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Valor in Hatred

"Valor in Hatred" (2004)

1. Valor In Hatred
2. Art Of Beheading
3. Circle Of Dark Beliefs
4. Visions Of Death
5. Descent To Dark Clarity
6. Unleashed Be The Ungodly
7. Suicidal Cannibalism
8. The Last Awakening

1. Valor In Hatred

1.Valor in Hatred

Stride my hordes
To the battlefields
Sharpen your swords
Polish your shields
Death lurks upon the enemy
As we march towards victory
Screams of pain and the agony
Echoes through all eternity
Insane diabolical thrill
All we need is another kill

Bloodlust rising
With madness it fills our minds
Behold again the great red flood
It is the stream of victims blood
This is the order in a world of hate
They who kill more will dominate
Again we hear the battlecry
Those who are weak deserve to die
Unleash your wrath against the enemy
Kill all you want and more will bleed

No mercy
Spill the blood
Make them die

Dawn of new war
Nothing is sacred
No rules, no laws
Valor in hatred

2. Art Of Beheading

And their last day became
And I'm the one to blame
Again there are hundreds
They will all lose their heads
Those who I despise I kill
Even wars will end
But killing never will
Malicious nature of mankind
Longer grows the line of rotting corpses behind

Prisoners of war
Waiting for decapitation
With a blade I slay the enemy
Sacrifice for my vile domination
Silent are the victims of insanity

Headless rotting bodies
Scavengers circling
None shall live
The art of beheading

3. Circle Of Dark Beliefs

Born of hatred
Creation of darkest lunacy
Flesh of the dead
Blood of those who died in agony
Endless bloodshed
What has been done through eternity
Triumph of death completes
And more darkens my morbid soul

Sacrifice for my needs
Malicious infinity
Circle of dark beliefs
Rise in atrocity

Elder prophecies
Written in flesh of the demigod
Strength in chaos
Eternal rain of the blood
From the veins of innocent
Dark soul rising
From the realm where was never light
End is coming
Among the ones who are waiting for death
You will die

And I shall take a form
As blackhearted berserk
And walk above you all
And watch you when you fall

4. Visions Of Death

Darkest dreams
Reflecting views of insanity
Tormenting me
Horror I see and more I bleed
More pain I feel
This sleep will last for eternity
Haunting me
For me there will be no relief

Drowning in deep terror within
Through eyes of lunatic I see
Knowing that this will cause my death
Slowly dying inside my head

Somewhere at endless cemetery
Upon the grave what is open
Last moments before eternity
Writing on stone is my name
Visions of death

5. Descent To Dark Clarity

Through the halls of the Darkness
I find my peace
I find my dignity
And now I realize
My meaningless life of mortal
It's all been in vain
Gone is all that misery
And all that agony
Nothing but endless fields of silent desolation
Rest in black eternity
In lifeless nothingness
I despise those who still live
As they suffer in pain
Join us
And you'll feel pain no more
In our tranquillity
Sleep eternally
In this silent infinity

All I was
All I tried
All the pain will be never more
For I am enchanted
More superior than never before
And I fall deeper
To the depth where is never light
Floating through black abyss
Descent to dark clarity

Wondering in unearthly silence
Desire for ultimate peace
Desolation beyond belief
Reflection of immortality
Curse of flesh denied forever
Blessing in pure, lifeless era
Silent truth echoes through the darkness
Throng of souls
Fleshless and sacred
Rest forever

6. Unleashed Be The Ungodly

Living for mutilation
My birth was desecration
Obsessed to your death
There's no other meaning
In my morbid life
Vile need for killing

Cut their throats
Crush their bones
Pleasures of being your pain
Insane of hate I reign
Through the deep moments of anger
Existence of insanity
I doom to damnation
Bloodstained domination
Obsessing to decapitation

Face the hours of darkness
Restless is hatred deep within
More I become repentless
And unleashed be the ungodly

7. Suicidal Cannibalism

Forgive me not
I don't deserve it
I will not ask for it
For what I am
Servant of Darkness
These sins I will pay for

Stains of blood in torn skin
Caused by the lunatic living within
Laughing at the darkness
More it becomes perverted and merciless
Deadly sin in my flesh
Without it there's nothing but emptiness
Damnation so tempting
Soon it is my turn to die suffering

Unspeakable form of sadism
Suicidal Cannibalism

All my victims pray to die
Slowly they get eaten alive
And so will I
Halfeaten I masticate
My own flesh I eat to the death
Slowly I die

8. The Last Awakening

Wake up
And feel the flames
Burning your cursed flesh
Embraced by hellfire
Veins full of boiling blood
Wrath of the demongod
Realm of the one who fell
Unearthly darkness
Flaming eternity
Pain beyond anything
Ultimate suffering

Grim afterlife in terror
Sins burn away forever
Worse than nothing can be
Endless insanity

Agony that no one can bear
Everlasting atrocity
Your immortal soul it will tear
Through all years of eternity

The Last Awakening


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