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Fucking Metal Motherfuckers

"Fucking Metal Motherfuckers" (2003)

1. Fucking Metal Motherfuckers
2. Lowest Common Denominator
3. Bottom Feeder
4. Slaveship
5. Time To Bleed
6. Age Of Consent
7. Do Unto Others As You Wanna Do Unto Them
8. Metal Means Stupid
9. Hand Of Glory
10. The Victimless Crime
11. Home Invasion
12. One For The Road

1. Fucking Metal Motherfuckers

We are the sons of the all-seeing eye
We got our backs to the wall
We live to conquer and divide
None too weak to stand a fall

Fucking metal motherfuckers
We're on the move tonite
Our women are fine and our leathur is clean
Everything's allright

To comprehend what we all know
You must step out of your mind
Break the hold of humanity's grip
And transcend all mankind

Fucking metal motherfuckers
Pledge allegianceto yourself
Condem the souls of those who won't
And send them straight to hell

The life i live which i lead
Is drunk and stoned and high
And that's the way it's gonna be
Until the day i die

Fucking metal motherfuckers
Set fire to the sky
Burn its way into our hearts
And never let it die

2. Lowest Common Denominator

Night falls and i hit the streets
A fire in my mind
I'm on ten and i get my kicks from
What ever i can find

I see you
You see me
I see the hate in your eyes
Cause i know
That i'm everything
You despise
Fuck you
You wanna go?
I'm ready to fight
I'm who i am
And i'm in your face
I got nothing to hide

I down a shot and a bottle of beer
Then i go for more
I get paid and i spend my money
on affection from a whore

Iraise a glass
I toast death
Cause i'm taking the fall
Gonna get everything i need
All it cost me was my soul
Too much is never enough
I take it to the limit
Cause you know i gotta have it all

All done i take my cue
And then i clear the floor
Won't find me when you came around
Cause i'm already out the door

3. Bottom Feeder

Raise our temple in vain
Nothing to erase the pain

Fornicating unclean
Things are never what they seem

Bottom feeding beneath contempt
Don't complain
Just take what you can get

4. Slaveship

From the wastes of africa
Taken from your homes
Stolen by invaders and
Or sold out by your own

Clapped in irons prey to gunsfire
Succumb to the attack
Once you set foot on that ship
There's no turning back

You are on fucking slaveship now

Your graven god cannot save you now
You must bow down to the most high
obliteration of name and identity
Underneath a blistering white sky

What fate awaits among you no one knows
That's for your master to decide
Breathing in the stench of tho who were alive
Only unlucky ones survive

Cry for reparations paid
Will go unheard by me
I won't bound by the chains
Of your self-imposed slavery

5. Time To Bleed

Days of pain and nights are lonely
By full moon light
You got needs that are unfulfilled
So it ain't no use to fight
My lust comes from a thousand ages'
Sift the memories into the past
You're the slave and i'm the master
And you know i will be your last

Here i comes again it's time to bleed
Another fullmoon rising It's time to feed
Lifegiver don't wanna give my soul away
To the whip and the chain you're my slave

On your knees you sweet little whore
I'm gonna give you what i got in store
Well let me tell you i got news for you
When i'm finished you're though
White light from from the perfect virgin
Blackened by the filth of shame
In your womb is the mark of my beast
And it never goes away

6. Age Of Consent

Guilty of a crime i could not help but to commit
You must do with me what you see fit
Charged with lust all that i can say in my defense
I meant only pleasure no offencse

Brought before a jury that is made up of my peers
Presented with the evidence the truth will be made clear

A girl whose only aspiration is to be a whore
(is) fine by me who ask for more

Seventeen is fine
One day She'll be 21 somewhere down the line

The jury's out the sentence passed
I'm guilty of being a man
Extentuating circumstance you hold back all you can
Self -incriminated by supposed words of a child
Let her testimony stand
One lick drove her fucking wild

Something's got to give

7. Do Unto Others As You Wanna Do Unto Them

If you belive in the golden rule then you're a fool
Cause they're dying just to stab you in the back
To turn the other cheek is for the weak
I prefer to go on the attack

Do unto them
Before they can unto you
Don't wait for revenge
And piss on their graves when you're...

Through it all you've seen the lies within their eyes
But they will just deny it all the same
If you for fall it twice you'll pay their fucking price
And there will be no one else for you to blame

Do unto them
Before they can unto you
Don't wait for revenge
And piss on their graves when you're though

8. Metal Means Stupid

All the wrong choises for all the right reasons
Salt in the wounds that keep bleeding
It ain't right just because you say
I've allways felt sufferin is the better way

The meaning of a word is how it's defined
Definition of the will spirit and mind
The culmination of all i know and believe
It's everything you're not and will never be

9. Hand Of Glory

Scarred torn and tattered
As if fucking mattered
Specteres move as shadows
Across your window pane

Smoking burning holes
Burned into your brain
Creeping sloughing disease
Pourin down the brain
Slit your fucking wrists
And suck your tainted blood
You wouldn't stop it if you could

Melted eyes can see the stars
Even beyond night
Into the blackest void
Extinguishing all night

The hand that moves the sun
Can cover all the sky
Some will never see
The glory untill they die

10. The Victimless Crime

Drowning in the fecal oceans of genetic waste
Decimate the dignity of the human race
Ignorance violence selfishness and greed
That's the corpse from which the maggots reproduce and feed

We're at war
Filthy whore
Mindless beast
Rife with disease

The seeds of desolation sown by generations past
It's time for us to make this one the last
Suffocate mutilate rip it open wide
By this sacrifice all life is sanctified

We're at wat
Rape the whore
Savage beast
Hell unleashed
Womb is scraped
Seal your fate
The blood will follow
From someone that you will never know

Life is not right it is choice that is preordained
If we let bastard live then everyone will pay
Terminate pregnancy the suffering the pain
Who's the wictim what's the crime nothing left to say

We're at war
Spay the whore
Geld the beast
Abort the fetus
And deal death till there is none left

11. Home Invasion

A knock on the door the middle of the night
No one in sight
Open up your home to take a look
That's when we strike

We force our way into your home
We don't have to ask
If you protest and try to fight
We will soon take you to task
With pistol-whip and our raping ways
We are sure to take command
When you're on your knees with a gun in your mouth
You begin to understand

Home invasion the final disgrace
The desecration of your sacred place
The defilement of all you hold dear
so you can live out the rest of your days in fear

They say man's home is his castle
I'm not saying that they lied
Possesions can allways be replaced
But not your fucking pride

Home invasion the ultimate cost
The victims are the ones who survive
Destroying all trust and faith in mankind
Scarred for the rest of your life

12. One For The Road

Itís nine oíclock and Iím already rocked
Itís got another half pint to go
Then itís right back to the liquor store
Cause you know I gotta get some more

I take the wheel and I burn and peel
Iím on the fast track straight to hell
I drink and drive but I always survive
I leave the consequence for someone else

You donít know what I feel
When it all comes down to me
Life sucks and Iím totally fucked
So I do what the fuck I please
No hope for a brighter tomorrow
So Iím gonna live it up today
I got it all within my sights
Then I blow it all away

I sniff my finger to remember your face
I got the smell of pussy on my breath
Another dawn and Iím already gone
And Iím a DUI away from death


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