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Up Thy Ass

"Up Thy Ass" (1994 Demo)

1. Up Thy Ass
2. Feel The Steel
3. She Rides Majestically
4. Let Earth Receive Her King

1. Up Thy Ass

England's answer to Anthrax
Smiley faces on your stacks
A dollar short and a day to live
Your trendy ways have sealed your fate

To sell more discs you heavied your band
You shaved your head now you think you're bad
When you changed your style, you crossed the line
And you must stand trial for your crimes

What you see is what you get
And there ain't nothing more to it
Fucking metal proud as hell
Heed the poseur death knell

Trends will always come as they will go
The only thing to do is stick with what you know
To all you fucking poseurs I bid my last
You can shove your false metal up thy ass!

2. Feel The Steel

Power and might, winds of death
Blasting from our stacks
When we crank it up to 10
There's no turning back
A sonic assault within the waves
That rip apart the air
Fists are clenched and heads are banging
Mounds of rotten hair

Those of the false shall not set foot on this hallowed ground that we call the concert hall
No fucking poseurs allowed
Our spikes and chains will splatter your brains
We'll slay you where you stand
We'll burn the weaklings at the stake and purify the land

Feel the steel as it slashes your throat
Our power cannot be denied

As sure as the sun, as swift as the wind
Our metal shall endure
Cause our songs come from our heart
And our intentions are pure
United by metal, we'll rule the world
It is our destiny
Cause metal is the only way for Dave and Todd and me.

3. She Rides Majestically

She rides upon a steed of gold
With mane of clouds and eyes of fire
Strike sparks with spear in thy hand
Ride on to battle in nordic lands

On yonder field, a hero's plain
Heroes that will be made today
Spite and words of hate fuel our fire
We raise our swords ever high

Noble sons of Odin prepare to do battle
Satisfy thy thirsty swords with blood
Paths to glory ever drawing near
Bring us ever closer to thy light

We drink to them and hail our ancestors
If we must fall this day may we join with them

Marching into battle we prover our fucking mettle
Will of steel collide
Tearing flesh asunder, splitting skulls and breaking bones
Mercy comes with a swift death
Axes and swords, maces and spears
The weapons at our command
An unstoppable juggernaut of invincible force
Our intent is to raze the land

As the battle rages on a maiden appears
In time to gather the souls
Of the fallen warriors who have proven this day
They too, are heroes as well
As they breath their last and prepare to die
A hand shall close their eyes
When they reopen they will awake
To a Valhallen sunrise.

4. Let Earth Receive Her King

Corroded faith, vestige of holy belief
The sands of time have worn them down
The ways of old have turned to dust
And are blown away in the wind

Science, the religion of a new age
Superstition and fear are the past
The soul has been put to sleep
Slumber forever more

As the sky turns black, as the moon turns to blood
Man's pride does shrink
Reality is turned upside down
Blow away our feeble minds
Prophecies long thrown away
In our arrogance we seal our fate
As I lie on my bed of nails
Into my heart they sink

When all their souls are asleep
The time in nigh to reclaim the throne
Prince of light shine like the sun
Receive our souls in hell.


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