and make our minds
The rope of hope
Tightened over the chasm of relief
Roots free themselves...
Wither to infinity

Abundance of balance
Nothing more to feel
In silent immensity
Doors of past I seal

Hand in hand, we leave this cabaret
Dance for oblivion, tightrope ballet

2. Sixteen Gardens of Plight

I entered this silent state
Before I knew to listen
I was put in a blackened room
Before I was free to see
In my dreams...
I smell the strawberries
I climb the spiral stairs,
Whisper wheel to knowledge

Invisible dreams, poetic cold,
Arctic beauty
Spectral parade, grand cluedo,
The Spectacle!
... Swallow the surface
And I break
The limits,

I have my reasons to dread
And I have the cause for pain
No to see and not to hear
Just staring at a black screen...

A wilderness of different moods
An eyeshot of numerous smells
I can taste the vibrations
And touch the frozen steel

... Gardens Of Plight...

Delightful desires
And motorpsycho
Romantic blur,
Whirlwind of bluster

... Gardens Of Plight...

Enigmatic suppliant,
Rotating freshness
Of yore was my hilt
My cult...

... Gardens Of Plight...


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